Thursday, September 15, 2005

That's not POISON it's extract of LLAMA!!!

Woke up to Sammy shaking me by the shoulder and saying 'wake up.' I tried to go back to sleep but I had to get up. So, I did. I took my clothes down to the 'kids' bathroom' to get dressed. I tried to put my skirt on but I couldn't close the zipper, then I realized that it had pockets and then I noticed that the bottom wasn't ripped. Finally I decided that G-d was playing some really nasty tricks on me - so I went upstairs, put my glasses on and gave Sammy back her skirt.

Took a bus into Jerusalayim. Spent 40 minutes in my apartment before heading over to school for the first 'Physiology and Anatomy' course. Quick summary of events... The lady fainted, I could NOT pronounce my teacher's name, we learned that when we are not happy our cells are not happy and last but not least, we were dismissed at 11:30 instead of 13:00.

I caught the 12:00 bus Home. Once in the house I started baking (again) Rum and Spice cookies (for somone who asked for them but really doesn't deserve them.) Then I cut up red, yellow and green peppers into 'strips' for the 'veggie baskets' and peeled carrots too. All in all, I think that I was pretty helpful. Annoying but helpful.

I ate Doritos and saved the Pog for Avi (he loved it), Daddy bought 3 boxes of PB Captain Crunch (it was on sale) for me and the Dibble to share, We went to Office Depot and got Sammy an Ipod case, Picked up Eli from the train, drove half-way Home with our headlights off and made Gluten Free pasta salad.

Ok, now I have to beg of you to exuse me for including this slightly vulgar story in my blog but I felt that it was too funny to go unrecorded... Sammy was giving the Sunshine a shower. Before his shower she told him to use the toilet. So he climbs up onto the seat and is sitting there. Sammy goes out of the bathroom to give him some privacy and a short while later she hears a "plop" followed by the Dibble's comment of "ewwww, that was a slimy one..." I apologized before. No hard feelings, right?

Also, have you seen my father's car keys. He had them before lunch but at some point between putting food in the car and eating snack they disappeared. We would call them, but they can't answer (and unlike a cell-phone they don't ring...)

The million dollar questions of the night are - Where are Daddy's keys and who is that talking in the basement?


Hinda said...

Oh, Lorelai. You're awesome! Miss you lots!

Sammy said...

hehehe... I would never write something like that, but when he gets older can we terrorize him with it?!?!?!?

Chavaleh @~}~ said...

Im not really sure what to say...