Wednesday, September 14, 2005

When Cookies Attack - The Saga Continues...

Ok, so as if yesterday's adventure with cookies wasn't enough, I did some more today. I finally baked the crackle cookies (they came out looking amazing!) and I finished up the oatmeal raisin dough too.

Aside from the cookies - the only real 'fun and excitement' I had all day was going out to the Ramah with Mommy, Saba and Savta. We went nuts - I mean, bought nuts at the health food store then spent a solid hour in Zol L'mehadrin.

Sammy come Home from school and promtly headed out to babysit (of course first we had an argument about cleaning the Shul. Ok, I was being a little denser than usual in the whole thinking thing - but still, cut me some slack. And Emmy was right. Maybe this week IS a Jewish week and Monday really will be after Wednesday. Anything is possible. No?)

Speaking of babysitting, I watched Dibble and Sand-box whilst Mom and Dad took Brenda (whiny, kvetchy, birthday girl) out for ice cream - in honor of her birthday.

The Dibble was not overly impressed by the book I had chosen to read to him. (Granted, it was all about teaching teddy-bears how to mind their manners... but still, I mean - in the middle of 'the importance of saying please and thank-you' to just turn over and start snoring.) *Big Sigh*

Then I went downstairs to try to straighten up the kitchen somewhat. In the middle of washing dishes I heard a noise by the front door, but when I went to check it out nobody was there. Half an hour later (when the 'rents finally got Home) I opened the door and there was a pretty silver bag containing another little silver bag with a mezuzah inside of it.

No name. No return address. No Identifiable simanim...

Nuu Rabbi? What do we do with it?

I have an idea - I'll sleep on it.

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