Monday, October 31, 2005

Painful Pressure Points and No Flying Zones...

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOSH!!!

Well, I suppose that I should start at the beginning. I woke up at 6:00 this morning and couldn't decide what to do. I didn't want to get out of bed because it was FREEZING - so I snuggled down under the blankets (all five layers) and went back to sleep. At 7:30 I woke up and decided to get up. At this time I did the first stupid thing of the day - I took a shower. (have I mentioned that the water heater is really and totally broken in my building and that there is NO hot water to be had. I don't know what families with kids - or anyone else for that matter is doing now that it is cold out and there isn't even warm water to wash with.)

It is Monday so we have - massage! Got there on time (somehow) and actually got right to work. Learned some new 'moves' like scalp massage, the ears and some really painful pressure points and how to work the kinks out of them. During 'practice time' I managed to find the trapezius on the first try - and my teacher was very impressed with my work. She's very happy that I work slowly and thoroughly. She told me so. :)

After class we headed back to the apartment and decided to go visit Afikei. So, we headed out and caught the 21 to Bayit V'gan. We got to see R' Becker and Rivka, Shmooze with Alli and sit in on Mrs. Friedman's 'Chabura Workshop' class. After class, we visited with Sassy in the office, Helped out R' Taub and shmoozed with Rabbi Lauffer.

Finally we decided to head back to Kiryat Moshe so we walked to the bus where we met Brochie. On the bus, the driver (who looked 13) punched my card and I headed towards the empty space in the middle - but I heard someone call my name. I looked towards the back of the bus and noticed Yael and (auntie) Racheli. So, I went to the back to shmooze with them.

Back in the apartment I put 'freedom' fries into the oven and settled down to do this.

I'm gonna go find something else to do now. Don't worry, I'll keep my feet firmly planted on the floor - I know, I know - the apartment is a 'no flying zone' due to safety restrictions. I understand.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Shmijits and Sciatic Pain...

Up at 5:30, out of bed at 7:00, 8:00 bus into Jerusalem...

Reflexology. I finally learned what that annoying muscle is that you pull when you over-extend your leg while swimming. It's the sciatic - and it is a painful little bugger.

After class we headed out to Kanfei to get a calendar for me to hang on my wall. Our mission was successful, and I spent half an hour filling in everyone's birthdays, anniversaries and other important stuffs. Then we even did some food shopping (so that there will be something aside form noodles to eat tomorrow.) And we walked in the rain.

Back at the apartment - I settled down with my computer and wound up spending over 5 hours online - AIMing with friends, drawing works of art and of course updating my blog (for my readers' sakes.)

My feet are so cold that I can't feel my toes, The water heater thingamajig is 'out-of-order' so there isn't even any cool water and I have gotten three mosquito bites in the last day and a half.

I should really go to sleep. I think it would be good for me. But - no matter what, I'll be up at 5:30. I think Sammy may be right. I'm allergic to my apartment.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shabbat Parshat B'reishit...

Friday Night - Shul, Meal, headed out - spent a loooong while out on the 'street.' It was one of those wacky weeks where there were basically no parents on the street, so Aviv and Sheinfeld walked down to us. It was wacky how even though there were so many other people 'visiting' - for some strange and inexplicable reason - 'Hashita' stood together as a group and shmoozed and mixed very little with the others.

Incidentally, I asked the tall one about Fox in Socks and was declined the offer, though he said he would be willing to read Shakespeare. Does that make any sense? I suppose in a twisted way it does - better to sound the fool at a challenging task than sound silly at a simple job? I wonder.

Shabbos Day - Shul, Lunch, Read, over to Feldman to see what's going on and where everybody is. Watched a game of Apples to Apples, Corrupted Shlomo (started at least) by giving him a collection of Edgar Allen Poe's Writing (and suggesting that he read The Black Cat, Tell Tale Heart and Amontillado.)

After Shabbos I went with Daddy to help take down Saba and Savta's Sukkah. Many thanks to Tzvi and Tamir for coming along to help. (Rather I should say - I came along to watch Daddy, Tamir and Tzvi take down the sukkah... But, that is a minor detail.) It didn't take long, so back at Home I picked up 'Ferngully - The Last Rainforest' and headed over to the Feldman's to watch it. Afterwards we decided to watch 'The Princess Bride' - it was 'well accepted.'

Tomorrow morning I have Reflexology class for the first time in three weeks. I didn't really practice (which is NOT good) and I didn't practice massage either (though many people were willing to be worked on.) hmmm, I hope I remember how to do it and all of the 'movements' and 'points'.

For now my biggest challenge is the fact that I -need- to go to sleep and that in the morning I will have to get up early and take a bus (with all of my stuff) into Jerusalem.

*Sigh...* I think I could use a massage.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Ok, well - we left late but we still made it there on time.

Hung out with the cousins and it actually went pretty well.

It's been almost two years since all 16 of us grandkids were together. So, it was nice.

After the ceremony we shmoozed then headed

Shabbos is coming...



Thursday, October 27, 2005


I had thought that it couldn't get any worse...
Then somebody infected me...
Then I infected somebody...
Then I tried to clean myself but it didn't work, so I tried again and still it didn't work - finally in defeat I threw my hands up in the air and decided to play destruct-o-match. I lost the game, so decided to tackle the virus again...

I think I've managed to clean it this time.

I'm terribly sorry to everyone that I annoyed with all of the uncontrollable pop-up-thing-a-ma-jiggies. And with the whole infecting thing.

I hate being sick.

It's just no fun.

Now For Today -

Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Dror. Lots and lots of worksheets to color in! YAY!

Decided to stay in Jerusalem late, so I had lunch with Shosh. Then she walked me all the way to TM - where I got on a bus and was driven Home. (Have I mentioned that there were no puppies or pancakes around? ANYWHERE?! all day?!?!)

Went out with Daddy to Yechezkel's and to get a new 'ink-pad' for the shul's stamper thingy.

I spoke to RJ and Deborah and Shoshana and was in Jerusalem all in one day.

I feel accomplished.

Tomorrow will be 'snip-it' day for Ari. Yay! an hour long car ride to the Shomron followed by large crowds and much milling wrapped up with another hour in the car. Oh yeah, then begin the hasty and crazy Shabbos preparations. I hope Daddy puts the 'blue stuff' in an easily accessible place - 'squish and swishing' is going to be rushed this week. I can tell...

Ammendments, corrections and my sincerest apologies...

Pertaining to my comments about during "The Neverending Story" - I would like to say, "I lied yesterday about the movie. The commentary (though annoying and mostly perverted) was downright-side-splittingly-hilarious."

And how did I forget? Sammy left the movie to go have a piano lesson with Judy. She sacrificed precious movie time with friends and sister for a piano lesson. In all seriousness, she deserves full honors and respect for it - she's so darned good at it. I know - practice, and you can be good too. Easy to think - not so easy to do.

(Easy to think? what am I saying?)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chocolate Factory...

Left late. (what else is new?), got stopped by the police (who were being greedy, money-hungry jerks), drove and drove and drove... Arrived at the Ornat Chocolate Factory. Well, it certainly wasn't Hershey's but it was quaint and elegant and most importantly they gave us chocolate!! After the tour we got to make 'chocolate/cookie/crumby/messy balls and then we headed Home.

I made Pasta Primavera for lunch (with the oddest assortment of veggies you could ever imagine.) I helped dismantle the Sukkah, I demanded pizza for dinner, I drove with Mommy to drop Brenda off at a Bat-Mitzvah and when we got back to the street I heard a voice that I haven't heard for a looong time.

Shani is Home! S'been a while, to say the least. So, I went with her to Matan's house (I hate going there, it's like a time-distorting-vortexish place (you enter one day and then *poof* like Rip Van Winkle, it's tomorow or is it next week?) We 'borrowed' a few movies then headed back to her place to watch them. Sammy, Tamir, Tzvi, Shani and myself got comfortable in Shani's room and we watched (the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time) well, it was basically a quick snippet of assorted 'home-videos' of Tzvi when he was little. I know this may sound terrible (and no offence meant) but, I think it was the best thing that we watched all night. Hey, at least it had 'little kid cuteness' value to it. (Especially the wings. They made the movie!) We started another movie (but stopped in the first 15 minutes) and switched to 'The Neverending Story' - The Special Edition complete with annoying and mostly perverted commentary, provided by... *TY (*name has been abridged to protect the guilty.) After the movies we decided to quickly watch a graduation ceremony and finally when it was over we said our g'nites and headed Home.

In the morning I have Anatomy and Physiology class. I'm so excited (though I hope that it will not be too boring, that the classroom will not be too stuffy and that stupid people don't ask stupid questions. (Who am I kidding?)

So, I'm gonna go to sleep so that I can get up in time to catch the 7:00 bus.

p.s. - Daddy found me a perfect job. THE job that I want. BUT they need someone full time and I have class three days a week! WAH!!! this stinks. I'm going to compose a sweet sounding e-mail and ask them if 3 days a week would be good. Do you think that they will realize that I really am a devoted, hard-working person? I doubt it. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Simchat Torah...

hmmmm... what to say?

Well, first off - Chanale' is engaged!!! AAAAHHHHHH! Ok. I'm better now. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! sorry, I guess not... Well, ya know what? It's pretty BIG news, dontcha think? I've known her for about 3/4 of my life and ummm, she's getting married!

Hakafot last night were really nice. (Until they brought a sefer torah into the women's section and laid it down on the table for the women to dance around. I found that a little sketchifying.)

I would like to know why people who usually ignore me have for some seemingly inexplicable reason have been approaching me and telling me things that I either don't want to know or things that I am not supposed to know about.

Today was nice too. I actually made it to shul on time. Then things went pretty well until Mommy and Daddy started hounding me "why don't you want to hear kiddush?" "It's almost 11:30, you're wasting away to nothing!" "What are you? Anorexic? Come hear Kiddush and eat something!" Ummm, maybe I just wasn't hungry for tasteless dry cookies... Ever consider that?

After shul, we had a milchig meal and then Sammy and I went up to try to nap. But, Raizi and Sara showed up and kept us busy till Chag was over. Then, just as I got comfortable reading 'Wanderings - Chaim Potok's History of the Jews' Sammy and Tzvi showed up. "let's go watch Dumb and Dumber." ummm, ok. well after 4 'malfunctions' we decided to switch the movie. We decided on The Road To El Dorado. Honestly, I love the movie. It really reminds me of Sammy and myself. We are forever getting in trouble and into strange situations. Dunno, it's one of my favorites.

What else? I really don't know, because nothing of interest has happened lately.

Because I can't think of anything else to write I'd like to set the record straight on a few things before I sign off -
The tall one is a sweetie.
I was NOT batting my eyes at the Rabbi's son and I do NOT want to be 'set-up' with him.
Ari is Dan's brother (who woulda thunk?)
Ezri is an annoying twitch.
Dibble looks like cookie-monster.
AND last but not least,
There was nothing wrong with my computer.

Tomorrow is a 'family tiyul' to the chocolate factory. Fun, fun. Hours of whiny kids and time in the car. Oh yeah, and 'food' - I'm really beginning to hate food.

Incidentally 'only 20 pounds to go'... ;)


Monday, October 24, 2005

Still Lacking Inspiration...

Due to a technical writing error and lack of communication I have no deep and profound thoughts to share today - (aside from the sick thought that next time we walk to Aviv as we approach the 'people' that we should stop and chant outloud together "come on everybody, let's go meet the pansies!" (see Madagascar.) I have decided to share some pictures with you. They are from our Chol Hamoed trip to Gush Katif from last Pesach...

Me wif' Da Sunshiny Dibble (he's 'just a kid'.)


Me and My Abba!

Me and Sammy

The Moon-beam/Sand-box

Shui, Dibble and Moonbeam...
(doesn't the Dibble look precious?!)

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sukkot is almost over...

Breakfast was nice. I made pita pizza for Mommy and Sammy. Then I played destruct-o-match - but G-d sent me a sign and wouldn't let me break 1000. So I stopped playing.)

Then The girls headed out to do some shopping. First in the Ramah and then at Machsanei Mazon. We took Saba and Savta with us. We got pitot fresh from the oven (they were sooo hot that they melted the bags that we put them into...)

Back at Home all was quiet. Eli spent all day involved in 'filming' a play for Coren's bar-mitzvah. All I know know about it is something pertaining to aliens and Harel on his motorcycle. Sounds very 'Feldman'ish to me.

We watched the movie 'Family Tree' - it was nice, though I must admit the little annoying kid reminded me of Eli (A LOT!).

After the movie I wanted to bake the 'stained glass' cookies - but realized that it's pointless. So, didn't bother. I guess I bought all of the sucking candies for no reason.

The rest of the week is going to be ridiculous. Between tiyuling with the Preisers (hours and hours of loud yelling, spilling and crying in food courts. Not to mention annoying, bratty little kids who don't listen and litening to annoying people's praises being sung), Listening to 'friends' explain why they are the ONLY people in the world who have certain problems and that they just have these problems but can't talk about them because they are very 'personal', Getting through more Yom-Tov, two words - Ari's Upsherin (ohh, have I mentioned that it is on Friday morning?), cooking for Shabbos, listening to Mommy rant and rave about how we'll never get everything done and that I am an unhelpful, whiny, lazy, useless person and last but not least listening to Sammy tell me that I am 'flabby' and that instead of eating a pita with chumus that maybe I should skip the chumus and eat just a carrot or something and do jumping-jacks - let's just sum it up as NOT GOING TO BE FUN.

harumph... I can't decide if it's better to be in Jerusalem bored out of my mind with nothing to do or at Home with nothing and yet too much to do.

No poetry today, sorry. Brain numb - inspiration won't come...

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Shabbos Chol-HaMoed...

Menucha came for Shabbos - and even though I was in a rotten, humorless mood for most of the time - I really really did enjoy spending time with her!!! (I always do!)

Well, I won't spend much time on Friday night, simply because nothing interesting happened. We walked out to Aviv and you know what? Everyone that we wanted to see was sleeping, so we wound up walking Home.

Shabbos Morning - what is there to say? I was late getting to shul (as usual.) Though I was up at 7:30 I still didn't make it to the shul until 8:15. After Davening we headed Home, made kiddush and waited for Saba and Savta. I decided to walk out and meet them - so I dragged Sammy and we headed up towards the Matnas. As we crested the hill we saw them in the distance. Back at Home we had a wonderful meal, Z'mired with our 'extended family' and had an all around good time. I spent the afternoon reading The Phantom Tollbooth, playing Apples to Apples (helping Avi Chai) and playing Huggermugger (with Daddy on my team - so I almost won.)

After Shabbos was 'officially' over. We all got ready for 'the party' (aka - the open sukkah/engagement party at 507.) I wasn't in the mood to go straight out, so I decided to make up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then I went out. Nothing of import to report. Shmoozed with lots of people, avoided some people, met the youngest of the three freaky boys (he is 15 and his name is Shachar - contrary to the popular view that would have us believe that he is 17 and that his name is Natti.) and we chilled. Then, the party was over and everyone started leaving - and leaving and leaving... until there were only the sad bunch of 'us' left. Sammy was crocheting, I was cold, Tzvi was waiting patiently, Tamir was being 'tall' by standing on something, Harel was on the phone, Eli was being annoying and I was knitting and being cold and making new acquaintances. As I worked (without looking) with frozen fingers on my blanket I struck up a conversation with 'Ari' - who I have never met before. Though it seemed amusing to the both of us that we are both the oldest in our families and that we both have 14/15 year old brothers named Eli who are extremely annoying and who do not listen when we speak or acknowledge the fact that we have issued a verbal command. Also, I decided that he was a self-proclaimed 'kender' though if I were to tell him that he would probably ask me in all sincerity "what is that supposed to mean?" (read Dragonlance books. They are good!) At about 1:30 Harel decided to drive Ari Home - and we decided to walk Tzvi to Matan's house. The we dropped Tamir off at his house and finally made it inside our own Home and upstairs.

I took out my contacts and put on my glasses.

I unplugged my computer and I got into bed with it.

I updated my Blog and now -

I'm going to sleep.

Maybe some more poetry tomorrow. We'll see if I am inspired.
Last thought for Tonight - The wind is blowing strongly and crazily outside. I hope the Schach doesn't blow away...

Friday, October 21, 2005

I Hate Cats.

I was inspired this morning to somehow express my feelings about the cats.
I am under the distinct impression that my house is over-run with these annoying beasts.

Allow me to expound –

- There are currently 7 indoor cats (who are NOT under any circumstances allowed to leave the house.)
- There are 2 cats on the front porch (who are NOT under any circumstances allowed to enter the house.)
- Then there are the ‘back porch cats’ – these include; Phudge, Dixie-‘puppy’/cup, Jay-Jay, Higgins, Midnight (when she’s not off getting pregnant or in the Buckman’s yard), Firebolt (sometimes), Midnight’s new kittens – who ‘we are not under any circumstances feeding’ (“awwwww…” - how deplorable…) and Sam Green (who is supposed to be next door but isn’t.)
- Also last but certainly not least – let’s not forget ‘Tarpit’ who is currently on the mend after intensive surgery in which she had to have 2 rods put into her back paw after an accident on Ben Ze’ev that left her with a shattered femur bone and internal hemorrhaging. She is recuperating in our bathroom in the basement. (Does that mean that we really have 8 cats in the house?)

And so, with no further ado I present to you a poem of my own creation:

Smitten with Kittens

My mother is smitten with kittens
She likes them, she likes them I say.

My mother is smitten with kittens
I wish that they’d all go away.

My mother is smitten with kittens
They are driving me out of my mind.

My mother is smitten with kittens
I know that this may seem unkind.


I’d hate to be smitten with kittens
All they do is make messes and creep.

I’d hate to be smitten with kittens
All they do is meow, scratch and sleep.

I’d hate to be smitten with kittens
They’re an awful, annoying breed

Would you hate to be smitten with kittens?
And what did you think of my screed?

*screed - A long monotonous speech or piece of writing.
*monotonous -tediously repetitious or lacking in variety

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Drunk Guys, Music and Bad Luck...

Had a really freaky nightmare last night, in which a bunch of my 'acquaintances' ganged up on me and sent me out into a 'nightmare' situation to 'test' me. Needless to say, I passed. I'm not the type to allow ultimate failure. The only other part I remember is that after the test I was exhausted and they were amazed that I was still alive.

About my day, well we spent the morning driving up north. Past Chadera, past Zichron Ya'akov, all the way up to a little Moshav called S'dot Yisrael. They used to have a huge 'Flower Drying' operation up there - but now they're small and don't do mass exporting like they used to do. We saw a movie about how they do it and then got to make 'flower balls' or 'mobiles.' Last stop (of course) was the 'food place' where everyone either got coffee, hot chocolate or an ice pop. As you can imagine - because my hands were so cold I opted for the _____. (I hope you said ice pop.) Daddy bought me a new 11 hour candle. It's scented 'rain forest' and it smells heavenly, I'm so excited to light it! Thank you Daddy!

After a two hour drive Home we reached Bet Shemesh where the 'Jewish Rock and Soul Festival' was already underway. Sammy and I went straight over and met up with Sara and Raizi. We proceeded to walk around in circles, Sammy was gutsy so she went over and introduced herself to the oldest Amitai (who's name, incidentally is the only one that I actually knew.) I saw soooo many people that I have met before (I can't say - "that I know" because I don't actually know them. I've been introduced to them, but that's about it.)

I apologize for the next bit. It is confusing and a bit hard to follow - but, it was strange. (see the freakish nightmare in the first paragraph.)

Lori Gets in Trouble. Ok, so here's the deal - last Motzei Shabbos I was speaking to someone (let's call him George) that I don't speak to often and they mentioned that someone (who we'll call Ya'ankle) was making something. Well George told me to ask Ya'ankle if I could have one too. Being me and not really wanting to talk to Ya'ankle, I did a BIG no-no and went back to George saying "Ya'ankle didn't have one - do you have extras?" George was glad to give me one. (Here comes the freaky part) So, at the concert -
Ya'ankle calls me over and says "you have something that you're not supposed to have."
"I'm a very trustworthy person, why would I share the wealth?" I asked very seriously.
"You lied to George." he accused.
I made a split second decision not to dig my hole any deeper, "Yes, I did. Do you want it back? I have it at Home."
"I'm thinking about it..." was the response.
"Fine," he finally said "you can keep it, but don't share it with anybody! etc. etc."
"Are you sure?" I asked hesitantly.
"uh-huh." came the sullen response.
"thanks, have a great night."

Ummmm, somebody out there please take me under their wing and next time I get the urge to lie - slap me or just remind me of this humiliating incident?

Yeah, so I wandered away from the scene of the discussion and found Sammy. Soon after the concert was over and we headed Home. On the way, I met Tanya, her husband, her sister and two friends. I invited them over for a quick shmooze in the Sukkah. By the time they were getting ready to leave, I went outside to the circle where I intruded on Sammy and Tzvi having (trying to have) a conversation.

Random Sidenote: I don't know how or why Sammy puts up with me. I forever feel like an annoying tag along. I'm not 'stalking' her (as Matan would say.) I dunno, I justify it by saying - there's nobody my age around and that I need some social interaction aside from talking to my family or myself. Still, I guess I should just train myself to stay at Home and cope with the pathetic lonliness. It's not fair to "throw off her groove." Arg. So annoying. I should go back to Jerusalem. I should stop being such an idiot.

Why do I do stupid things? I hate people who do stupid things - so does that mean that I hate myself? Funny, I thought we had a pretty good relationship.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The Sights...

This is the view that I woke up to this morning. Sammy agreed with me that it was beautiful. The camera can't capture the colors in their full glory - but imagine the hills dotted with exotic greenery and shadowed by a deep, angry grey coloured sea of clouds.

*Sigh* - I think the rainy season is almost upon us.


We need it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sukkot is Here!!!!

Chag was nice. I dunno, I suppose I could elaborate a little more - but as Faintly Macabre said "Brevity is the Soul of Wit." Though, seeing as my wit is at it's end I suppose I have leave to expound a bit more.

Night - shul, meal, walk to Saba and Savta, walk Home, shmooze on the steps (with Daddy, Mr. Grotsky and us - the girls), waved like an idiot at the were-eld and then went inside - to sleep.

Morning/Day - woke up at 6:00, shul at 8:00, lunch (the Lutsky's were our guests), rested and relaxed... Strange Happening for the day - I climbed into the basement through the window to check on Tarpit (the cat who is re-cuperating from surgery). While inside with her Mommy started calling me. "You're book reader is here" she informed me. So I walked over and peered out the window and there were Tzvi and Tamir. Go figure! I climbed out the window and asked "you walked down here all the way from RBS just to read me a story?" "yep. no, not really." was the response. Anywho - we decided to play Apples to Apples. Ora came over too, and soon we were deeply involved in the game. I won Flirtatious with 'eyes' - lol! it's true though, no? We played until chag was over and Daddy came Home and made havdalah. Then Tamir and Ora left and we all went inside. Sammy gave us a quick concert (quite impressive) then we headed upstairs to watch 'Mada-who-ha?' About ten minutes into the movie I heard voices downstairs (yes, I'm hearing voices) so I jumped off my bed to go down and investigate. As I got to the turn I saw Avigdor and Ma'ayana coming upstairs. "have you seen my brother?" "yep, he's up there..." I said pointing to the door of my room. (I was thinking about this in retrospect and realized - "wow, that was wierd. Last time we watched a movie after chag with a guy it was with Avigdor and now he's engaged and we're watching movies with his brother." Truthfully, it doesn't make a difference, but it sure felt strange.)

After the movie - we headed down to the kitchen to make dinner. I gave Tzvi a lecture on cracking his neck and then he left. Mommy and Daddy took Sunshiny Dibble and Moon-beam out to their school's Beit Ha'Shoeva so it's just Sammy, Sara, Tovah, Eli, Brenda, Michal and me.

I'm gonna go find something to nosh on in the Sukkah.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this Holiday?!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Erev Chag - can't think...

Due to a MAJOR lack of excitement and goings-on, there is nothing of interest to report.

I did say that I would post my attempt at a Dr. Seuss-like poem, so for your reading pleasure - I present to you my nameless and incohesive poem...

I will try.
Try will I.

Dr. Seuss' writing style?
Hmmm, this may take a while...

Will and bill chill.
Chill on a hill.
Eat some dill.
Eat their fill.
I think they may be up there still

A hill? But where?
Right over there.
A hill right near the house of kwot.
Where it always rains a lot.
A lot you say?
Oh my! Oy Vey!

(n.b. - Hinda, I know it isn't about purple or lurple or even snufflebumps but, I'm working on one for you...)

Everybody have a Chag Sameach!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is my 101st post.

Wow! I can't believe I have over 100 posts now. Seems like just yesterday I was sitting around and decided to start my blog. Seeing as my last posting waned poetical and philosophical as well as a bit morbidly depressing, I felt it my duty to fill you in on the rest of the day.

No I did not finish my skirt. I didn't even start the thing. I did destroy and wash (in pieces) my blue ball-gown skirt. The new one will be made eventually but not before chag.

Dinner was early(ish) so that we could head out for our 'quarterly' trip to the old city for a davening spree and ice cream. This Minhag is unofficial - but we used to do it when we came on vacation so now that we live here it seems to make sense that we keep it up.

So, at 20:20 we piled into the car and headed up to Jerusalem. At the Kotel (which was nearly deserted) I got a place right in front of the wall, davened Ma'ariv and all around felt good. Soon after we went to the flags to wait for Daddy. Finally Daddy and Ezri showed up and we headed into the Jewish Quarter to get our ice cream. Treats in hand we made our way back to the car and headed out of the city. However, before we could exit Sha'ar Ha'ashpot a bus turned in and effectively blocked the street. As we waited for him to get out of the way a 'penguin' sort of guy walked up to the car and asked if we could take him 'into the city' - we said sure so he climbed in. A strangely intelectual conversation ensued scattered of course with some major funnyisms. Like "did you live near Long Branch?" and "What kind of school did you go to that you know Hebrew so well? because I once met a girls and she spoke like this 'Ani Lamadisee B'Bais Sayfer...'" We dropped him off Near Nachlaot and headed Home. Sammy and I spent the rest of the ride speaking about the movie Mada-who-ha, the NY Giants, pansies, cookies and flinging poo (see the movie.)

Now Sammy is working on the Sunshiny Yellow Kipa and I am updating doing this - though I am falling asleep at the computer.

Before I go I'd like to post a poem that a certain 'sibling' of mine sent to me. We are having a Dr. Seuss competition and have been exchanging poems and short lines of verse in the style of Dr. Suess. I have received three such entries today but I would like to share the most recent one with you...

"Tzvi's shirt is pink,
Tzvi's shirt does not stink
The best color is yellow,
and Matan is my fellow
I really can't think of anything else to say,
So I'll bid you adieu and have a good day."

Nuu? What do you think? How does it sound? Maybe tomorrown (if I have time) I'll post my poem about Bill and Will.

Until then...


Woke up at 6:10. Went downstairs at 7:00. Today was supposed to be 'make a skirt for chag' day. I realized I didn't have thread to make the skirt so, I walked with Daddy to Merkaz. We dropped off something at the bank then headed over to the 'notions' store. I managed to get thread for the shiny outer skirt but there was no lighter purple for the laverdary/lilacish color. Fine, so Daddy and I walked Home but we decided that if we were out we might as well take a looong walk. We shmoozed about cell phones and bills, bumped into Aaron Igvey (who is very busy building the rest Bet Shemesh and fixing up and adding to what is already in existence.)

Finally we got Home and I moved the coffe table, swept the floor, got the pins and scissors (the scissors were actually my great-grandmother's. She was a lefty and I am the only lefty of all of the great-grandchildren or grandchildren for that matter. So, Savta presented me with the scissors. They are an amazing gift, I truly do appreciate them. They are very sharp and handle well. They cut through material without hesitation. No more snagging and jagged cutting for me!) so as I was saying, I got everything prepared, Spread the material out on the floor folded the brown skirt that I'm using as my pattern and lay it on top of the material and...

Well, I guess last time I got material to make a skirt I got 3 meters. However, I only bought 2.5 meters this time. So, the wrap idea was a no go. I decided to make a different type of skirt. What kind? a new ballgown maybe? Fine. Only problem, ballgown skirts have darts, waistbands and zippers and are made of more than one piece. Already things were getting complicated. In addition I didn't have a zipper and even worse - in order to make it I needed a pattern which meant simply that I would need to completely dis-assemble my favorite blue ball-gown skirt and never be able to wear it again. Now, granted it looks like garbage and is falling apart but I love this skirt so the thought of taking a seam-ripper to it nearly broke my heart. Fine, in a stony and stoic silence I set myself to the task. Rip, remove, open - repeat. Finally I had it in pieces. Then I realized that there was yet another forgotten step, I needed to wash and iron all of the pieces or the edges would not be clear for tracing and cutting.

So, now I'm really getting discouraged. I don't know what I'm doing though I know in theory what is supposed to be done. I will most deffinitely not have a new skirt for yom tov and in addition there's nobody to read me a story. I'm having such issues that the annoying twitch in my eye came back. It's ugly and annoying and I'm feeling fat. (I'm laughing now thinking of how cliche'd that sounded.) Nonetheless - my deep thoughts for today are quite significant. They are in no way original or under-used. In fact they are probably two of the more over-used ideas. 'Things are always so much easier in theory'. - so, whaddaya think? do you agree? Easier to want to call than to call. Easier to imagine what you could have said than actually making a fool of yourself and saying it. Easier to want something than to get up and get it or do it. And along with this comes the age-old idea that 'The biggest risk is not taking one' - you might as well try because what's the worst that happens? things don't work out? And on the optimistic side you never know - things may work out better than you expected.

I guess life really is a great balancing act. So take wise risks and as my favorite author says at the end of 'My Uncle Terwilliger on the Art of Eating Popovers.'

"And as you partake of the world's bill of fare,
that's darned good advice to follow.
Do a lot of spitting out the hot air
and be careful what you swallow."
(*Theodor Geisel in his speech to the Lake Forest College graduating class of 1977.)

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Unexpected Endings...

So, this post is going to be a random sort of whacked out tale of the odd sorts of things that I've been occupying myself with for the last 24 hours or so. I sincerely apologize in advance, these thoughts are arranged in no particular order and have no real bearing on anyone's reality - save my own unorganized and chaotic mind.

Where to begin? I want to keep this short though I want all of you readers out there to get a feeling for what exactly was going on. Those of you who know me - can probably picture the hows and the faces I made. I'll try to keep it succinct...

Friday Night - Shul, Meal (Dibble ingests half of a bag of marshmellows), Stop at the Zitters to pick up Aviva, Sing with the Sem girls, Walk to Aviv, Meet up with Sara, Meet up with Gabi and his friend Ben, Tzvi shows up, 'get adopted' (congradulate me - I have yet another little brother), Shmooze..., Walk Home and wind up spending another HOUR shmoozing about nothing in the circle, Sleep.

Shabbos Day - Up at 7:30 and made it to shul on time (they changed davening time to the 'winter schedule'), Went Home, Ate lunch (Dibble wants more marshmellows), Went up to the hammock (spent three hours on the hammock reading and 'getting a tan'), Went downstairs to find something to eat (Hinda - I did the stair thing again. Feel free to laugh now.), Brenda and Michal wanted to walk to Sheinfeld so I figured 'what the heck?' (so we walked...), Chilled at Saba and Savta's house (met a neighbor of Savta's, played with K'nex, ate a ton of Chocolate Kariyot), Went home and jumped into the shower (pointless) in a rush because everyone was already out in the circle, Went outside, Listened to Sariel and Gabi playing guitar, got invited to play pool (declined), got invited to go out to eat (declined), got invited to a kumzitz in the forest (YEEHAW! Now we're talking!)

We started making all of the neccesary preparations; food, water, cups, matches, 'bitot' and 'hoomoos' (thanks for the Arabic lesson guys...) Finally we were ready to go. We was; Me, Aviva, Sara, Gabi, (his friend) Ben, Shlomo and Sariel. We reminded the 'other driver' that the van can only go 'so fast' and finally got underway. We went out to the forest and the guys dragged out their stash of wood. The fire was started and we broke out the hot-dogs. ("wait Lola, come back! I'm not a loser, I'm a _____!") Guitars and Darbouka provided entertainment along with the 'how NOT to roast a hot-dog' presentation. At 23:00 the 'big boys' decided to go and by 23:15 we were bored out of our minds so we put out the fire (yes, we double checked it. ok?) and headed Home.

When I walked into the house I was surprised to see Freddie on the sofa. She was ticked at me, though she said she wasn't. I'm confused as to what I did wrong. Granted I didn't invite her (but she's been feeling sick all day and her back hurts so badly that she can't sit in a chair - personally, inviting her to come out and sit on the rocky ground in the middle of a forest didn't seem like an overly intelligent idea to me.) Alas, nothing I do is ever right. At least I enjoyed myself. (Usually it's her going off without a moments notice to have fun or at the least to socialize with other people.)

Strange comments made to me this evening -
"you only have the one cloak?"
"you always have a camera in your bag?"
"what's with the backpack?"
"you coming?"
"would you mind holding my dog for me?" (asked twice - refering to more than one thing.)
"where are we going?"
"what? you don't eat meat? what are you doing here?" (answered by someone else for me "to look at the fire.")
"I thought about you this afternoon my father was saying something about something or other
(I can't remember what or what the connection was) so I told him about you and your Dr. Seuss thing."
"Good point." (this usually isn't strange but it was because of who said it.)

And so, a day that could have been a pathetic waste of time ended on a pretty high note. I got to spend a couple of hours with friends. Lots of laughs and memories to file away for times in the future when I'm sad and need recollections of the past. Nostalgic moments to bring a smile to my face or at the least a sparkle to my eye when things are down.

Thanks Guys! You're the greatest! (and by the way, yeah you, with the deep brown eyes and annoyingly disarming smile - you WILL read 'the' book to me!)

I need to go shower again, I reek of bonfire smoke - taka, it's a comforting smell. On second thought I think I'll just go to sleep.

G'nite all. Tomorrow I will hopefully be making my new purple skirt.

Friday, October 14, 2005

I Told You So...

At 1:43 this morning I got an SMS from Avigdor. It said, and I quote "Hi, sup? Tzvi ("stupid boy") lost your e-mail & he needs it to send you fun harry potter stuffs"

Didn't I type it into his phone - so that it wouldn't get lost? and how hard is my e-mail address anyway? it's my first name @ my father's first initial + my last name dot com.

Truthfully, I'm amazed that he actually remembered that he was supposed to e-mail me and even more that he asked his brother to get my e-mail address. I suppose that this act of 'effort' negates the nickname thing (see the last long paragraph) - Ya know, when I first met him I really didn't like him but each successive time we see each other - he moves up a little on the rating charts. Plus, he attempted to read Fox in Socks - bonus points for that. In the 'game of life' is that equated with 'Move forward three spaces'?

Oh well. I guess I should go reply to the message.

Wishing you all an amazingly stupendous Shabbos!

Get Happy - Tabernacle Week is coming up on a Jewish Calendar near you!

N.B. - If Mommy ever gets around to calling - we might have the Amitai Family over for Friday Night Chol Hamoed meal. That way we can find out if they really can sing though maybe we should start with simple conversation.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yom Kippur...

Quick summary of erev 'chag?' (can one call it a chag? it's really not. it's a yom-tov. so we decided to say yom-tov-tov.) Cleaned and cooked for seudat hamafseket. ate seudat hamafseket. went to shul for Kol Nidre. Thought I would go to sleep but wound up shmoozing with Vivi and Menucha. (I would write something else here - but then I would get funny comments and questions from my parents who like to check out my blog when they have nothing else to do...) went inside. went back outside cause I saw people in the circle - it was Sammy and she was talking with Tamir and Tzvi. I was shlepping the UK pictures around with me (again) and somehow we wound up looking through them. As strange things like this tend to go - somehow we wound up sitting in our bedroom until 23:30 and talking about THE most random things. (Though amusingly enough - I found another one willing to make a fool of themself for the sake of my sadistic sense of entertainment. To be fair - I did ask him if he wanted to read a story first. It's not my fault that I wanted to hear Fox in Socks (or is it?) *Random Side Note to Self - I WILL get Shlomo to read it outloud at some point in time.* Finally they left (taking Catch 22 and The Hobbit with them.) Sammy and I retired to our room where I read Sammy a bed-time story 'Scrambled Eggs Super' and then we went to sleep.

YOM KIPPUR DAY. Well, Shul started at 7:40 and we were there at 7:38. YES! But Emmy beat us anyway. Davening was looong but strangely enough the fast was (b"H) very easy. I managed to stand for all of Chazarat Hashat'z in shacharit, mussaf, mincha and neilah. (Incidentally, I'm sitting now and trying get feeling back in my feet.) There was an hour and a half break between mussaf and mincha so we went Home. I was trying to say as much of Tehillim as I could and thankfully I got offers to help from friends. Between Brenda, Aviva, Sammy and myself we managed to finish Sefer Tehillim. We weren't sure if we were going to make it but b"H we did it! After Ma'ariv we headed home. Broke our fast with our friend Jonnie Walker and Mr. L came over too. At 8:20 Sammy and I walked Menucha to the bus-stop where we met Tzvi (again.) Spent twenty minutes regaling each other with pointless blitherings, I gave him my e-mail address so that he can send me the link to the 'good' Harry Potter Fan Fiction (I should probably just SMS Harel and ask for it, but that would be much too easy. Oh yeah, I could ask Tamir too. But where would the fun be in that? Better this way - LoL! Next time I see him I'll be like, "so dude, what's that URL again?") Though I must admit I was a bit shocked - I apologized for the whole humiliating Fox in Socks episode and I think he was mocking me when he said "no, it was fun. I liked it, I want to memorize it." (hmmmm... anyone else smell traces of sarcasm and mockery? or is it just me?)

Now we're waiting for Daddy to get back from buying Lulavim and Etrogim so that we can finish building the sukkah. I love Sukkot. Have I ever mentioned that? The weather this time of year is perfect (it usually doesn't rain) and it's not too hot, but it also isn't cold (no bundling up in coats and eating acorn soup in the rain for us!)

Also, Sammy and I are supposed to clean up our room (or should I say clean out our room?) I need to re-organize all of my tchatchkes and organize the books. Sitting here and looking at my book-cases I'm realizing that I really do have a sizeable library. I just wish that there were a bit more variety in the genres. 93% fantasy 2% high school 'summer reading' 1% horror and mystery 1% fiction 3% kids and Dr. Seuss. I happen to love fantasy but I think I need to read some more of the classics.

Watch out Shakespeare - Here I come...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My First Full Day of Chag Vacation...

Woke up early. Went downstairs and sat around staring into space. Took out the material to make my purple skirt but was too lazy so didn't. Took out all of the papers and pictures from our UK trip to work on the scrapbook but was too lazy so didn't actually work on it. Sat around some more.

A friend called and told me that she and another friend had been sitting around last night and thinking about me and what i'm looking for in a guy (random sheh'bi'random!) She also informed me that she thought of someone for me. LoL! He's in med. school, is a 'fun-type' person, very Tzioni and incidentally is her cousin. "Aha," I said jokingly "but, do you really want to be related to me?" She just laughed. I think she thinks I'm crazy.

Mommy and I finally headed out to Zol-Lemehadrin to pick up our 'meat-order' but the meat counter was backed-up and swamped. So, I tried to find all of the stuff that Mommy needed while she waited on line. uh-huh. Well that worked out fantabulously, didn't it?

We also stopped at the candy store to get candy (what else would one be buying in the candy store?) I got some of my favoritest chocolates and we got a bunch of multi-colored sucking candies that need to be smashed up but will ultimately become the pretty colored part of my
'stained glass cookies' for Sukkot.

At Home we whipped up a quick Indian Style Dinner ('gazpatcho stew'.) and after eating a few of us headed out to pick up Eli from the train station. We then went over to Big, to check out the 'cell-phone-sale' status and stopped at the book store. Mommy really does love me - she got me a new book to add to my Dr. Seuss collection.

I am now the proud owner of "Scrambled Eggs Super." I think I'm gonna go read it to Mommy as she kneads the rye bread dough...

Monday, October 10, 2005

Take off my shirt? 'scuse me?

Massage was interesting. We finished up the head last class and now are moving on to 'bigger and better' things. Namely the 'chest' - ok, so there are certain parts that you don't actually touch but sheesh - it's a little too close for my liking. Somehow I got chosen to be the 'dummy' in class so the teacher said "ok, take off your shirt." Thankfully I had the insight when getting dressed in the morning to put on a tank-top under my tee so I was ok with 'stripping' in the middle of the classroom.

We learned about the sternum and collarbone and we learned how to eflourage too. All in all the 'practice run' was very relaxing. "Hello, are you still here?" is what the teacher asked me. I only managed to mumble a low 'uh-huh' after the fourth or fifth time.

After class I headed back to my apartment to pack up my stuff and eat lunch. Brenda called, she wasn't feeling well - could we meet and go Home together? umm, sure. she called back "the driver didn't let me off at my stop, so I 'm at Tachanah Merkazit." Riiiiiight... So, I ran out of the apartment and all the way up the street to TM. Miraculously I made it into the building and up to the third floor one minute before the 420 was scheduled to pull away. I shooed Brenda onto the bus, bought her a cartisiah and sat her down - only at this point did I allow myself to breathe.

At Home things were quiet. Mommy and I headed out to Chemdat HaTeva for some random stuff. We got rye flour and molasses for making rye bread (which we will hopefully do tomorrow.) We also got an assortment of nuts. I like nuts. Oh yeah, I am nuts!

Sammy went on a school trip to Chevron and wasn't going to be Home until late so, I stayed up and watched part of the movie from Avi Chai's Bris (there were a few parts that I fast-forwarded through. A little too up-close and personal for me...)

Finally Sammy is Home and I can go to sleep...

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Reflexology. Learned the 'skeleton' layout on the medial side of the foot. Colored in all of my pictures of feet in pretty colors. After class Shosh and I headed out to the Shuk to buy some Pitot (Fresh Ssuk pitas are the best!) and veggies. Stopped in Zol-Lemehadrin for some last minute stuff then headed back to the apartment.

Started cooking for dinner. Put up a BIG pot of veggie soup and boiled up the potatoes. Crepe disaster #1. Mashed up the potatoes and seasoned the soup. Crepe disaster #2. Sent Shosh out to buy crepe leaves. Cleaned up the apartment. Started rolling blintzes. People arrived...

We decided to have a post-Afikei-whoever is in the country is invited party in the apartment. So, at about 18:45 Sassy, Miriam C, Esther R, Hudi, Shaynee and Adina showed up. We were still trying to get dinner ready but it was ok. Sassy fried and flipped blintzes while Shosh dragged me next door.

We knocked on the neighbor's door and nobody came. We rang the bell, still nothing. So, we banged on the door and finally the neighbor opened the door... "We need to pay the va'ad bayit" is what we said. "Oh, come on in" was his reply. So, there you have it - chronicled in front of your very eyes we have now officially paid our Va'ad Bayit (until january...)

Dinner turned out alright and the company was great! I enjoyed and I hope everyone else did too. By 9:30 everyone was out of the apartment and Shosh and I cleaned up and relaxed. I showered but like the note in the elevator had warned us "there will be no hot water today or tomorrow due to a..."

Finally, I crawled into bed and here I am doing this -

but not for long because now I'm going to sleep...

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Carbohydrates, Oh how I loathe thee...

Let me sum this up as one of the strangest endings to one of the strangest weeks I've had in a looong time.

If you've been following my blog (aka - the pathetic blabberings of a mostly depressed, slightly insane, whacked out twenty-year-old girl trying to get out into the world with minimal success) then you know all about the strange things that I'm talking about.

On to my Shabbos wrap up - (pay attention to the strange things that happen... I'll asterisk them for you...)

Friday - woke up on the late side. *Did NO cooking (it was a 'freezer Shabbos' - meaning that we didn't make anything and that everything came straight from the freezer.) Went to Machsanei Mazon with Mommy and Saba. *Scrubbed the bathroom. *Cleaned my room. Got ready for Shabbos. Went to shul (all the while bemoaning the fact that I still have no friends in the neighborhood.) Went Home and waited for kiddush - Daddy made stupid comments and I (still in a depressed and moody funk) didn't take them very well so *I didn't actually eat anything aside from two or three slices of green pepper. I took my book and went outside to the circle to read. After sitting in the circle for almost an hour I decided to move so I went to the Becker's wall. Harel and Tamir were out taking a walk and on their way Home *they stopped to shmooze.

Suddenly they got all funny and quiet and asked me - "do you know?"
I was like, "ummm, about what?"
"About Avigdor..."
"what about him?" I replied hesitantly.
"He's getting married."

Ummmm, ok. This I was NOT expecting - in the least. I mean, I wasn't surprised but it was strange to hear. At the time I was too tired to move - but now as I type this I'm filled with the urge to jump up and down smile and laugh! It's so exciting!! MAZAL TOV MAZAL TOV!!!!!

I slept on the hammock. It was without a doubt one of the best nights of sleep that I have had in a looong time.

Shabbos Day - *Woke up at 5:00 and watched the sun rise. *Made it to shul ON TIME. It was Simcha Yaffa's Bar-Mitzvah and he davened shacharit, did all of kriat ha'torah, haftarah and even mussaf! WOW! He did an amazing job! I wouldn't have the guts to do it. After davening I actually got to say Mazal Tov to Avigdor and Ma'ayana. He wanted to know how I had found out and how the whole shul had gotten wind of it too. Jay walked by and we just smiled and nodded - "we found out at the same time..." was all we could say.

After shul we helped clean up from the kiddush, the Rabbi gave his Shabbos Shuva Drasha, went Home, got straight into bed and stayed there until 15:00 at which point I got hungry - so I went downstairs and made myself a BIG greekish salad (lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and lots and lots of 'hungarian' cheese (bulgarian cheese). After my salad I went back upstairs took my blanket, pillow, book and Stitchey and went out to the hammock - where I stayed until an hour before shabbos was over. At that point I went downstairs to eat carrots and read the newspaper.

Now filled with indecision (to go to Jerusalem or to stay Home for the night?) I am updating my blog and thinking about life in general - life and death and the pathetic dance that we do on our way from the one to the next. I'm feeling fatalistic, cynical and a tiny-smidgen philosophical. Anybody care to debate?

I think I'll go eat some cake.

Friday, October 07, 2005

The Tzom of Gedaliah...

First things first - I actually remembered that it was a tzom. (That's the first strange thing that happened...)

Headed out to the bus at 7:55 and by 8:10 it actually showed up. It was pretty empty until we got to Big - at which point people swamped the place. Three girls got on so I moved my bag and of course none of them sat next to me. Instead a chayal plops himself down and makes himself comfortable. Now I have no problem sitting next to a guy, but it does start to get sketchyish when he starts to fall asleep and worse he wasn't just a head roller - he was like a 'whole body roller' so I squashed myself against the window and settled in for an interesting ride (at least he didn't drool - right menuch? LoL!!!)

I made it to school right on time. Sat through 4 hours of anatomy and physiology without falling asleep. Heard all about Shosh's 'life goings on' and told her 'bout my chag (see the last two posts...)

After class I headed to the bank to meet Sammy and we walked over to Holy Bagel - to get bagels. But, they didn't look 'bagel-y' so we decided to walk into town and check out the situation at the other Holy Bagel Store. On the way we stopped at our favorite fabric store and I got fabric for a new skirt (which will iy"H be finished in time for Sukkot!) I decided to try something new - a pretty light purple base and a sheer shimmery purply-blueish over-thingy. We'll see how it turns out...

At the Bagel store in town they were out of plain bagels. Go figure. So we headed back to Tachana Merkazit and resigned ourselves to getting un-bagel-y bagels. Back for the second time we tried to calculate how many of each kind we wanted. The two people working in the store did provide some entertainment - the guy was in a good mood and kept making funny comments while the girl was just very confused as to why we only wanted 12 plain bagels if you get 14 in each dozen.

We had just finished paying when we heard "hey look, it's Lori and Sammy Polly - again!" We turned around to see Moshe. (For the second time in two days. This is a strange occurance.) He proceeded to show us his new belts, prove that his new belt was 'real gold' and he even sniffed our bagels for us. (sweet, no? ummm....)

After the Beit Shemesh Reunion in Holy Bagel - Sammy and I headed into TM. We stopped to get Sammy a new skirt (but they didn't have one) so we went upstairs to wait for the bus Home. The ride was devoid of both pancakes and scruffy puppies.

At Home we sliced the bagels, made corn muffins and headed over to Saba and Savta's house.

Break Fast was great fun! We ate bagels and Cream cheese. There was lox and even tuna (though the chopper was being tempermental.) After the meal Mommy drove Daddy to his bored (whoops, I mean board) meeting for the shul and I stopped off at Home to pick up Sammy's computer. Then we headed back to Saba and Savta's to watch Madagascar. The acoustics were not - so we watched more than heard but we got the point anyway.

After the show we piled into the car and headed Home.

And that was it. Another day gone. whoosh...

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Do Chutznikim have 3 days of Rosh Hashana?

The strange thing about today is that it was completely the opposite of yeterday.

Made it to Shul on time. Sammy came 5 minutes after me. She walked in smiling and said "guess what..." I was concentrating intently on my Tefilot so I just stared at her blankly. "Look over there" she said pointing at the Mechitza. "We have a Cohen today" she said with a smile, "and he even combed his hair." "Wow," I thought to myself. "She's losing it." But lo and behold, there he was - a Cohen in our Shul on Rosh Hashana. It was very exciting though I must admit that I had a strong urge to go over and let him know that he was a day late.

As they took the Torah out I doubled over in agony from searing pain in my stomach (again...) so, I decided to go Home and take my medicine (and get a sweatshirt - the A/C was on over-drive.) After 'drugging up,' chasing Mickey and Smooshie out of my room and some 'chilling' (or should I say thawing?) I headed back to Shul. Incidentally, as we walked up to the building, who should be standing outside in meditative contemplation of something or other? none other than Shlomo. I resisted the urge to whack him, laughed to myself because he really had combed his hair, smiled and said something along the lines of "Hey, shana tovah, chag sameach..." and I just kept walking.

Miraculously, I had made it back 'just in time' - the Rabbi was just finishing up his speech and they hadn't started Shofar blowing.

After Shul we headed over to Saba and Savta's for the meal. The walk was quick and the weather was pleasant. The meal was really good (though Savta thought it would be a disaster) and the company was GREAT! For mincha Sammy and I decided to go to shul. We joined Daddy and Saba at 'Rabbi David's Shul' in Sheinfeld. all I can say is WOW - Those Sheinfeld people sure can sing. Between the acoustics of the building and the really nice voices of the congregants - it was a 'mechaye' for the ears. On the way into the bulding we had the express pleasure of seeing a certain person. We ignored him and agreed to say 'hi' after davening - which we ultimately did. We shmoozed with Shani and a friends of theirs (who is in Afikei now - I put in lots of good words for the school!) Sidenote: I can't believe it's been a year since the Sladowski's ate at our house. I mean, it feels like years in some ways and in other ways it seems like it was just last month. Truth of the matter is that we don't really see them at all and we really don't have anything to do with them either.

All I can say is I saw two of my favorite things today - Sapphire Blues and Deep Puppy Dog Browns. Oh yeah, Pancakes galore! Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy pancakes?!?!

In case you were wondering, I did manage to finish all of Sefer Tehillim before Saba got back from Ma'ariv. (So, I'm counting that as finishing the sefer over Chag.)

After Yom-Tov Mommy came to pick us up and we decided that Breakfast tomorrow will be at Saba and Savta's. Something about breakfast for Break Fast and something else about bagels. I'm not exactly sure but I'm sure I will find out tomorrow.

Sammy and I started watching "Madagascar" (a bootlegged copy from Chaim. So illegal according to the law and halacha. Oy! I don't know what to do!?!?) It's really quite a funny movie. Strangely enough though - Julian the 13th, the self-styled king of the lemurs reminded me freakishly of Moshe. Not in a bad way - I mean, I thought that it was pretty funny.

Ok, enough random blabbing for today. More tomorrow...

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

First Day Yom Tov...

Woke up 'super-early' and actually made it to shul at 8:25 (davening started at 8:20...)

All in all it was one of the least inspiring davenings that I can remember ever having. Depressing, no? Well, between certain busy-bodies shuffling back and forth and all of the people who weren't supposed to be there being there - there was a definite lack of space for those of us who were doing (or trying to do) what we were supposed to do. The Chazan was unimpressive to say the least (I was glad to be drugged up on 'happy pills' - they saved me from a migraine headache.) Oh yeah, and THE most depressing part of the whole situation was the fact that we didn't have even one Cohen. Can you imagine? Rosh Hashana and NO Cohen?!!? Not for Shacharit, not for Torah and not even for Musaf. Wanna know something even more annoying - there had been one there in the middle of Kriat Hatorah but he just hung around for five minutes and then disappeared off into the 'wild blue yonder' so by the time duchening came around - yep, NO COHEN!!! AARG!

The meal after shul was yummy. Mommy made my favoritest Onion Soup - and it was delicious.

I spent the three hours between lunch and ma'ariv saying the first half of Sefer Tehillim. (On a whim I decided to try to say all of Tehillim over Rosh Hashana. I didn't know if I would actually be able to do it - but what the hey, right? might as well give it a try...)

Ma'ariv time - headed back to shul.


Decided to walk to Saba and Savta. Left the house. Got to the Shvil and started walking up. Got a MAJOR stomach-ache. Turned around and went Home. (I didn't even make it to the 'Duvdevan' stairs.)

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Erev Rosh Hashana...

Woke up early to help with cooking and the like. However, there wasn't much to do. I did get to peel a few onions and some cloves of garlic (I also peeled a bag of carrots - that we didn't need.) I baked a double batch of Chocolate chip cookies and for the most part sat around doing nothing.

Finally it was time to get ready for Yom Tov. I got dressed up (all in black) and headed off to shul for Ma'ariv. Davened, headed back Home, ate the meal, read a bed-time story (Yertle the Turtle) to Sammy and Brenda, went to sleep.

I'm writing retro-actively so I can't actually remember any of the funny stuff that went on. I think that the cats tried to knock over the candles but there was no 'real action' like dripping air-conditioners or things catching on fire...

Though I do believe that the whole 'shprekkin ze duetch' thing started at some point in the afternoon...

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Erev erev Rosh Hashana...

Reflexology this morning. Learned the 'outer appendage skeleton' - Now I can not only stimulate the urinary tract through the foot but I can also ease pain in the shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles, help get lymph circulating (a little) and even help reduce excess sweating via the 'armpit spot' - fascinating, huh?

I caught the 416 at 13:20 and was Home by 14:00. Did nothing useful besides for making french fries for dinner. Convinced Daddy to give me the digital camcorder that has been sitting collecting dust in the closet for two years (a new toy to keep me entertained...) Mommy didn't get to sit much during dinner - she was very busy standing on the front porch and waiting for the delivery people... (speaking of which, where are my chocolates?!?!)

Tomorrow will be 'Cooking for Chag Day' YAY!

Though we did start a bit today.

Wanna see?

Now that's what I call Festival Spirit...

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shabbos at Bar-Ilan...

Ok, as planned that was one of the wackiest Shabbatot I've had in a really long time.

A Summary of Friday:
Woke up at 10:15. Lazed around while Elisheva and Chaya went out shopping. Watched Menu make onion soup. Watched part of Grumpy Old Men. Put a tray of cookies into the oven. Realized that the oven didn't work so called Mommy and guess what... I cooked all of the chicken for Shabbos. (did you get that? I cooked chicken.)

I'm gonna zoom in on the whole 'oven issue' now. The cookies were in the oven for an hour and forty-five minutes (nothing doing...) so we decided it was time to take action - we would go around and find neighbors willing to let us cook our deli roll in their oven. The first door that we knocked on was opened by an older Russian Israeli man who came to the door in his boxers (not that we could see them hidden under his formidable stomach) he informed us that his wife was not home. The next door we knocked on was opened by an interesting chiloni lady who has a dog and a parrot. On to door number three... Ok, so there was a sign on the door and it said "dira shutafim" and we should have realized but we didn't. Anywho, we knocked and the door was opened by a nice guy in his early twenties (at least he was wearing a shirt and even a kippa. And he was cooking for Shabbos and incidentally in smelled really really mouth-wateringly good.) We asked him if he had space to spare in his oven and he said sure. YAY! The deli roll was going to get cooked! LoL! So, we took the stuff down and every half hour or so we went down to check on it. We met one of his apartment-mates and then were informed that they would be davening at the Bar-Ilan shul - "would we be there too?" ummmmm... yeah. So, basically we made friends with Evyatar and Tal and were invited to come over on Motzash to meet Eitan too. Riiiight...

Shabbos day - Went to shul. Saw the neighbors. Went back to the apartment. We had a friend of Elisheva's (named Li'el) over for the meal. (Great fun to speak in Hebrew - lots and lots of Hebrew. But she did say that it was funny - she never would have imagined that I was a doveret anglit. Ha! I got a kick out of that one.) After lunch we took loooong Shabbos naps and woke up in time for Seudah Shlishit. Soon after Shabbat ended and we were very sad to see it go. We made Havdala and I packed up and Menucha walked me out to the bus stop. The bus wasn't crowded and I made it back to Jeru in just under an hour.

Now I'm waiting for my bourekas to cook. I put them in the sandwich maker but neglected to oil it (two years in sem. destroyed the teflon coating...) so it will be quite an adventure to pry them off of the shmidjit...

Wish me luck.