Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ammendments, corrections and my sincerest apologies...

Pertaining to my comments about during "The Neverending Story" - I would like to say, "I lied yesterday about the movie. The commentary (though annoying and mostly perverted) was downright-side-splittingly-hilarious."

And how did I forget? Sammy left the movie to go have a piano lesson with Judy. She sacrificed precious movie time with friends and sister for a piano lesson. In all seriousness, she deserves full honors and respect for it - she's so darned good at it. I know - practice, and you can be good too. Easy to think - not so easy to do.

(Easy to think? what am I saying?)

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da'kender said...

thank you! If you practice it does get easier... like crotcheting, or skiing, and swallowing pills!