Saturday, October 08, 2005

Carbohydrates, Oh how I loathe thee...

Let me sum this up as one of the strangest endings to one of the strangest weeks I've had in a looong time.

If you've been following my blog (aka - the pathetic blabberings of a mostly depressed, slightly insane, whacked out twenty-year-old girl trying to get out into the world with minimal success) then you know all about the strange things that I'm talking about.

On to my Shabbos wrap up - (pay attention to the strange things that happen... I'll asterisk them for you...)

Friday - woke up on the late side. *Did NO cooking (it was a 'freezer Shabbos' - meaning that we didn't make anything and that everything came straight from the freezer.) Went to Machsanei Mazon with Mommy and Saba. *Scrubbed the bathroom. *Cleaned my room. Got ready for Shabbos. Went to shul (all the while bemoaning the fact that I still have no friends in the neighborhood.) Went Home and waited for kiddush - Daddy made stupid comments and I (still in a depressed and moody funk) didn't take them very well so *I didn't actually eat anything aside from two or three slices of green pepper. I took my book and went outside to the circle to read. After sitting in the circle for almost an hour I decided to move so I went to the Becker's wall. Harel and Tamir were out taking a walk and on their way Home *they stopped to shmooze.

Suddenly they got all funny and quiet and asked me - "do you know?"
I was like, "ummm, about what?"
"About Avigdor..."
"what about him?" I replied hesitantly.
"He's getting married."

Ummmm, ok. This I was NOT expecting - in the least. I mean, I wasn't surprised but it was strange to hear. At the time I was too tired to move - but now as I type this I'm filled with the urge to jump up and down smile and laugh! It's so exciting!! MAZAL TOV MAZAL TOV!!!!!

I slept on the hammock. It was without a doubt one of the best nights of sleep that I have had in a looong time.

Shabbos Day - *Woke up at 5:00 and watched the sun rise. *Made it to shul ON TIME. It was Simcha Yaffa's Bar-Mitzvah and he davened shacharit, did all of kriat ha'torah, haftarah and even mussaf! WOW! He did an amazing job! I wouldn't have the guts to do it. After davening I actually got to say Mazal Tov to Avigdor and Ma'ayana. He wanted to know how I had found out and how the whole shul had gotten wind of it too. Jay walked by and we just smiled and nodded - "we found out at the same time..." was all we could say.

After shul we helped clean up from the kiddush, the Rabbi gave his Shabbos Shuva Drasha, went Home, got straight into bed and stayed there until 15:00 at which point I got hungry - so I went downstairs and made myself a BIG greekish salad (lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers and lots and lots of 'hungarian' cheese (bulgarian cheese). After my salad I went back upstairs took my blanket, pillow, book and Stitchey and went out to the hammock - where I stayed until an hour before shabbos was over. At that point I went downstairs to eat carrots and read the newspaper.

Now filled with indecision (to go to Jerusalem or to stay Home for the night?) I am updating my blog and thinking about life in general - life and death and the pathetic dance that we do on our way from the one to the next. I'm feeling fatalistic, cynical and a tiny-smidgen philosophical. Anybody care to debate?

I think I'll go eat some cake.

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