Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Chocolate Factory...

Left late. (what else is new?), got stopped by the police (who were being greedy, money-hungry jerks), drove and drove and drove... Arrived at the Ornat Chocolate Factory. Well, it certainly wasn't Hershey's but it was quaint and elegant and most importantly they gave us chocolate!! After the tour we got to make 'chocolate/cookie/crumby/messy balls and then we headed Home.

I made Pasta Primavera for lunch (with the oddest assortment of veggies you could ever imagine.) I helped dismantle the Sukkah, I demanded pizza for dinner, I drove with Mommy to drop Brenda off at a Bat-Mitzvah and when we got back to the street I heard a voice that I haven't heard for a looong time.

Shani is Home! S'been a while, to say the least. So, I went with her to Matan's house (I hate going there, it's like a time-distorting-vortexish place (you enter one day and then *poof* like Rip Van Winkle, it's tomorow or is it next week?) We 'borrowed' a few movies then headed back to her place to watch them. Sammy, Tamir, Tzvi, Shani and myself got comfortable in Shani's room and we watched (the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time) well, it was basically a quick snippet of assorted 'home-videos' of Tzvi when he was little. I know this may sound terrible (and no offence meant) but, I think it was the best thing that we watched all night. Hey, at least it had 'little kid cuteness' value to it. (Especially the wings. They made the movie!) We started another movie (but stopped in the first 15 minutes) and switched to 'The Neverending Story' - The Special Edition complete with annoying and mostly perverted commentary, provided by... *TY (*name has been abridged to protect the guilty.) After the movies we decided to quickly watch a graduation ceremony and finally when it was over we said our g'nites and headed Home.

In the morning I have Anatomy and Physiology class. I'm so excited (though I hope that it will not be too boring, that the classroom will not be too stuffy and that stupid people don't ask stupid questions. (Who am I kidding?)

So, I'm gonna go to sleep so that I can get up in time to catch the 7:00 bus.

p.s. - Daddy found me a perfect job. THE job that I want. BUT they need someone full time and I have class three days a week! WAH!!! this stinks. I'm going to compose a sweet sounding e-mail and ask them if 3 days a week would be good. Do you think that they will realize that I really am a devoted, hard-working person? I doubt it. Wish me luck!


Hinda said...

I read your whole post, but all I can think about is CHOCOLATE...

Missing you!

da'kender said...

You didnt mention my piano lesson!