Thursday, October 20, 2005

Drunk Guys, Music and Bad Luck...

Had a really freaky nightmare last night, in which a bunch of my 'acquaintances' ganged up on me and sent me out into a 'nightmare' situation to 'test' me. Needless to say, I passed. I'm not the type to allow ultimate failure. The only other part I remember is that after the test I was exhausted and they were amazed that I was still alive.

About my day, well we spent the morning driving up north. Past Chadera, past Zichron Ya'akov, all the way up to a little Moshav called S'dot Yisrael. They used to have a huge 'Flower Drying' operation up there - but now they're small and don't do mass exporting like they used to do. We saw a movie about how they do it and then got to make 'flower balls' or 'mobiles.' Last stop (of course) was the 'food place' where everyone either got coffee, hot chocolate or an ice pop. As you can imagine - because my hands were so cold I opted for the _____. (I hope you said ice pop.) Daddy bought me a new 11 hour candle. It's scented 'rain forest' and it smells heavenly, I'm so excited to light it! Thank you Daddy!

After a two hour drive Home we reached Bet Shemesh where the 'Jewish Rock and Soul Festival' was already underway. Sammy and I went straight over and met up with Sara and Raizi. We proceeded to walk around in circles, Sammy was gutsy so she went over and introduced herself to the oldest Amitai (who's name, incidentally is the only one that I actually knew.) I saw soooo many people that I have met before (I can't say - "that I know" because I don't actually know them. I've been introduced to them, but that's about it.)

I apologize for the next bit. It is confusing and a bit hard to follow - but, it was strange. (see the freakish nightmare in the first paragraph.)

Lori Gets in Trouble. Ok, so here's the deal - last Motzei Shabbos I was speaking to someone (let's call him George) that I don't speak to often and they mentioned that someone (who we'll call Ya'ankle) was making something. Well George told me to ask Ya'ankle if I could have one too. Being me and not really wanting to talk to Ya'ankle, I did a BIG no-no and went back to George saying "Ya'ankle didn't have one - do you have extras?" George was glad to give me one. (Here comes the freaky part) So, at the concert -
Ya'ankle calls me over and says "you have something that you're not supposed to have."
"I'm a very trustworthy person, why would I share the wealth?" I asked very seriously.
"You lied to George." he accused.
I made a split second decision not to dig my hole any deeper, "Yes, I did. Do you want it back? I have it at Home."
"I'm thinking about it..." was the response.
"Fine," he finally said "you can keep it, but don't share it with anybody! etc. etc."
"Are you sure?" I asked hesitantly.
"uh-huh." came the sullen response.
"thanks, have a great night."

Ummmm, somebody out there please take me under their wing and next time I get the urge to lie - slap me or just remind me of this humiliating incident?

Yeah, so I wandered away from the scene of the discussion and found Sammy. Soon after the concert was over and we headed Home. On the way, I met Tanya, her husband, her sister and two friends. I invited them over for a quick shmooze in the Sukkah. By the time they were getting ready to leave, I went outside to the circle where I intruded on Sammy and Tzvi having (trying to have) a conversation.

Random Sidenote: I don't know how or why Sammy puts up with me. I forever feel like an annoying tag along. I'm not 'stalking' her (as Matan would say.) I dunno, I justify it by saying - there's nobody my age around and that I need some social interaction aside from talking to my family or myself. Still, I guess I should just train myself to stay at Home and cope with the pathetic lonliness. It's not fair to "throw off her groove." Arg. So annoying. I should go back to Jerusalem. I should stop being such an idiot.

Why do I do stupid things? I hate people who do stupid things - so does that mean that I hate myself? Funny, I thought we had a pretty good relationship.

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