Monday, October 17, 2005

Erev Chag - can't think...

Due to a MAJOR lack of excitement and goings-on, there is nothing of interest to report.

I did say that I would post my attempt at a Dr. Seuss-like poem, so for your reading pleasure - I present to you my nameless and incohesive poem...

I will try.
Try will I.

Dr. Seuss' writing style?
Hmmm, this may take a while...

Will and bill chill.
Chill on a hill.
Eat some dill.
Eat their fill.
I think they may be up there still

A hill? But where?
Right over there.
A hill right near the house of kwot.
Where it always rains a lot.
A lot you say?
Oh my! Oy Vey!

(n.b. - Hinda, I know it isn't about purple or lurple or even snufflebumps but, I'm working on one for you...)

Everybody have a Chag Sameach!

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~*Chava*~ said...

very impressive!!