Wednesday, October 05, 2005

First Day Yom Tov...

Woke up 'super-early' and actually made it to shul at 8:25 (davening started at 8:20...)

All in all it was one of the least inspiring davenings that I can remember ever having. Depressing, no? Well, between certain busy-bodies shuffling back and forth and all of the people who weren't supposed to be there being there - there was a definite lack of space for those of us who were doing (or trying to do) what we were supposed to do. The Chazan was unimpressive to say the least (I was glad to be drugged up on 'happy pills' - they saved me from a migraine headache.) Oh yeah, and THE most depressing part of the whole situation was the fact that we didn't have even one Cohen. Can you imagine? Rosh Hashana and NO Cohen?!!? Not for Shacharit, not for Torah and not even for Musaf. Wanna know something even more annoying - there had been one there in the middle of Kriat Hatorah but he just hung around for five minutes and then disappeared off into the 'wild blue yonder' so by the time duchening came around - yep, NO COHEN!!! AARG!

The meal after shul was yummy. Mommy made my favoritest Onion Soup - and it was delicious.

I spent the three hours between lunch and ma'ariv saying the first half of Sefer Tehillim. (On a whim I decided to try to say all of Tehillim over Rosh Hashana. I didn't know if I would actually be able to do it - but what the hey, right? might as well give it a try...)

Ma'ariv time - headed back to shul.


Decided to walk to Saba and Savta. Left the house. Got to the Shvil and started walking up. Got a MAJOR stomach-ache. Turned around and went Home. (I didn't even make it to the 'Duvdevan' stairs.)

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