Friday, October 14, 2005

I Told You So...

At 1:43 this morning I got an SMS from Avigdor. It said, and I quote "Hi, sup? Tzvi ("stupid boy") lost your e-mail & he needs it to send you fun harry potter stuffs"

Didn't I type it into his phone - so that it wouldn't get lost? and how hard is my e-mail address anyway? it's my first name @ my father's first initial + my last name dot com.

Truthfully, I'm amazed that he actually remembered that he was supposed to e-mail me and even more that he asked his brother to get my e-mail address. I suppose that this act of 'effort' negates the nickname thing (see the last long paragraph) - Ya know, when I first met him I really didn't like him but each successive time we see each other - he moves up a little on the rating charts. Plus, he attempted to read Fox in Socks - bonus points for that. In the 'game of life' is that equated with 'Move forward three spaces'?

Oh well. I guess I should go reply to the message.

Wishing you all an amazingly stupendous Shabbos!

Get Happy - Tabernacle Week is coming up on a Jewish Calendar near you!

N.B. - If Mommy ever gets around to calling - we might have the Amitai Family over for Friday Night Chol Hamoed meal. That way we can find out if they really can sing though maybe we should start with simple conversation.

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