Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My First Full Day of Chag Vacation...

Woke up early. Went downstairs and sat around staring into space. Took out the material to make my purple skirt but was too lazy so didn't. Took out all of the papers and pictures from our UK trip to work on the scrapbook but was too lazy so didn't actually work on it. Sat around some more.

A friend called and told me that she and another friend had been sitting around last night and thinking about me and what i'm looking for in a guy (random sheh'bi'random!) She also informed me that she thought of someone for me. LoL! He's in med. school, is a 'fun-type' person, very Tzioni and incidentally is her cousin. "Aha," I said jokingly "but, do you really want to be related to me?" She just laughed. I think she thinks I'm crazy.

Mommy and I finally headed out to Zol-Lemehadrin to pick up our 'meat-order' but the meat counter was backed-up and swamped. So, I tried to find all of the stuff that Mommy needed while she waited on line. uh-huh. Well that worked out fantabulously, didn't it?

We also stopped at the candy store to get candy (what else would one be buying in the candy store?) I got some of my favoritest chocolates and we got a bunch of multi-colored sucking candies that need to be smashed up but will ultimately become the pretty colored part of my
'stained glass cookies' for Sukkot.

At Home we whipped up a quick Indian Style Dinner ('gazpatcho stew'.) and after eating a few of us headed out to pick up Eli from the train station. We then went over to Big, to check out the 'cell-phone-sale' status and stopped at the book store. Mommy really does love me - she got me a new book to add to my Dr. Seuss collection.

I am now the proud owner of "Scrambled Eggs Super." I think I'm gonna go read it to Mommy as she kneads the rye bread dough...

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