Thursday, October 27, 2005

Now For Today -

Anatomy and Physiology with Dr. Dror. Lots and lots of worksheets to color in! YAY!

Decided to stay in Jerusalem late, so I had lunch with Shosh. Then she walked me all the way to TM - where I got on a bus and was driven Home. (Have I mentioned that there were no puppies or pancakes around? ANYWHERE?! all day?!?!)

Went out with Daddy to Yechezkel's and to get a new 'ink-pad' for the shul's stamper thingy.

I spoke to RJ and Deborah and Shoshana and was in Jerusalem all in one day.

I feel accomplished.

Tomorrow will be 'snip-it' day for Ari. Yay! an hour long car ride to the Shomron followed by large crowds and much milling wrapped up with another hour in the car. Oh yeah, then begin the hasty and crazy Shabbos preparations. I hope Daddy puts the 'blue stuff' in an easily accessible place - 'squish and swishing' is going to be rushed this week. I can tell...

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Sammy said...

I hope this week he wont be an idiot, jerk and jack***... I dont want to see the crazy lady angry...