Monday, October 31, 2005

Painful Pressure Points and No Flying Zones...

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHOSH!!!

Well, I suppose that I should start at the beginning. I woke up at 6:00 this morning and couldn't decide what to do. I didn't want to get out of bed because it was FREEZING - so I snuggled down under the blankets (all five layers) and went back to sleep. At 7:30 I woke up and decided to get up. At this time I did the first stupid thing of the day - I took a shower. (have I mentioned that the water heater is really and totally broken in my building and that there is NO hot water to be had. I don't know what families with kids - or anyone else for that matter is doing now that it is cold out and there isn't even warm water to wash with.)

It is Monday so we have - massage! Got there on time (somehow) and actually got right to work. Learned some new 'moves' like scalp massage, the ears and some really painful pressure points and how to work the kinks out of them. During 'practice time' I managed to find the trapezius on the first try - and my teacher was very impressed with my work. She's very happy that I work slowly and thoroughly. She told me so. :)

After class we headed back to the apartment and decided to go visit Afikei. So, we headed out and caught the 21 to Bayit V'gan. We got to see R' Becker and Rivka, Shmooze with Alli and sit in on Mrs. Friedman's 'Chabura Workshop' class. After class, we visited with Sassy in the office, Helped out R' Taub and shmoozed with Rabbi Lauffer.

Finally we decided to head back to Kiryat Moshe so we walked to the bus where we met Brochie. On the bus, the driver (who looked 13) punched my card and I headed towards the empty space in the middle - but I heard someone call my name. I looked towards the back of the bus and noticed Yael and (auntie) Racheli. So, I went to the back to shmooze with them.

Back in the apartment I put 'freedom' fries into the oven and settled down to do this.

I'm gonna go find something else to do now. Don't worry, I'll keep my feet firmly planted on the floor - I know, I know - the apartment is a 'no flying zone' due to safety restrictions. I understand.