Sunday, October 09, 2005


Reflexology. Learned the 'skeleton' layout on the medial side of the foot. Colored in all of my pictures of feet in pretty colors. After class Shosh and I headed out to the Shuk to buy some Pitot (Fresh Ssuk pitas are the best!) and veggies. Stopped in Zol-Lemehadrin for some last minute stuff then headed back to the apartment.

Started cooking for dinner. Put up a BIG pot of veggie soup and boiled up the potatoes. Crepe disaster #1. Mashed up the potatoes and seasoned the soup. Crepe disaster #2. Sent Shosh out to buy crepe leaves. Cleaned up the apartment. Started rolling blintzes. People arrived...

We decided to have a post-Afikei-whoever is in the country is invited party in the apartment. So, at about 18:45 Sassy, Miriam C, Esther R, Hudi, Shaynee and Adina showed up. We were still trying to get dinner ready but it was ok. Sassy fried and flipped blintzes while Shosh dragged me next door.

We knocked on the neighbor's door and nobody came. We rang the bell, still nothing. So, we banged on the door and finally the neighbor opened the door... "We need to pay the va'ad bayit" is what we said. "Oh, come on in" was his reply. So, there you have it - chronicled in front of your very eyes we have now officially paid our Va'ad Bayit (until january...)

Dinner turned out alright and the company was great! I enjoyed and I hope everyone else did too. By 9:30 everyone was out of the apartment and Shosh and I cleaned up and relaxed. I showered but like the note in the elevator had warned us "there will be no hot water today or tomorrow due to a..."

Finally, I crawled into bed and here I am doing this -

but not for long because now I'm going to sleep...

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~*Chava*~ said...

Sounds like soooo much fun! Wish I could have been there with you! Miss you soo much!