Saturday, October 29, 2005

Shabbat Parshat B'reishit...

Friday Night - Shul, Meal, headed out - spent a loooong while out on the 'street.' It was one of those wacky weeks where there were basically no parents on the street, so Aviv and Sheinfeld walked down to us. It was wacky how even though there were so many other people 'visiting' - for some strange and inexplicable reason - 'Hashita' stood together as a group and shmoozed and mixed very little with the others.

Incidentally, I asked the tall one about Fox in Socks and was declined the offer, though he said he would be willing to read Shakespeare. Does that make any sense? I suppose in a twisted way it does - better to sound the fool at a challenging task than sound silly at a simple job? I wonder.

Shabbos Day - Shul, Lunch, Read, over to Feldman to see what's going on and where everybody is. Watched a game of Apples to Apples, Corrupted Shlomo (started at least) by giving him a collection of Edgar Allen Poe's Writing (and suggesting that he read The Black Cat, Tell Tale Heart and Amontillado.)

After Shabbos I went with Daddy to help take down Saba and Savta's Sukkah. Many thanks to Tzvi and Tamir for coming along to help. (Rather I should say - I came along to watch Daddy, Tamir and Tzvi take down the sukkah... But, that is a minor detail.) It didn't take long, so back at Home I picked up 'Ferngully - The Last Rainforest' and headed over to the Feldman's to watch it. Afterwards we decided to watch 'The Princess Bride' - it was 'well accepted.'

Tomorrow morning I have Reflexology class for the first time in three weeks. I didn't really practice (which is NOT good) and I didn't practice massage either (though many people were willing to be worked on.) hmmm, I hope I remember how to do it and all of the 'movements' and 'points'.

For now my biggest challenge is the fact that I -need- to go to sleep and that in the morning I will have to get up early and take a bus (with all of my stuff) into Jerusalem.

*Sigh...* I think I could use a massage.

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