Saturday, October 01, 2005

Shabbos at Bar-Ilan...

Ok, as planned that was one of the wackiest Shabbatot I've had in a really long time.

A Summary of Friday:
Woke up at 10:15. Lazed around while Elisheva and Chaya went out shopping. Watched Menu make onion soup. Watched part of Grumpy Old Men. Put a tray of cookies into the oven. Realized that the oven didn't work so called Mommy and guess what... I cooked all of the chicken for Shabbos. (did you get that? I cooked chicken.)

I'm gonna zoom in on the whole 'oven issue' now. The cookies were in the oven for an hour and forty-five minutes (nothing doing...) so we decided it was time to take action - we would go around and find neighbors willing to let us cook our deli roll in their oven. The first door that we knocked on was opened by an older Russian Israeli man who came to the door in his boxers (not that we could see them hidden under his formidable stomach) he informed us that his wife was not home. The next door we knocked on was opened by an interesting chiloni lady who has a dog and a parrot. On to door number three... Ok, so there was a sign on the door and it said "dira shutafim" and we should have realized but we didn't. Anywho, we knocked and the door was opened by a nice guy in his early twenties (at least he was wearing a shirt and even a kippa. And he was cooking for Shabbos and incidentally in smelled really really mouth-wateringly good.) We asked him if he had space to spare in his oven and he said sure. YAY! The deli roll was going to get cooked! LoL! So, we took the stuff down and every half hour or so we went down to check on it. We met one of his apartment-mates and then were informed that they would be davening at the Bar-Ilan shul - "would we be there too?" ummmmm... yeah. So, basically we made friends with Evyatar and Tal and were invited to come over on Motzash to meet Eitan too. Riiiight...

Shabbos day - Went to shul. Saw the neighbors. Went back to the apartment. We had a friend of Elisheva's (named Li'el) over for the meal. (Great fun to speak in Hebrew - lots and lots of Hebrew. But she did say that it was funny - she never would have imagined that I was a doveret anglit. Ha! I got a kick out of that one.) After lunch we took loooong Shabbos naps and woke up in time for Seudah Shlishit. Soon after Shabbat ended and we were very sad to see it go. We made Havdala and I packed up and Menucha walked me out to the bus stop. The bus wasn't crowded and I made it back to Jeru in just under an hour.

Now I'm waiting for my bourekas to cook. I put them in the sandwich maker but neglected to oil it (two years in sem. destroyed the teflon coating...) so it will be quite an adventure to pry them off of the shmidjit...

Wish me luck.

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yo' meanma said...

Does this mean that you may go
visit Menu again for a Shabbat?

By the way, how did the chickens taste?