Saturday, October 22, 2005

Shabbos Chol-HaMoed...

Menucha came for Shabbos - and even though I was in a rotten, humorless mood for most of the time - I really really did enjoy spending time with her!!! (I always do!)

Well, I won't spend much time on Friday night, simply because nothing interesting happened. We walked out to Aviv and you know what? Everyone that we wanted to see was sleeping, so we wound up walking Home.

Shabbos Morning - what is there to say? I was late getting to shul (as usual.) Though I was up at 7:30 I still didn't make it to the shul until 8:15. After Davening we headed Home, made kiddush and waited for Saba and Savta. I decided to walk out and meet them - so I dragged Sammy and we headed up towards the Matnas. As we crested the hill we saw them in the distance. Back at Home we had a wonderful meal, Z'mired with our 'extended family' and had an all around good time. I spent the afternoon reading The Phantom Tollbooth, playing Apples to Apples (helping Avi Chai) and playing Huggermugger (with Daddy on my team - so I almost won.)

After Shabbos was 'officially' over. We all got ready for 'the party' (aka - the open sukkah/engagement party at 507.) I wasn't in the mood to go straight out, so I decided to make up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Then I went out. Nothing of import to report. Shmoozed with lots of people, avoided some people, met the youngest of the three freaky boys (he is 15 and his name is Shachar - contrary to the popular view that would have us believe that he is 17 and that his name is Natti.) and we chilled. Then, the party was over and everyone started leaving - and leaving and leaving... until there were only the sad bunch of 'us' left. Sammy was crocheting, I was cold, Tzvi was waiting patiently, Tamir was being 'tall' by standing on something, Harel was on the phone, Eli was being annoying and I was knitting and being cold and making new acquaintances. As I worked (without looking) with frozen fingers on my blanket I struck up a conversation with 'Ari' - who I have never met before. Though it seemed amusing to the both of us that we are both the oldest in our families and that we both have 14/15 year old brothers named Eli who are extremely annoying and who do not listen when we speak or acknowledge the fact that we have issued a verbal command. Also, I decided that he was a self-proclaimed 'kender' though if I were to tell him that he would probably ask me in all sincerity "what is that supposed to mean?" (read Dragonlance books. They are good!) At about 1:30 Harel decided to drive Ari Home - and we decided to walk Tzvi to Matan's house. The we dropped Tamir off at his house and finally made it inside our own Home and upstairs.

I took out my contacts and put on my glasses.

I unplugged my computer and I got into bed with it.

I updated my Blog and now -

I'm going to sleep.

Maybe some more poetry tomorrow. We'll see if I am inspired.
Last thought for Tonight - The wind is blowing strongly and crazily outside. I hope the Schach doesn't blow away...

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