Sunday, October 23, 2005

Sukkot is almost over...

Breakfast was nice. I made pita pizza for Mommy and Sammy. Then I played destruct-o-match - but G-d sent me a sign and wouldn't let me break 1000. So I stopped playing.)

Then The girls headed out to do some shopping. First in the Ramah and then at Machsanei Mazon. We took Saba and Savta with us. We got pitot fresh from the oven (they were sooo hot that they melted the bags that we put them into...)

Back at Home all was quiet. Eli spent all day involved in 'filming' a play for Coren's bar-mitzvah. All I know know about it is something pertaining to aliens and Harel on his motorcycle. Sounds very 'Feldman'ish to me.

We watched the movie 'Family Tree' - it was nice, though I must admit the little annoying kid reminded me of Eli (A LOT!).

After the movie I wanted to bake the 'stained glass' cookies - but realized that it's pointless. So, didn't bother. I guess I bought all of the sucking candies for no reason.

The rest of the week is going to be ridiculous. Between tiyuling with the Preisers (hours and hours of loud yelling, spilling and crying in food courts. Not to mention annoying, bratty little kids who don't listen and litening to annoying people's praises being sung), Listening to 'friends' explain why they are the ONLY people in the world who have certain problems and that they just have these problems but can't talk about them because they are very 'personal', Getting through more Yom-Tov, two words - Ari's Upsherin (ohh, have I mentioned that it is on Friday morning?), cooking for Shabbos, listening to Mommy rant and rave about how we'll never get everything done and that I am an unhelpful, whiny, lazy, useless person and last but not least listening to Sammy tell me that I am 'flabby' and that instead of eating a pita with chumus that maybe I should skip the chumus and eat just a carrot or something and do jumping-jacks - let's just sum it up as NOT GOING TO BE FUN.

harumph... I can't decide if it's better to be in Jerusalem bored out of my mind with nothing to do or at Home with nothing and yet too much to do.

No poetry today, sorry. Brain numb - inspiration won't come...

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