Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Sukkot is Here!!!!

Chag was nice. I dunno, I suppose I could elaborate a little more - but as Faintly Macabre said "Brevity is the Soul of Wit." Though, seeing as my wit is at it's end I suppose I have leave to expound a bit more.

Night - shul, meal, walk to Saba and Savta, walk Home, shmooze on the steps (with Daddy, Mr. Grotsky and us - the girls), waved like an idiot at the were-eld and then went inside - to sleep.

Morning/Day - woke up at 6:00, shul at 8:00, lunch (the Lutsky's were our guests), rested and relaxed... Strange Happening for the day - I climbed into the basement through the window to check on Tarpit (the cat who is re-cuperating from surgery). While inside with her Mommy started calling me. "You're book reader is here" she informed me. So I walked over and peered out the window and there were Tzvi and Tamir. Go figure! I climbed out the window and asked "you walked down here all the way from RBS just to read me a story?" "yep. no, not really." was the response. Anywho - we decided to play Apples to Apples. Ora came over too, and soon we were deeply involved in the game. I won Flirtatious with 'eyes' - lol! it's true though, no? We played until chag was over and Daddy came Home and made havdalah. Then Tamir and Ora left and we all went inside. Sammy gave us a quick concert (quite impressive) then we headed upstairs to watch 'Mada-who-ha?' About ten minutes into the movie I heard voices downstairs (yes, I'm hearing voices) so I jumped off my bed to go down and investigate. As I got to the turn I saw Avigdor and Ma'ayana coming upstairs. "have you seen my brother?" "yep, he's up there..." I said pointing to the door of my room. (I was thinking about this in retrospect and realized - "wow, that was wierd. Last time we watched a movie after chag with a guy it was with Avigdor and now he's engaged and we're watching movies with his brother." Truthfully, it doesn't make a difference, but it sure felt strange.)

After the movie - we headed down to the kitchen to make dinner. I gave Tzvi a lecture on cracking his neck and then he left. Mommy and Daddy took Sunshiny Dibble and Moon-beam out to their school's Beit Ha'Shoeva so it's just Sammy, Sara, Tovah, Eli, Brenda, Michal and me.

I'm gonna go find something to nosh on in the Sukkah.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE this Holiday?!

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kenderkin said...

it is weird!!!!!!! you think he feels left out?