Monday, October 10, 2005

Take off my shirt? 'scuse me?

Massage was interesting. We finished up the head last class and now are moving on to 'bigger and better' things. Namely the 'chest' - ok, so there are certain parts that you don't actually touch but sheesh - it's a little too close for my liking. Somehow I got chosen to be the 'dummy' in class so the teacher said "ok, take off your shirt." Thankfully I had the insight when getting dressed in the morning to put on a tank-top under my tee so I was ok with 'stripping' in the middle of the classroom.

We learned about the sternum and collarbone and we learned how to eflourage too. All in all the 'practice run' was very relaxing. "Hello, are you still here?" is what the teacher asked me. I only managed to mumble a low 'uh-huh' after the fourth or fifth time.

After class I headed back to my apartment to pack up my stuff and eat lunch. Brenda called, she wasn't feeling well - could we meet and go Home together? umm, sure. she called back "the driver didn't let me off at my stop, so I 'm at Tachanah Merkazit." Riiiiiight... So, I ran out of the apartment and all the way up the street to TM. Miraculously I made it into the building and up to the third floor one minute before the 420 was scheduled to pull away. I shooed Brenda onto the bus, bought her a cartisiah and sat her down - only at this point did I allow myself to breathe.

At Home things were quiet. Mommy and I headed out to Chemdat HaTeva for some random stuff. We got rye flour and molasses for making rye bread (which we will hopefully do tomorrow.) We also got an assortment of nuts. I like nuts. Oh yeah, I am nuts!

Sammy went on a school trip to Chevron and wasn't going to be Home until late so, I stayed up and watched part of the movie from Avi Chai's Bris (there were a few parts that I fast-forwarded through. A little too up-close and personal for me...)

Finally Sammy is Home and I can go to sleep...

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