Sunday, October 16, 2005

This is my 101st post.

Wow! I can't believe I have over 100 posts now. Seems like just yesterday I was sitting around and decided to start my blog. Seeing as my last posting waned poetical and philosophical as well as a bit morbidly depressing, I felt it my duty to fill you in on the rest of the day.

No I did not finish my skirt. I didn't even start the thing. I did destroy and wash (in pieces) my blue ball-gown skirt. The new one will be made eventually but not before chag.

Dinner was early(ish) so that we could head out for our 'quarterly' trip to the old city for a davening spree and ice cream. This Minhag is unofficial - but we used to do it when we came on vacation so now that we live here it seems to make sense that we keep it up.

So, at 20:20 we piled into the car and headed up to Jerusalem. At the Kotel (which was nearly deserted) I got a place right in front of the wall, davened Ma'ariv and all around felt good. Soon after we went to the flags to wait for Daddy. Finally Daddy and Ezri showed up and we headed into the Jewish Quarter to get our ice cream. Treats in hand we made our way back to the car and headed out of the city. However, before we could exit Sha'ar Ha'ashpot a bus turned in and effectively blocked the street. As we waited for him to get out of the way a 'penguin' sort of guy walked up to the car and asked if we could take him 'into the city' - we said sure so he climbed in. A strangely intelectual conversation ensued scattered of course with some major funnyisms. Like "did you live near Long Branch?" and "What kind of school did you go to that you know Hebrew so well? because I once met a girls and she spoke like this 'Ani Lamadisee B'Bais Sayfer...'" We dropped him off Near Nachlaot and headed Home. Sammy and I spent the rest of the ride speaking about the movie Mada-who-ha, the NY Giants, pansies, cookies and flinging poo (see the movie.)

Now Sammy is working on the Sunshiny Yellow Kipa and I am updating doing this - though I am falling asleep at the computer.

Before I go I'd like to post a poem that a certain 'sibling' of mine sent to me. We are having a Dr. Seuss competition and have been exchanging poems and short lines of verse in the style of Dr. Suess. I have received three such entries today but I would like to share the most recent one with you...

"Tzvi's shirt is pink,
Tzvi's shirt does not stink
The best color is yellow,
and Matan is my fellow
I really can't think of anything else to say,
So I'll bid you adieu and have a good day."

Nuu? What do you think? How does it sound? Maybe tomorrown (if I have time) I'll post my poem about Bill and Will.

Until then...


Hinda said...

Nice poem. I would write one about purple and lurple if you want to sound Suess-like!

Chag Sameach, Lorelai!

Chava @~~}~~ said...

Mazal Tov on the over 100 posts!!