Friday, October 07, 2005

The Tzom of Gedaliah...

First things first - I actually remembered that it was a tzom. (That's the first strange thing that happened...)

Headed out to the bus at 7:55 and by 8:10 it actually showed up. It was pretty empty until we got to Big - at which point people swamped the place. Three girls got on so I moved my bag and of course none of them sat next to me. Instead a chayal plops himself down and makes himself comfortable. Now I have no problem sitting next to a guy, but it does start to get sketchyish when he starts to fall asleep and worse he wasn't just a head roller - he was like a 'whole body roller' so I squashed myself against the window and settled in for an interesting ride (at least he didn't drool - right menuch? LoL!!!)

I made it to school right on time. Sat through 4 hours of anatomy and physiology without falling asleep. Heard all about Shosh's 'life goings on' and told her 'bout my chag (see the last two posts...)

After class I headed to the bank to meet Sammy and we walked over to Holy Bagel - to get bagels. But, they didn't look 'bagel-y' so we decided to walk into town and check out the situation at the other Holy Bagel Store. On the way we stopped at our favorite fabric store and I got fabric for a new skirt (which will iy"H be finished in time for Sukkot!) I decided to try something new - a pretty light purple base and a sheer shimmery purply-blueish over-thingy. We'll see how it turns out...

At the Bagel store in town they were out of plain bagels. Go figure. So we headed back to Tachana Merkazit and resigned ourselves to getting un-bagel-y bagels. Back for the second time we tried to calculate how many of each kind we wanted. The two people working in the store did provide some entertainment - the guy was in a good mood and kept making funny comments while the girl was just very confused as to why we only wanted 12 plain bagels if you get 14 in each dozen.

We had just finished paying when we heard "hey look, it's Lori and Sammy Polly - again!" We turned around to see Moshe. (For the second time in two days. This is a strange occurance.) He proceeded to show us his new belts, prove that his new belt was 'real gold' and he even sniffed our bagels for us. (sweet, no? ummm....)

After the Beit Shemesh Reunion in Holy Bagel - Sammy and I headed into TM. We stopped to get Sammy a new skirt (but they didn't have one) so we went upstairs to wait for the bus Home. The ride was devoid of both pancakes and scruffy puppies.

At Home we sliced the bagels, made corn muffins and headed over to Saba and Savta's house.

Break Fast was great fun! We ate bagels and Cream cheese. There was lox and even tuna (though the chopper was being tempermental.) After the meal Mommy drove Daddy to his bored (whoops, I mean board) meeting for the shul and I stopped off at Home to pick up Sammy's computer. Then we headed back to Saba and Savta's to watch Madagascar. The acoustics were not - so we watched more than heard but we got the point anyway.

After the show we piled into the car and headed Home.

And that was it. Another day gone. whoosh...

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