Saturday, October 15, 2005

Unexpected Endings...

So, this post is going to be a random sort of whacked out tale of the odd sorts of things that I've been occupying myself with for the last 24 hours or so. I sincerely apologize in advance, these thoughts are arranged in no particular order and have no real bearing on anyone's reality - save my own unorganized and chaotic mind.

Where to begin? I want to keep this short though I want all of you readers out there to get a feeling for what exactly was going on. Those of you who know me - can probably picture the hows and the faces I made. I'll try to keep it succinct...

Friday Night - Shul, Meal (Dibble ingests half of a bag of marshmellows), Stop at the Zitters to pick up Aviva, Sing with the Sem girls, Walk to Aviv, Meet up with Sara, Meet up with Gabi and his friend Ben, Tzvi shows up, 'get adopted' (congradulate me - I have yet another little brother), Shmooze..., Walk Home and wind up spending another HOUR shmoozing about nothing in the circle, Sleep.

Shabbos Day - Up at 7:30 and made it to shul on time (they changed davening time to the 'winter schedule'), Went Home, Ate lunch (Dibble wants more marshmellows), Went up to the hammock (spent three hours on the hammock reading and 'getting a tan'), Went downstairs to find something to eat (Hinda - I did the stair thing again. Feel free to laugh now.), Brenda and Michal wanted to walk to Sheinfeld so I figured 'what the heck?' (so we walked...), Chilled at Saba and Savta's house (met a neighbor of Savta's, played with K'nex, ate a ton of Chocolate Kariyot), Went home and jumped into the shower (pointless) in a rush because everyone was already out in the circle, Went outside, Listened to Sariel and Gabi playing guitar, got invited to play pool (declined), got invited to go out to eat (declined), got invited to a kumzitz in the forest (YEEHAW! Now we're talking!)

We started making all of the neccesary preparations; food, water, cups, matches, 'bitot' and 'hoomoos' (thanks for the Arabic lesson guys...) Finally we were ready to go. We was; Me, Aviva, Sara, Gabi, (his friend) Ben, Shlomo and Sariel. We reminded the 'other driver' that the van can only go 'so fast' and finally got underway. We went out to the forest and the guys dragged out their stash of wood. The fire was started and we broke out the hot-dogs. ("wait Lola, come back! I'm not a loser, I'm a _____!") Guitars and Darbouka provided entertainment along with the 'how NOT to roast a hot-dog' presentation. At 23:00 the 'big boys' decided to go and by 23:15 we were bored out of our minds so we put out the fire (yes, we double checked it. ok?) and headed Home.

When I walked into the house I was surprised to see Freddie on the sofa. She was ticked at me, though she said she wasn't. I'm confused as to what I did wrong. Granted I didn't invite her (but she's been feeling sick all day and her back hurts so badly that she can't sit in a chair - personally, inviting her to come out and sit on the rocky ground in the middle of a forest didn't seem like an overly intelligent idea to me.) Alas, nothing I do is ever right. At least I enjoyed myself. (Usually it's her going off without a moments notice to have fun or at the least to socialize with other people.)

Strange comments made to me this evening -
"you only have the one cloak?"
"you always have a camera in your bag?"
"what's with the backpack?"
"you coming?"
"would you mind holding my dog for me?" (asked twice - refering to more than one thing.)
"where are we going?"
"what? you don't eat meat? what are you doing here?" (answered by someone else for me "to look at the fire.")
"I thought about you this afternoon my father was saying something about something or other
(I can't remember what or what the connection was) so I told him about you and your Dr. Seuss thing."
"Good point." (this usually isn't strange but it was because of who said it.)

And so, a day that could have been a pathetic waste of time ended on a pretty high note. I got to spend a couple of hours with friends. Lots of laughs and memories to file away for times in the future when I'm sad and need recollections of the past. Nostalgic moments to bring a smile to my face or at the least a sparkle to my eye when things are down.

Thanks Guys! You're the greatest! (and by the way, yeah you, with the deep brown eyes and annoyingly disarming smile - you WILL read 'the' book to me!)

I need to go shower again, I reek of bonfire smoke - taka, it's a comforting smell. On second thought I think I'll just go to sleep.

G'nite all. Tomorrow I will hopefully be making my new purple skirt.

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