Sunday, October 16, 2005


Woke up at 6:10. Went downstairs at 7:00. Today was supposed to be 'make a skirt for chag' day. I realized I didn't have thread to make the skirt so, I walked with Daddy to Merkaz. We dropped off something at the bank then headed over to the 'notions' store. I managed to get thread for the shiny outer skirt but there was no lighter purple for the laverdary/lilacish color. Fine, so Daddy and I walked Home but we decided that if we were out we might as well take a looong walk. We shmoozed about cell phones and bills, bumped into Aaron Igvey (who is very busy building the rest Bet Shemesh and fixing up and adding to what is already in existence.)

Finally we got Home and I moved the coffe table, swept the floor, got the pins and scissors (the scissors were actually my great-grandmother's. She was a lefty and I am the only lefty of all of the great-grandchildren or grandchildren for that matter. So, Savta presented me with the scissors. They are an amazing gift, I truly do appreciate them. They are very sharp and handle well. They cut through material without hesitation. No more snagging and jagged cutting for me!) so as I was saying, I got everything prepared, Spread the material out on the floor folded the brown skirt that I'm using as my pattern and lay it on top of the material and...

Well, I guess last time I got material to make a skirt I got 3 meters. However, I only bought 2.5 meters this time. So, the wrap idea was a no go. I decided to make a different type of skirt. What kind? a new ballgown maybe? Fine. Only problem, ballgown skirts have darts, waistbands and zippers and are made of more than one piece. Already things were getting complicated. In addition I didn't have a zipper and even worse - in order to make it I needed a pattern which meant simply that I would need to completely dis-assemble my favorite blue ball-gown skirt and never be able to wear it again. Now, granted it looks like garbage and is falling apart but I love this skirt so the thought of taking a seam-ripper to it nearly broke my heart. Fine, in a stony and stoic silence I set myself to the task. Rip, remove, open - repeat. Finally I had it in pieces. Then I realized that there was yet another forgotten step, I needed to wash and iron all of the pieces or the edges would not be clear for tracing and cutting.

So, now I'm really getting discouraged. I don't know what I'm doing though I know in theory what is supposed to be done. I will most deffinitely not have a new skirt for yom tov and in addition there's nobody to read me a story. I'm having such issues that the annoying twitch in my eye came back. It's ugly and annoying and I'm feeling fat. (I'm laughing now thinking of how cliche'd that sounded.) Nonetheless - my deep thoughts for today are quite significant. They are in no way original or under-used. In fact they are probably two of the more over-used ideas. 'Things are always so much easier in theory'. - so, whaddaya think? do you agree? Easier to want to call than to call. Easier to imagine what you could have said than actually making a fool of yourself and saying it. Easier to want something than to get up and get it or do it. And along with this comes the age-old idea that 'The biggest risk is not taking one' - you might as well try because what's the worst that happens? things don't work out? And on the optimistic side you never know - things may work out better than you expected.

I guess life really is a great balancing act. So take wise risks and as my favorite author says at the end of 'My Uncle Terwilliger on the Art of Eating Popovers.'

"And as you partake of the world's bill of fare,
that's darned good advice to follow.
Do a lot of spitting out the hot air
and be careful what you swallow."
(*Theodor Geisel in his speech to the Lake Forest College graduating class of 1977.)

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