Thursday, October 13, 2005

Yom Kippur...

Quick summary of erev 'chag?' (can one call it a chag? it's really not. it's a yom-tov. so we decided to say yom-tov-tov.) Cleaned and cooked for seudat hamafseket. ate seudat hamafseket. went to shul for Kol Nidre. Thought I would go to sleep but wound up shmoozing with Vivi and Menucha. (I would write something else here - but then I would get funny comments and questions from my parents who like to check out my blog when they have nothing else to do...) went inside. went back outside cause I saw people in the circle - it was Sammy and she was talking with Tamir and Tzvi. I was shlepping the UK pictures around with me (again) and somehow we wound up looking through them. As strange things like this tend to go - somehow we wound up sitting in our bedroom until 23:30 and talking about THE most random things. (Though amusingly enough - I found another one willing to make a fool of themself for the sake of my sadistic sense of entertainment. To be fair - I did ask him if he wanted to read a story first. It's not my fault that I wanted to hear Fox in Socks (or is it?) *Random Side Note to Self - I WILL get Shlomo to read it outloud at some point in time.* Finally they left (taking Catch 22 and The Hobbit with them.) Sammy and I retired to our room where I read Sammy a bed-time story 'Scrambled Eggs Super' and then we went to sleep.

YOM KIPPUR DAY. Well, Shul started at 7:40 and we were there at 7:38. YES! But Emmy beat us anyway. Davening was looong but strangely enough the fast was (b"H) very easy. I managed to stand for all of Chazarat Hashat'z in shacharit, mussaf, mincha and neilah. (Incidentally, I'm sitting now and trying get feeling back in my feet.) There was an hour and a half break between mussaf and mincha so we went Home. I was trying to say as much of Tehillim as I could and thankfully I got offers to help from friends. Between Brenda, Aviva, Sammy and myself we managed to finish Sefer Tehillim. We weren't sure if we were going to make it but b"H we did it! After Ma'ariv we headed home. Broke our fast with our friend Jonnie Walker and Mr. L came over too. At 8:20 Sammy and I walked Menucha to the bus-stop where we met Tzvi (again.) Spent twenty minutes regaling each other with pointless blitherings, I gave him my e-mail address so that he can send me the link to the 'good' Harry Potter Fan Fiction (I should probably just SMS Harel and ask for it, but that would be much too easy. Oh yeah, I could ask Tamir too. But where would the fun be in that? Better this way - LoL! Next time I see him I'll be like, "so dude, what's that URL again?") Though I must admit I was a bit shocked - I apologized for the whole humiliating Fox in Socks episode and I think he was mocking me when he said "no, it was fun. I liked it, I want to memorize it." (hmmmm... anyone else smell traces of sarcasm and mockery? or is it just me?)

Now we're waiting for Daddy to get back from buying Lulavim and Etrogim so that we can finish building the sukkah. I love Sukkot. Have I ever mentioned that? The weather this time of year is perfect (it usually doesn't rain) and it's not too hot, but it also isn't cold (no bundling up in coats and eating acorn soup in the rain for us!)

Also, Sammy and I are supposed to clean up our room (or should I say clean out our room?) I need to re-organize all of my tchatchkes and organize the books. Sitting here and looking at my book-cases I'm realizing that I really do have a sizeable library. I just wish that there were a bit more variety in the genres. 93% fantasy 2% high school 'summer reading' 1% horror and mystery 1% fiction 3% kids and Dr. Seuss. I happen to love fantasy but I think I need to read some more of the classics.

Watch out Shakespeare - Here I come...

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Hinda said...

Hey Lorelai! Glad you had a "good time" on Yom Kippur! I was thinking of you tonight, because I made your half and half challah recipe! And let me tell house smells GOOOOOOOOD! (Which is a rare occurrence)
Shabbat Shalom!