Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Didn't sleep well. As soon as Shoshana starts to complain about her mosquito bites - I start to get bitten. So, at 1:50 when I heard the sound of 'bzzzzz'ing in my ear I got out of bed and moved to the couch, where I spent the remainder of the night.

I was up early and we went out to Zol Po to do some 'stock'-shopping. We bought a case of seltzer (12 bottles) and figured that it would last us a while. However, we already managed to finish one bottle today. I'm not sure how.

Work was crazy. I sent out the wrong proposal last night (whoops), I hung up on somebody (whoops), I did filing of papers and of newspapers, I got dication from all 3 bosses and sent something UPS all by myself (almost.) On the bright side, I CAN go to America without fear of getting fired, I will start working Thursdays from 14:00 until 17:30 at some week in the near future, I saved things in the right places and I think I am getting the hang of all this 'work'ing stuff.

I made dinner (which is something new) and I did laundry (which is still wet) Mommy and Daddy are back in the country (which is good) and Sammy is too busy studying to watch a movie with me (which is sad)

I am going Home tomorrow! I am very excited! I get all of my presents from A-merry-cah!

Maybe I will watch Dr. Strangelove tonight. I feel like it would be good for 'mind-numbing-relaxation' plus it reminds me of Daddy and the 'good ole' days'

Yep I think that's the ticket -

A cup of coffee, some medicine (so I don't pass out from the pain incurred by drinking coffee), my teddy bears (and lion), and some wafers (or chocolate tea-biscuits - depending on what I can find...)

Sounds good, no?

There's always room for one more, come on over...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Next to Pot...

Ok, so I'll admit it. I am uncivilized and uncouth. Truth be told, I see nothing wrong with drinking my soup straight out of the pot. It is a one quart pot and there is only one bowl worth of soup - I figure, why dirty a bowl?

Sassy did sleep over last night, but by the time she arrived I was already asleep. I neglected to inform her that I had changed my password - so I think she actually slept. :)

This morning I started 'cleaning up' my computer. I defrag-ed, I compressed, I deleted Temp. files and I tried to figure out which processes were running without any real cause or need.

Work was crazy. I amused my co-workers by labeling a folder in my folder 'sort me' (I was subsequently informed by my boss, that I am never, under ANY circumstances, allowed to put things in there.), I took short-hand dictation from two people at once, I typed - retyped and retyped a proposal (about 5 times.) AND I managed to amuse and entertain the UPS guy. (I think that when he comes to our office, it really is the highlight of his day. I mean between Feige flipping out and me well, just being my hyper-active self - let's just say he gets a few good laughs out of us. On the other hand, we really are VERY lucky that he is such a nice, helpful and patient guy.)

Amazingly enough, I left the office by 19:10 and it was so nice out that I decided to walk (like I usually do...) Somehow by 19:33 I was at the last light on the main road. How did it take me 23 minutes to walk from Davidka to Kiryat Moshe? Does anybody have any idea? I wasn't even out of breath. I mean, truthfully - I'm not sure if 23 minutes is quick or slow... but still it's the principle of the thing.

If you are wondering about the title of this post, well you see, I drank my second 'chicken soup' from the freezer. Yes, I drank it straight out of the pot - though, I did use a spoon. And now, guess where I am sitting... (for all you dense, thick, slow-witted people out there - please see the title of the post.) Honestly though, it was delicious! I really appreciate the fact that Mommy made it for me. It's so yummy and filling - and perfect after a 'stressful' day at the office.

So, like I've been saying the last few days -

They want me to work Thursdays and are working out the details now. But, I don't know when they want me to start. And have i mentioned, I DON'T WANT TO WORK ON THURSDAYS?!?!?!!

Oh yeah, and for the 'grand finale' can you guess what I still don't know...?

Can I take off to go to America?

Still 'undecided'...

More information to follow.

Na'h L'hamtin...


Monday, November 28, 2005

Woe Whoa Wow...

As I sit here and contemplate many things, please allow me the pleasure of filling you in on 'what I did today.'

Shalom, Pirsum B'tikshoret - Nah L'hamtin...

Ok. So this phrase runs through my mind every time that I hear a phone ring. It is starting to get annoying. On the bright side, making an arse of myself on the phone is strating to get easier. Today I had to call about four random people and 'get them on the line' for my boss - of course whilst I was getting ahold of them, my boss started making other phone calls... Yeah, let's just not go there.

In class we learned three and a half new moves. She classified them as four but I only saw three and a half. We are still working on the back. Now we know the full efflorage, 'warming circles', full fanning, working the deltoid under the shoulderblades, 'petrosage', 'rubbing' and 'squeezing' (those are as close to 'translations' that I can think of. Even if I tried I don't think I could come up with any better names for the moves.) I practiced with someone new today. She is sweet and lives in RBS, so she suggested that maybe sometime we should get together to practice. I might just take her up on the offer, she has the cutest little baby boy.

And out of curiousity - is it conceivable that we learned something in three classes and that there was one person who was present in all three classes and 'didn't understand' it in all three classes and asked questions and wasted time in all three classes? Is this person slow, stupid or dense? Does she really not understand or is she trying to seem intelligent by asking so many questions? I really wish that I knew.

After leaving the office (twenty minutes late) I met up with Menucha (who had been chilling with her sister Sarah.) We caught a bus back to TM where we met up with Sammy. We proceeded to Holy Bagel for some dinner and I wound up shmoozing with Sammy until 20:40ish. Then she went to catch her bus, and I went back to the apartment.

So back at the ranch, I had two surprise visitors waiting for me. Idena Finklestein and Debbie Biren were sitting in my apartment when I walked in. It was amazingly great to see them! I mean, I haven't seen or spoken to Idena in forever and Debbie is getting MARRIED soon!!!!

After a second reminder from Sammy, I finally gave in and called Saba and Savta to wish them Happy Anniversary. It seems Eli is 'sick' and so he is Home from school now. They had Chinese for dinner and Brenda is making the 'wrong' kind of sugar cookies.

Sassy is comming over after class. I think that she is sleeping over. But, I'm really not sure.

All in all today was great. I saw friends, I socialized, I felt good in my own skin. It's nice when people remember that you exist and take it a step further and call you on get in touch with you, or make an effort at least. I dunno, it makes me feel good anyway.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. That means, if I make it through tomorrow and Wednesday, then a 'quick' class on Thursday - that I get to go Home again! AND see MOMMY and DADDY!!!

I wonder when my boss thinks I'm going to start working on Thursdays.

Not this week, I hope.

Speaking of which - I still don't know whether or not I can go to America...

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Gosh-Darned Fashtunkenah Pancakes...

Reflexology - learned the eyeballs and talked about getting peas stuck up noses.

Work - didn't actually do much. I did do some work for the 'seminar' and answered the phone. I went with Feige to the post-office (for the second time) and next time, I will have to go on my own... (I am dreading it.)

I still don't have a 'final answer' about my trip/vacation time. The head-boss wasn't in today, so I didn't even have the chance to ask again.

Oh yeah, and they really NEED for me to work on Thursdays. At least until 17:30 or 18:00 (meaning 18:30 or 19:00 - in 'office lingo.') I don't know what to do. I mean, I could technically do it - work from 14:00 until 17:30/18:00. In the long run, all it means is less 'relaxation time' and less time at Home and more money.

Who knew I cared about the money? go figure.

In other news, the stupid pancake (who I don't even know!) doesn't eat proccessed food on Pesach! Give me a break! Dude, what is up with that?!!??!!?!

And out of curiousity, how did this come up in the course of a civil conversation?

Even more random - would it even be possible?

Am I dreaming?

Ok, back to the 'real world', I shall continue my pancake-less existence (and continue to eat on Pesach...) I shall keep attending classes, going to work and praying that Sassy would work up the courage to bring Home the cute med. student for me... :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

He Bit My Leg - Why? - Because He Thought it was Funny!

Ok, so here is the summary of one of the most traumatic Shabbatot that I have had in a looooong while. prepare, shul, eat, sleep, shul, eat, sleep, back to Jerusalem. That was for the purpose of not boring you and keeping things neat and succint as far as summarizing goes.

Please allow me to mention briefly some of the interesting facts that were reaffirmed to me by my doting Grandmother -
#1. I am NOT as sweet as Raquel.
#2. I am NOT short, cute, pretty, thin and petite like Raquel.
#3. I am NOT talented like Raquel.
#4. I am NOT brilliant or evenly remotely intelligent like Raquel.
#5. I am NOT sympathetic like Raquel.
#6. I am NOT organized like Raquel.
#7. I am NOT capable of controlling my siblings like Raquel.
#8. I am NOT popular like Raquel.
#9. I am NOT hard-working like Raquel.

Basically - I am not, never was and never will be Raquel.

Unbelievably enough, I am not petty enough to be bitter about this. So, now that I have gotten it down in writing, I will proceed to forget it and continue to live my life and make myself the best ME that I can be.

On Friday morning we went out to Lamed Hey to get chicken - they brought out my favoritest shnitzels (hot and freshly fried!!) - so I had a deeelicious breakfast for the second week in a row. Sammy and Raizi didn't go to Shabbat Chevron after all. Sammy stayed Home to help keep me sane and Raizi slept over. It was quiet. Very quiet. Sammy made the yummiest 'minestrone' (tomato) soup that I have ever eaten. She also made deli roll with my favoritest kind of deli - so I ate well this Shabbos.

After Shabbos we watched 'Robin Hood - Men in Tights' and then I put the Dibble into bed. I read him a book called 'Poems to Read to the Very Young' - Daddy used to read it to me, but Avi had never seen it before. (So, Ha! I did get my poetry reading after all - though I had to do all of the reading...)

Then I went out and caught a bus back to the city. And now, I'm back, 'In my flat - on the road - where the cars never stop going through the night...' (-Dido)

Tomorrow a new week begins. Three classes - four days of work and then I get to go Home again. On the bright side - iy"H - next time that I am Home, Mommy and Daddy will be there too!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Average Human Brain is 70% Fat...

See? You learn something new every single day.

Anatomy - if you couldn't tell from the title.

Ran to catch the 13:20 bus, and I made it JUST in time!

At Home I worked on my skirt. It took hours, many interruptions and a lot of patience - but, I am now the proud owner of a bubble-gum-pink wrap skirt.

Tova came over to do some laundry, Sammy and Brenda picked up a felafel for me on the way Home and an hour and a half later we ordered Burgers Bar for dinner.

I am feeling stuffed and overstuffed and (like a neopet) - Bloated!!!! Well, I hope the 'swelling' goes down by tomorrow so that I can fit into Sammy's shirt that I want to wear with my new skirt.

Ok, I've got to go make some pretty earrings to match with my new outfit! Brenda is letting me use her cool bead kit thing.

I am sooo excited - IY"H - I'm gonna see Hinda and Chava in America when I land!!!!!! YAYYAYAYYYY!!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing them! Have I mentioned how excited I am?!?!?!!??!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Apartment is Haunted.

So, I woke up this morning at 4:30 - there was a lot of banging and the wind was 'whooshing' in through the cracks in the window-frames and under all of the door-jambs. I was warm though - so i stayed in bed until a little after nine. Shosh went out for a 'job interview' (of sorts) and I decided to work on my Bubble-gum-pink skirt.

But first - a scary story...

The 'sukkah roof' on the big mirpeset disappeared. The bed-frame resting against the wall was being bounced all over the place and making a racket. As soon as I realized that the roof was missing I e-mailed Daddy and texted Sammy and Shosh. But - as soon as Shosh called back, I went over to check out the situation and lo and behold - the roof was back. So, I was forced to send out a 'false alarm' message to everyone. I'm telling you - that roof wasn't there and then suddenly it was back. (I think Jimmy is following me. It's a little freaky.)

Work - well, my boss it back. The office was insane. When I walked in two phones were ringing and three people called for me to come take 'dictation' from them. What did I do wrong today? hung up on somebody, called the wrong extension, sent out an e-mail to an editor and NOT the 'ad' contact and I think that I forgot to turn off the lights in the front room when I left. All I can say is, I hope I remembered to double lock the office. Oh yeah, I worked until 20:00 - hehehe, riiiight. And I still don't have an answer from my boss. (No comment.)

On the way Home, in front of the shuk a guy crossed the street and was walking down Yafo (just like me.) However, because I happen to have a long stride (especially after 6 hours of insane physical/mental labor) I was pretty much keeping pace with him. So, he kept glancing at me as if to say "why are you following me?" I knew I was freaking him out, so I hurried a little (more) to get ahead of him - of course then we both got stopped at the light. I was very tempted to say something along the lines of "I'm not following you" but stopped myself. Then passing TM he disappeared. And so it may be recorded - yet another scruffy puppy gets away.

Because it was so late, I met Shosh while waiting for the lights to change on the main street at the K'nisat Ha'Ir. We stopped at the makolet to pick up Shokos and Ice-pops. Bow-wreck-ahs for dinner and a chocolate birthday cupcake for dessert.

And still I am noshy.
I think I'll eat some Doritos.

On a random note - I don't think I lost ANY weight this week. All I did was eat junk food. I haven't done that since we lived in America. Hmmmmm, I guess I'll have to go on a diet next week - or I might not fit into Sammy's shirt that I want to wear for the wedding.

and a BIG sigh of relief - it is finally Wednesday. No work tomorrow, Anatomy with Dr. Dror and I get to go HOME!! YAY!!!

This evening's words of Caution: Never rip your Sartorius.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's only TUESDAY?!?!?!111

As I sit here and ingest copious amounts of potato chips with ketchup and listen to my 'rainy day' mix of music - allow me to fill you in on my activities of today...

Well, I woke up at 7:00. I didn't have anything to do so I read an excerpt of Guy Gavriel Kay's "A Song for Arbonne" (I am officially obsessed with Kay's writing! He has such a knack for being able to weave everything seamlessly together. I also love how in the middle of a story he will be able to veer totally off topic and tell the story of someone else beginning to end in under a page and yet, it still somehow ties into the 'big picture.')

I bummed around and didn't do anything interesting (aside from laundry) until about 13:20 when I headed out to work.

Have I mentioned the fact that when I left the apartment, I honestly believed that today was Wednesday?

At work, there wasn't much to do. I finished up the 'portfolio organization' project that I started last week and I attempted to create a 'form' (for the simple collection of data from clients.) I also filed the newspapers in the newspaper box, got out of going down to the post-office (which scares me) and played solitaire.

No, I still do not have an answer as to whether or not I can take off in less than a month to go to America. Well, I am going regardless. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow. (Wishful thinking?)

It wasn't raining today so I was able to walk to and from work. It's so refreshing and invigorating plus, I am in better shape than I have been for a looong while - at least in the last 4 years. I mean, the best exercise I was getting in high school was on 'swim team' and I haven't been swimming seriously since eleventh grade. (Let's not mention the fact that even though my muscles were serious I was also 'bigger' (shall we say?)) hehehe... let's not go there.

So, here I am. For dinner I ate my Mommy's deeeelicious Home-made, specially packaged, just for me, chicken soup(er)!! (Get it?) and now I'm snacking on (as I mentioned before) - potato chips and ketchup.

I think I am going to go and watch The Princess Diaries II. (I saw the first one last night. And while Michael is cute in a scruffy and needing a haircut way, I am basically mezmerized by the amazing blue eyes of the guy (I don't rememeber the actor's name or the character's either) in the second movie. Well, he just so happens to have stunningly blue eyes.

And though I am 'over' my 'blue-eyed' kick - I can still appreciate them.

I think now-a-days I'm more into the 'puppy dog browns' - the really dark and deep ones. So much mystery hehehe. ok, I'm starting to sound sappy. I'm gonna stop now.

To do:
Wash the dishes
Wash my feet
Watch a movie

See? I've got it all under control.


Monday, November 21, 2005


Massage class... Learned the first three basic moves of the back. Yes, we are now officially working on the back. The best part of class was when I decided to ask my teacher if there was any relief that she could give to my shoulder (which was in PAIN thanks to my Shabbos afternoon activities.) Well, she said "sure" and proceeded to poke and massage the pain away! It was GREAT and now it doesn't hurt anymore!! :)

It was raining today (A Lot) so I bussed to the office (for the first time EVER.) I was given lots of work to keep me busy and even got a 'project' to manage. (Yes, that is a 'wow' thing.) I wonder - do I come off as a 'push-over' or a 'goody-goody' or as someone to be 'walked all over' and sent around to do stupid errands (like: "can you go find that because I don't have the energy to?" or "you do it, because you might as well/I don't want to.") I don't think so but maybe I'm too close to the situation? I suppose I should amuse them nonetheless. So, I do the stuff - but I hate feeling like a shmata. And I think it's understandable.

After work I headed back to the apartment. I walked because it wasn't raining (too hard.) I met Menucha near TM, stopped at the bakery to get breakfast and dessert (which I ate while waiting for Shosh - which would explain why we didn't have dessert...) and then we went back to the apartment together. I put dinner into the oven and shmoozed/entertained Menucha (well, I drove her crazy at least, with my incessant chatter and what-not.)

Now, we are waiting for Sassy to get here. She will be coming after class and sleeping over (cause it's her night off and she loves spending her nights off with ME!!)

Daddy e-mailed me from A Merry Ca. I wonder if they are having fun.

On a bright side (can it be called a bright side, you be the judge...) I don't have to waste energy washing the black rings of JeruSlime off of my feet tonight, because I held my skirt up (because it was raining and I didn't want to be all wet) so it didn't drag on the ground and so didn't make me all dirty. YAY!

I can't believe I am going to The States in a little over 20 days. Oh yeah, my boss still hasn't told me whether or not I can go...


ummm, yeah.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

There's a New Sign in the Elevator. I Hope it's Nothing Important...

Woke up at 7:30 and realized that if I wanted to say g'bye to Mom and Dad that I needed to get up fast. So I did.

In class it was officially decided - my teacher likes me. I was the 'dummy' today - meaning, I got a free foot massage (I'm certainly not complaining...) I also found out that on Sundays class is supposed to end at 13:30 and not at 12:30 like I had thought. In reality that doesn't mean anything except that I will probably need to go straight from class to work on Sundays.

Speaking of going to work - I missed three busses and wound up walking and only got there 5 minutes late anyway. My boss isn't back yet BUT the 'head boss' is back so I went to speak to him about my needing to take off a few days for the wedding in December. I didn't get a real yes or no and was told to come back tomorrow. I think he got the impression that if he wanted to fire me then he could fire me and that I would be cool with that. (Not that I want to be fired. It's just that - it's not in my control anymore. This is one of those things that I put in G-d's hands. See? I'm learning to relax and trust in Him. He knows what He is doing and so, I am not afraid to let Him drive.)

Work was quiet, aside from successfully filing a stack of papers, being yelled at by someone and learning the where's, who's and how's of the post-office I did nothing. Granted, there were sporatic periods of chaos and screaming but that is the usual office stuff. At least I didn't hang up on anyone today. (And yes, the phones still scare me.)

On the way home I stopped at the shuk (first visit of the week) and at home Shosh had dinner waiting for me. After eating we went out to do some quick shopping (wafers and grape syrup...)

This week is going to be one of those 'never-ending story' things. I can tell. Mommy and Daddy are not in the country, Saba and Savta are watching the kids, My boss doesn't want to let me take time off to go to America and to top it all off - Sammy won't be Home for Shabbos. Again.

Even worse - nobody will be around for Shabbos. I mean, there will be people around but not people that I can just stam sit around and chill with in my PJs. You know - 'chilled chilling.'

It's going to be so sad.

But the absolute worst is knowing that there is someone in this country who could make it bearable - could make it enjoyable and realizing that they just don't give a darn and that they don't realize that you are alive.

Heartwarming, huh?

Pray there is a pancake for me in A Merry Ca.

In the meantime - I shall be busy scrubbing the Jeru-slime off of my feet...

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Lice, Lewdness and Lunacy...

A Summary of Shabbat Parshat Vayeira...

Friday night I spoke to Ora and then after the meal Sammy and I walked to Aviv to visit Raizi. However, Raizi was already asleep so we headed out to Sheinfeld. We figured we could visit Shani. Luckily, Shani was home and so were the rest of her siblings. All I can say is - it is refreshing to be able to go to someone else's house and see that they are really very similar to your own family. I mean, that in a VERY good way! It's nice to be able to go and visit with people who have no problem just sitting around on the kitchen floor with ALL of their siblings. (Granted, some of us weren't sitting and some people got a little more comfortable, but hey - it's their kitchen.) We were 'entertained' and amused and personally, I enjoyed our visit. It was well worth the walk.

Shabbos morning I made it to Shul on time. The meal was milchig. Mommy made onion soup and left it on the plata. Yum! After eating we sat around I psychoanalysed me. We came to the conclusion that there is NO such thing as 'normal' and that I am OCD with ADD. I dunno, it was pretty sketchy. I looked through a 'diagnostic' questionaire and answered yes to a big chunk of the questions (though I am still confused about what being left-handed or ambidextrous has to do with having ADD.)

After bentching Sammy and I got comfy on the couch (like in London, only not...) and just as I fell asleep there was a knock on the door. Suffice it to say, I spent the remainder of Shabbos in the Ampi. We played catch with a 'real' football, played frisbee (or not) and I did a lot of sitting.

Shabbos ended and I went out with Daddy to Super-Pharm to pick up some 'lice removal shampoo' - (I'm not telling you this for any reason, or to publicize it. I mean, in this country, it's like... well, it's like something you just do and then it's done. It's not a 'big deal') If you were to ask the Dibble about what he's suffering from he would tell you 'fleas' - but allow me to fill you in... it's not fleas, but it itches the same. We were in a rush so we didn't stop in at the book-store to pick up my dictionary. (I guess learning Hebrew will have to wait till Mommy and Daddy get back from America.)

Sammy wouldn't come with me to Jerusalem so I went all by myself. On the bus I listened to the soundtrack from 'Les Mis' - It wasn't particulary soothing but it worked nonetheless. Now I have Fontaine's song stuck in my head "But the tigers come at night, with their voices soft as thunder. As they tear your hope apart. As they turn your dreams to shame." *Sigh*

And As the Dibble ran around crazily, the Moonbeam shouted, "Help!!! He's trying to hit me with his Toothbrush!!"

Friday, November 18, 2005

Funyun Soup...

I went to Lamed Hey with Mommy and Saba and Savta. It was early, it was good.

I got my favoritest breakfast there. Freshly fried shnitzels and the spaghetti with their 'special' sauce. Needless to say, I ate it on the way Home so as not to make my siblings jealous. (I think I made up for not eating last night, and you know what? It was waaaaaay better than what they had at that stuffy restaraunt. )

I baked defective 'crinkle cookies' - I call them defective because all of the powdered sugar dissappeared and they look like chocolate cookies with strep throat.

So, Shabbos is coming - I really really hope that it's a good one. There are people that I want to see, places that I want to go and things that I want to do. I hope I at least manage to do some of the stuff.

Have A Splendiferous Shabbos...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another Familial Disaster...

Well, I hate to say it. Honestly, I dread the thought but - I told you so.

Ok, so I didn't actually tell you anything yet - and therein lies the key word. That little yet. It absolutely makes or breaks the entire purpose of the post. You see, if I continue to ramble and explain the importance that one small word's meaning then I could run you in circles and still you would have no idea - what I was talking about.

And Yet, I have the strangest of desires to fill you in on the activities of my day and let you know exactly how I am feeling as I type this. However, due to the fact that action on my part such as I just described would be wholely inappropriate - I am forced to give you an extremely diluted version of "The Nightmare on Haneviim Street."

Truth be told, it was a pretty good day. Was up all night trying to cope with friends mental issues (that are not in my control, but that I felt bad about nonetheless.) Slept for four hours, Went to Anatomy class (where we finished muscles and moved on to the nervous system.) After class I ate lunch and played on the computer.

I also spent a few hours driving Shosh completely insane and insisting that we straighten up the entire apartment. I had good reason though - Saba and Savta were FINALLY going to see my apartment. They've been here since August and still they have never been in my apartment. So like I was saying, I drove Shosh up the wall and you know what happened? My family (as usual) was running late - so after getting Shosh into a bad mood by cleaning and re-cleaning everything and making her feel like she doesn't clean well enough for my standards (which is not true) Well, guess what happened? You betcha! They didn't even get out of the car. Not to be mean, selfish, judgemental, jealous or spiteful - but, had it been any one of my cousin's apartments I have no doubt that extra effort would have been made to go and see what their 'living conditions' are like. Well, I suppose that is the price I must pay for living in America where everything is easy and comfortable whilst my good cousins dwell in the uncivilized dung heap that is Israel.

It was already 18:30 when we headed over to the restaraunt, and our cousin's were not even there yet. (Let us not mention the fact that they knew that they would be running late but neglected to inform us.) So, we sat around and waited for them. The eatery had a nice ambiance and was basically an 'all you can eat-Brazilian style-cow/turkey-fest'. Aside from the fact that there was nothing for me to eat (they brought out cow in so many forms I didn't know where to begin. So I decided to start by pulling out my anatomy notes and doing a quick review of 'connective tissue' and 'striated muscle.' - When they brought out the spits of chicken wings I continued on to the 'bone structure' and 'joints') it was going pretty well. Until my uncle started acting like himself and suddenly there we were and it was 21:30 at night and they are still eating cow! Then we had to have the 'speeches' which had to be 'video-taped' for the express purpose of future blackmail of those of us who were taped.

At about 21:45 my father asked my uncle if we could 'speed things up' - though I must admit, he phrased it very nicely and politely. The response he received was "me and my boys are not done eating yet." as he called over a waitress and put in an order for yet another round of wings, roast beef and turkey.

Finally at 22:45 the boys decided that they were done eating so we bentched and headed to the car. Funny thing is - we got to the restaraunt at 18:30 and were eating by 19:15. How in G-d's Holy name did it take them until 22:45 (of constant eating) to become 'satiated'?!?!!

There was a 'view' - but they left early on. At least I enjoyed it while I could. After that I put my I-pod to good use and listened to a mix of 3 Doors Down, Linkin Park and Rob Thomas.

We pulled up to the house at midnight.
All I could think was - "bed, sleep, rejuvenation..."
But - first thing I did was "Blog."
It's like an obsession. What can I say? I just want to keep you guys updated. Hope I haven't bored you too much.

On the bright side, I did get some exciting news today - when we land in America, our itinerary goes something along the lines of 'go through customs, retrieve luggage, pick up rental car, drive to Dougies, EAT!, go to where-ever it is that we are staying and depending on the hour - either sleep or go out to Barnes and Noble.' I am SO excited! We are going to have a great time!

Random Number for the night 147. Ok Menucha? That's the official 'status report' for this week. Is it good? Yes and no. You know why. I shan't explain that here. Feel Good. I love you!

Deep Thoughts Caused by Sleep Deprivation...

In my heart I am an Idealist.
In my mind I am a Perfectionist.

In my actions I am a Realist.

Maybe the key lies is knowing what is within acheivable boundaries.

Do not in any way limit yourself, you are capable of much more than you think.

However, you must understand that you are working within certain laws - certain parameters. There is only so much that you can do.

Like we learned -
"For Every Problem Under the Sun - There is a Solution or There is None
If There's One, Find It - If There's None, Never Mind It."

At some point - it is out of our hands.

May we have the Clarity to know when we are at that point, the Wisdom to know from whence everything comes and the Strength to let it go.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Randomness - Moshe Called...

Woke up early and put up a pot of potato soup for dinner. I figured that if I made it in the morning then when I got home from work that I could heat it up and *poof* insta-dinner! Best part, with the extra potatos I made breakfast! 2 meals in one. Brilliant, no?

Real Continental Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs (Super) and Hash-browns.

Then I got a random out of the blue 'thank you' phone call. It was strange but good, and now I can say that I've spoken to Moshe this month.

At work I was supremely bored - though I tried to enjoy, because I know that this will NOT be happening again any time in the near future. The Bosses will be back next time I am there and things will be HECTIC up the wad-zoo.

I you want to know exactly what I did today then read the next paragraph otherwise skip it and continue...
I spent my time at work re-organizing newspaper supplements and turning black from newsprint, staring at the accountant's kippa (swirls of all sorts of pretty colors - blue, pink, purple, gray...) And I filed stuff and proof-read a 16 pages list of addresses.
I left the office early and walked home. I put up dinner, dranksome coffee and waited for Shosh. We ate together and then the FUN started.
I managed to e-mail Sammy, talk to Deborah, tick off Sassy, figure out what to wear (with Tzvi's help), IM with Brenda, Amuse Shosh and make my butt go numb from sitting in front of the computer for so darned long!
All I can say is - I multi-task well. Very well. But, there is a limit for everybody.
I know, I have patience to sit and roll snail cookies - People have told me that I have the patience of an 'angel' but come on - sometimes...
I need some major pain killer dosage - my temples are throbbing and I'm light-headed.
Watch out Advil, here I come...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And Then It Was Gone...

Work - well, I did follow up on the e-mails that I spent two hours sending on Sunday. I filed. I made new dividers and I stared at the ceiling.

Made it back to the apartment by 7:05, and Sassy and Shosh were chilling. So, we ate dinner! Yay! Three cheers for dinner! (Shosh convinced me to get some Deli this morning, and I stopped off at the bakery and got some rolls on the way home from work - and we even had potato chips!)

I had all-around productive day. We went food shopping, I was at the shuk (I feel like I am there every day. Oh yeah, I am.), I worked, I walked, I ate, I practiced my 'homework' for massage, I cleared all of the clothes off of the table in my room and put them back into the closet and I even gave Shosh all of my clothes to wash (which she did, which I appreciate!! - Though they are going to take 3 days to dry. Harumph!)

I just got great news that a friend of mine is coming to visit me soon!

Strange News for the night - a lady speeding down Ben-Tzion drove into the yield sign and somehow flung it down the street and then rammed head-on into a street-light. She was in the car alone, and seems to be fine aside from being shaken up. Police, Hatzala and an ambulance took a good 15 minutes to show up. I guess it's good that nobody was hurt.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week - hope it's quiet. My boss is coming back on Thursday and things are going to get pretty hectic. I guess I am excited but still, it's nice to be getting paid for doing easy stuff - once you really have to work, it's a pain. Am I crazy or do you understand?

Never mind, I'm crazy...

And So It Goes...


Woke up at 7 as usual, waited around till 8:15 to wake up Sassy, figured out how to put a cool new 'shmidjet' into my sidebar and waited for Shosh to wake up so that we could go out grocery shopping.

We walked all the way to Zol Po and at the door the guy was like "we don't open until 11:00." Dude, it's only 10:15 - shoot! What to do? So, we walked down to Zol L'mehadrin. The stuff is a little more expensive, but personally I would rather pay a little extra and have food to eat than be 'penny-pinching' and have empty fridge and cupboards.

Shosh is busy now with scrubbing out the shower-bathroom. She is sterilizing the bathtub and making it 'clean' - which I do appreciate, because that means that I can take a shower in a clean bathroom! Yay! Very exciting.

Because it is only 12:00, I have an hour and twenty minutes until I have to head out to work. Hopefully today will be easy, I know I'll be spending a good hour at least making new binders for files and labeling dividers. I will also be filing all of the papers that are sitting around the office in menacing mountains or 'paperwork.'

Spoke to Daddy last night and the thing is like this... I will be going on a trip. (Great and fantastic? Not really, but it will be interesting.) I am making a 4ish day trip to America. Leaving Israel on Dec. 15th and returning on Dec. 19th. It is going to be insane! We are basically flying in for a weekend and a wedding. Who is the we? Me, My Daddy and Freddie is coming too!

Now all that is left is to ask my boss if I can take off most of a week (hehehe, I haven't even been working for a month.)

And Life gets a little more crazy.

You'd think I was used to this already...

Monday, November 14, 2005

I Wore My Teal Skirt...

Ok, so I didn't wear it to class - I wore my PJs to class (come on, it was massage - it didn't pay to get dressed.) In class, we convinced our teacher to get straight down to bussiness. She agreed, and I finally got to learn how to stand for the 'standing parts' and the 'standing parts' for the Chest. It was very exciting, I even convinced myself that I am good at it. Am I? I dunno, ask the people I worked on...

We ended a little early, so I had plenty of time to go back to my apartment and shower in a vain attempt to get the oil off of me. (I think I need to get some soap that has 'scrubbing bubbles' in it.) I even ate lunch before I had to run out. :)

Work was fun. I mean, I guess you could call it fun. It is relatively quiet (because all of the bosses are away) but in their absence(s) we are trying to organize all of the drawers, cabinets and files and to re-organize all of the filing. *Sigh* - I feel like I'm doing something, but I'd rather be cleaning my room than trying to gather up all of the run-away bussiness cards and paper-clips.

Like last night, I was able to leave early - so I stopped off to pick up some stuff to make dinner and some nosh for tonight's party.

Sassy is coming over - it's her night off. I think she might even be sleeping over. Sounds good to me! We'll have fun anyway!

I'll feed her a booger cookie, give her my blanket and maybe this week she'll actually sleep.

We shall see...

Sunday, November 13, 2005

What? He's 22, in the army and not a med. student?

Ok, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want some pancakes. Are you getting my drift? This Pancake-less existence is beginning to depress me. Maybe it's because I spend so much time talking to Menucha or seeing certain people together. Dunno exactly what it is, but it sure is annoying.

Class this morning was fun. I learned new stuff (like where the spleen is) and worked with somebody new. In addition, I realized that I amuse my teacher. I think that she likes me. It's good.

After class I headed to work (about an hour early.) On the way I stopped at the shuk to pick up some fruits/veggies and of course some pitot. After wandering around for twenty minutes I decided to go to work. I got there early anyway, but I told them that I was 'unofficially, not there yet.' I also 'ofiicially' re-took my keys (I even added them to the colleciton on my phone to prevent 'loss.') All of the bosses are away, so I spent the day sending out a personalized e-mail to a list of over 100 people and filing. Gotta love filing. At least it was quiet and not too many people called.

Turns out that my boss left a message saying that because there is no one around and nothing going on, that I am free to leave whenever the other secretary leaves. So, I was grateful at 18:30 when she said, "ready to go?"

Back at the ranch - we ate, Shosh practiced massage and then we headed out to pick up Shosh's package from the 'fancy shmancy' building in Sha'arei Chessed. Shosh got to see people she hadn't seen in a long time and I got to meet new people. (It's always good to know people... Right?) The walk didn't take long at all and soon we were back in the apartment. (I am proud to announce that I only ALMOST got run over 4 times. I think that is a new 'low' record for a 45 minute walk.)

Ok, After close to four hours of walking around in Jerusalem in a long skirt - I think the time has come to bid you all a good-day/afternoon/night... And to go wash my feet.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Dejectedly I sit
Sadly do I stare
Wondering and wondering
if anyone does care.
Waxing bits poetical
and waning all the rest
the trials of life
and loads of strife
Leave me thinking clear
Thinking clear? I think it should be 'clearly' - but the voice in my head insists that it sounds better this way. Actually, it would probably sound better not written.

I was inspired though, by my situation this evening. And, after a good cry and a lot of tissues -well, I think that I am better.

Mommy - I REALLY REALLY did want to take the soup with me. Only problem was that I already had 2 bags and didn't have any more hands. Compound that fact with the facts that I had to walk to the bus and then up to my apartment and the fact that the bus was soooo crowded that I got to sit on the floor and you may begin to understand the situation and why I couldn't physically carry three or more bags. And why didn't I wait for Daddy to drive me? Too expensive, too inconvenient, too annoying.
Regardless, It's too late now.

Shabbat Parshat Lech L'chah

Disclaimer: This is MY site and as such I am entitled to report things as I experienced them and felt about them. If you have a problem with that then you have a few choices; create your own blog, suffer in silence or just get over it.

OK - so there was nothing much to report about Friday. Sammy woke up early and left and half an hour later I got up and helped Mommy get ready for Shabbos (I am such a mitzvah girl!) Then, I decided that I wanted something 'new' to wear for Shabbos, so Brenda graciously 'broke out' her bead kit and we put together two pairs of earrings and a necklace.

On to Shabbos itself:

Friday Night - Wore Sammy's shirt. Yeah, the white one that closes with all of the hook-and-eye thingies I hope it didn't look toooo bad. I mean, it is Sammy's and I am NOT Sammy's size. (No Shosh. I do NOT have a complex and I am NOT fat and ugly. OK, OK - maybe a little ugly... ;) LOL!) Loooooong meal, Shani actually showed up (yes, I was surprised that she remembered me.) Chilled in the circle and then at the Feldmans. Fed people cookies joked and waited... Finally, at 12:20 I decided to go to sleep. So, I did.

Shabbos Day - Woke up for shul, fell back asleep, Daddy woke me for shul, went to shul, went Home from shul, went back to shul, walked Home from shul, looooong meal, Shani showed up, sat in the circle and talked about nothing much in particular, learned how to play 'marbles' and ate Doritos. (See? It really is sad when Sammy isn't Home.) More people showed up, played Apples to Apples, Shabbos ended and now....

Now, I am sitting here and updating my blog as a pathetic attempt to stall for time. Sammy will be Home at some point tonight but 'when' is the question. And will she be interested in doing anything fun? I could practice massage on Mommy, but my arms are sore from working on Sammy the other night and I am FREEZING cold! (Granted, maybe I should put a sweater on and not sit around in a short-sleeve shirt....) I could (should) really go back to Jerusalem tonight, because then I can sleep 'late' in the morning. But, I have A LOT of stuff to take back with me and just don't have the energy to get on a bus schlepping a lot of bags. One backpack I can deal with, two maybe - but Mommy made me chicken soup and put it into little containers for me, and they take up space and I need to take a pot with me (because we don't have any fleishig pots) and this and that and the other thing...

I am also not prepared mentally for yet another week to begin. I love class and I am enjoying work BUT seriously it's a 'routine' - I need routine, I like routine but I prefer easy routine, done by rote. Like school, school was a 'rote routine' - you went every day and had classes then went Home. All you had to do was sit and listen and then go Home and go to sleep. (Yes, I intentionally omitted homework - I know.) Arg! This whole living 'on my own' and 'taking care of myself' thing is a pain in the butt.

No wonder I don't bother eating 'real food' - I don't have the energy to make it.

I wish Daddy would drive me back.

Alas, wishes are often nothing more than wasted neurological impulses...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Pompous Proves His Worth...

How? By providing me with an uproariously amusing story...

Sammy, Tzvi, Tamir and myself - were sitting around and shmoozing (like we had been doing basically all night.) Suddenly there was a knock on the door - it was Matan. He came in and started shmoozing with us, but seemed to be either getting tired or very interested in getting out of our house.

So he said to Tzvi, "Come on, if we don't go soon - I'll be too tired to drive Home..."
That of course was intended as a joke (because he lives right off of our street.)

So, Tzvi regaled us with a mostly amusing story (I say mostly because it really wasn't funny, and it was more the fact that we were all over-tired and trying to keep finding things to talk about.)

The story (or what I understood of it - through all of the laughter) went something like this...

One day he went to visit a friend who lived nearby. He drove there (because when you have your liscence and a car that is what you do.) However, after his visit - he walked Home, totally forgetting that he had driven there in the first-place.

(Now comes the funny part...)

His mother looked out the window and said "Oh no! Somebody stole our car!"

Let's just say - the end of the story...
She made him walk back to his friend's house to get the car.

ok ok, I know. It's not really ALL that funny, but it's better than nothing.
And anyway, what do you expect from a bunch of post-midnight rambling?

Oh yeah, and before I forget - I just want to say a big THANK YOU - to both of my helpers - who helped make the sugar cookies! You did a great job. No, really - you did just fine. And You're both invited to my house to eat them on Shabbos!

What I Want...

I cannot have.

Sad, really.

Anatomy - Good thing Sammy gave me those rubber-band bracelets, cause Dr. Dror had real trouble trying to explain to the (abnormally dense) girls in the class how exactly muscles work. When they are relaxed they are long and thin and when contracted they are short and fat. Somehow movement and energy figure into this and voila' we can wave, walk and nod our heads.

After class I headed Home. I made the 416 (somehow) and was Home by 14:00. As I walked into the house Mommy said, "Lets go, we need to go to the Ramah." So, I put down my bag and headed back out. After Zol L'mehadrin I asked Mommy to stop for lunch and she agreed. So, I had my second bagel of the week (more Americanish...) and, because I was on a sadistic kick, I decided to get an iced coffee too. I'm going to suffer, I call it self-affliction.

At Home the delivery guys delivered our new couch for the basement and I made six batches of cookie dough. Sugar cookie dough in the colors; blue, pink, purple and green. and Chinese almond cookies in bright yellow, so that we can make them into 'smileys.'

Now we are baking the cookies. Tamir and Tzvi came over and we have them scooping out the sugar-cookies. I finally fixed the second small ice-cream scooper, so now two people can work at the same time.

Both ovens are pareve and so, we are baking simultaneously too.

Speaking of which, there goes the timer...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Love Squirrels.

Well, the panguines on the telly are terrorizing the unicorns with dirty feet. At the same time I am trying to figure out why I gave up piano and how come it is so hard to implement self-discipline.

Woke up early, met Mommy and went to have the 'blinker' light on the side of the van fixed. The guy who fixed the light was scary and the other guy spoke english. Sheesh. It only took 15 minutes so we drove into Geulah... We walked up and down the whole street and found no outfit for Mommy to wear to the wedding - though Mommy did buy me a new skirt (it's courderoy and it's the color teal!) Mommy also bought me a Black and White cookie at the bakery (it is good - but I really miss the real Gelbstein's cookies! bk&white/pink&white/blue&white...) Then we got back in the car and tried to find a place near town, but after driving around for an hour we decided to go and park in front of my building and to go out for brunch. So, we did. We parked and walked over to Holy Bagel (I miss American Bagels too!)

Breakfast in hand we started down Yafo. Had a picnic on the benches in front of the building where I work, then walked down to our favorite fabric store (I feel like I am in there at least once a week. Oh yeah, I am.) We chose out really nice black fabric for a ball-gown skirt and then, Mommy walked me back to the office.

Inside chaos reigned (and rained). Papers flying, faxes not going through, Things not being received, wrong things here, e-mail not coming and not going, phones ringing - stam. The usual. Our VOIP line is still not working and aside from that all was good. I sent e-mails, typed letter and spoke in Hebrew to lots and lots of people. :) (Hey you, yeah - you. Be proud of me.)

After work I walked back to apt. and once inside I regaled Shosh with stories of my day (which you have read), ate dinner (I remembered today.) and then took my computer away from Shosh - from then until now, I've been shmoozing with Freddie and trying to apologize for calling people names.

All's good. b"H! I'm happy, I'm busy, I'm good!

I just want to make a few quick shout-outs before I sign off for the night -

Chava - You're doing Great!!! You're going to do Great!!! Don't worry! oh yeah, and good-luck on all of those yuckifying test things!!!
Hinda - It's all going to work out!! I'm sure of it! 'He' is on your side and NO they are not out to get you... :) (p.s. - every time I am in Sheinfeld, I think of you!)
Sassy - Mwah!!! You're doing great! Just, don't send any *ahem* e-mails! ok?
Shosh - How do you put up with me? Don't worry you'll find a job! It'll all be good!
RJ - I miss you when you're on the other side of the world!! Come Home! (are you dizzy from being upside-down?)
Freddie - My Miguel - we think? Are you sure that is safe - in general?
Mr. Pompous (who is no longer thought badly of or even called this...) - you are one strange younger sibling. and NO I will not practice my homework on you so would you please stop asking? ;)
The efelants and co. - It seems really bad. I know, but you're doing great!
Nuch - you're a wacko! and Nachum Segal is still a quack (a cool quack though.) Glad that you are happy and that 'things' are working out!
Mommy & Daddy - Thank you for putting up with me! "I fell off of a ladder in the orchard, but I am better now..."
Saba & Savta - Thanks for being my Home away from Home. It's good to have somewhere to go where there are people that you like, it's even better to have somewhere to go where there are people that you love!

To all of you - my friends, my family, my gang - Hang in there! Smile! And even if you have no idea what I mean - believe me when I say that "All Shall Find the Light at Last - Silver on the Tree."

sounds peaceful - dontcha think?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Polly's Poopery and Scoopery?

Ok Mom. That was gross.

Well, because it was my first ever Tuesday on my 'new-schedule' I was able to wake up, lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, talk to my teddies (and lion) and just 'bum around' until I decided to get up and get my computer. Then I got back into bed and sent e-mails out to Aunt Sab and Daddy.

At about 12:30 I decided that I should probably get out of bed and get ready to head out to the office. So, I did (very quietly, so as not to wake up our sleeping guest.)

I lef the apartment at 13:30 and started walking. In front of TM, I sneezed and pulled a muscle - it hurt soooo much that I was tempted to stop and wait for a bus. But, no busses were to be seen so I figured I would walk to the next stop. It wasn't until I was in front of the shuk that a bus that I needed pulled up. At that point I decided that it wasn't worth the 'punch' so I walked the rest of the way.

In the office, I was greeted with smiles, given work to do and made to feel comfortable. Then we shmoozed, laughed, got yelled at, ran around like crazy and finally - the day was over.

I know that I have mentioned this before - but it really freaks me out that I am going to be the last one in the office, on my own for half an hour or more and then I need to lock up.

Deborah - you shold be proud of me. I made an a** of myself on the phone today countless times and didn't think a thing of it. The UPS guy even thought I knew what I was doing (little did he know...)

Feige showed me how to put away the papers in their drawers and I even faxed a whole pile of thing-a-ma-jigs (successfully.)

After work I went back to the apartment, changed into PJs, made a BIG greek salad (thank you again to Sammy, who left me lettuce and 'Hungarian' cheese.) Then Sassy stopped by to make sure that I was still alive after work and so that I could fix her scarf. I managed to call Mommy (the second time) and finally convinced the guy who was knocking on the door that my husband was not at Home and that he wouldn't be Home later tonight either. On second thought I explained - he doesn't actually live here, seeing as I'm not married. (or not that I know of.) Then I helped him out by explaining to him that the Av Bayit lives next door and not in my apartment.



Monday, November 07, 2005

Second Day of Work...

Massage was unorganized and ridiculous. We started 'on time' and somehow due to the French-club there were not an even number of people in the class, so I neither worked on nor received a massage. I was upset, because I happen to be very stressed at the moment - I'm trying to get into a routine and every time I move forward at all something else comes up and I seem to go backwards. Nevertheless, all that I wanted was to learn some new moves, practice them, have my trapezios relaxed, go to my apt. and shower then leave for work. What did I get? learned new moves, left for work. Not exactly what i had been hoping for.

On the bright side - we are supposed to end class at 12:30 generally, so there will be plenty of time to wash the oil out of my hair and get to work. b"H!

About work - so I got there early, had nothing to do, got a ton of things to work on, met the accountant and filled out my forms (so now I am officially working legally and 'on the books'), messed up e-mails, answered phones and managed not to hang up on anybody overly important, sent faxes, typed letters and somehow wound up staying 40 minutes late.


Shosh made dinner for us. So, when I walked into the apartment, it smelled sooooo yummy! She made chicken with rice, in the crock-pot. (Hey, we have to be inventive. We have no Fleishig pots and pans, serving/cooking utensils or a fleishig oven.) Of course I was rude and inconsiderate and unappreciative - and I didn't actually eat the chicken. (I dunno, I am ok when Daddy or Sammy cuts it for me - but something about literally sucking the marrow out of the bones 'irks' me. I can't put my finger on it, it just does.)

Don't worry, I ate. Sort of. Does a peanut-butter sandwich and four of Mommy's pumpkin cookies, count as eating? Personally, I don't think that it does but at the moment I think that is all my stomach can handle. Maybe I'll nosh later...

It is Sassy's night off, so she is going to come and sleep over at our place. She is in R' Orlowek's class until 22:00 though, so she won't be here unti about 22:30ish - depending on when she catches a bus.

I'm gonna go take out my contacts and rest my tired eyes. We got hot water last night and as of this afternoon, the radiators are working - so we have heat. It is nice to come back to a 'warm' place at the end of the day.

Speaking about 'warm places' - I was thinking about Shabbos, and realized that it is going to be very sad. Sammy won't be Home and I'm going to be all alone.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate being alone? I'm not scared to meet me. I know me. Like R' Orlowek suggested and taught, I plan 'alone-time' with myself - time for deep and introspective thought. However, Friday nights are not when I like to have these meetings.

Why is it that timing never seems to work out?

Murphy's law?

I just don't know...

Sunday, November 06, 2005


This just in...

We have HOT water!!!

It works. It really works!

I'm so excited!

I think this calls for a hot shower!

I think it's a sign...
things are going to get better.
things are going to be ok.

First Day on the job...

Reflexology class was nothing remarkable. We learned the respiratory system and reviewed. I got a new partner, today I worked with Leah. I think my teacher was happy to see that I was working with somebody new - I figured I might as well, seeing as I was due to start my new job a few hours and was going to be forced to meet new people.

Oh yeah, speaking of my new job...

So, I really am a secretary. Go figure. For some reason though, I am more nervous about my second day and onwards than I was about my first day. I still have an irrational fear of telephones and let's not even go into my irrational fear/paranoia of speaking Hebrew (sorry Tall Ones, I can't help it. It is a problem, I know it is. I'm working on it. 3/4 of the phone calls that come through ar Hebrew. I guess, I really don't have a choice.)

I file papers, type up letters and e-mails, answer phone calls, make phone calls, send faxes and do all the other stuff that secretaries are supposed to do.

The best news I had all day was that I am actually only working Sunday through Wednesday. So, all in all I only work 20 hours a week, and I have my Thursdays free. I am soooo happy! I can go Home and help Mommy and visit Saba and Savta.

The way I figure it, it's only 5 hours a day. Which is not soooo bad, even though it can seem never-ending. I only have to make a fool of myself on the phone for five hours and thankfully the people that I work with and for are very undersatnding and caring people. Knowing that the environment is warm and friendly is going to help keep me motivated. Yes, the work may be hard but I will give it my all, and try my best.

I hope things go as smoothly tomorrow as they went today (only, I hope I'm a little less nervous and that the phones don't ring quite as much...)

It's going to be alright.

I can do this.


Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shabbat Parshat Noach...

Well, remember I was frantically trying to finish that skirt on Thursday night? Guess what? I actually managed to complete the project. It took me until 2:30 a.m. but, what the heck? I now have a teal skirt to hang in my closet.

Friday was mostly a bummer. We cooked and cleaned as usual and finally it was time to light candles. We headed out to shul where we got our first intimation that Shabbat was NOT going to be 'ALL' that we had expected. No 'happy kippa,' Freaky boys who didn't want to play, nowhere to walk to, no tall ones to talk to (or have 'deep and insightful' - confusing - conversations with) and all around, nobody to hang out with.

Friday night meal was supposed to be fun. The Amitai family came over. There are 5 kids in the family. Only 4 came. Only 3 are of consequence - the littlest one being a very sweet little girl. The three oldest are boys aged 19, 17 and 15. Sadly though, they seem to have no interest in being sociable. We invited them to stay and play after the meal but when all of the parents disappeared up to the roof-top mirpeset to check out the garden - the boys made their get-away. So, I was in bed on a Friday night before 22:30. That hasn't happened since, well, I can't actually remember.

Thanks to the early bed-time I was up for shul with plenty of time to spare. Davening was uninspiring, difficult to concentrate on and mostly interupted. After shul we headed Home, gave the Grotskys a tour of the house and then ate lunch. After the meal Sammy and I went to... can you guess? Sleep. (well, there wasn't really anything else to do...)

At 16:30 Mommy came upstairs to let us know that Ora had come over with her mother. I was very excited so I jumped out of bed and went downstairs. We shmoozed, played Password with Ezri and finally gave in to demands and agreed to play '2 apples to apples' with the Dibble. We were deeply engrossed in the game when Daddy came Home from shul. Havdala was said then Sammy and I walked Ora back to her house. (Have I mentioned that it is REALLY REALLY nice to have someone my age to talk to? Friends. They are good to have.)

I convinced Sammy to come to my apartment to keep me company. She agreed and that is where we are now. We are supposed to be watching a movie but I decided to update my blog, so she is reading Catch 22 and I am doing this.

I think I'll go watch that movie.

But first a deep and profound thought relating to Parshat Noach -

History is doomed to repeat itself to those who are unwilling to learn from past mistakes.

Think about it.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

It really was an accident...

Made breakfast (cause it was my turn...) Went to Class. Went Home. Got 'shot' (some may call it vaccinated, but I prefer to refer to things by their true names...) Speaking of 'being shot' - I took my little stuffed panda bear (named Ping-Pong) with me. When we walked into the office, the guy looked at me, glanced at the bear told me to take a seat and walked to the other side of the room to compose himself. I either gave him a good laugh or really managed to frighten him. Honestly though, I'm not sure which I'd rather.

Not much else to report. Aside from the big 'secret' about my 'accident of the week.' On Tuesday morning Shoshana was requested to 'come in for an interview' for a secretarial position. She jokingly asked whether they had another opening (for me) and they said 'sure, bring her along.' So, I went with her and we both got interviewed. Somehow, (though I'm not at all sure how) we both received responses from them via e-mail the next day. Her's said "sorry, can't do it." and mine read something along the lines of "can you come in starting on Sunday?"

Ummm, ok. This was NOT supposed to happen. I was under the assumption that eventually I would get so sick of sitting around in the apartment that I would crack and sign up for an Ulpan (in order to learn how to actually communicate in Hebrew) alas, now I have a 'part-time' job and seeing as that is going to occupy my afternoons and evenings (14:00-19:00) five days a week (at least they don't work on Fridays) I guess, I won't be taking an ulpan after all.

My parents are excited (or at least my Father is), I am not sure how to feel and I still have an irrational fear of telephones. What am I going to do? This is secretarial work, I need to answer phones - but I hate them!!!

I know, I know - everything comes from H-shem, He is orchestrating all of this. There's some reason that He is giving me this oppprtunity. I know I am going to enjoy this, I know that this will give me the chance to meet all sorts of new people and learn all sorts of new things. I am excited. I'm also a bit nervous. (Though, I suppose that is only natural.)

I hope I can find my own razor blade and glue stick solutions.

I can do this.

Now I need to get back to what I am REALLY supposed to be doing. It took about three hours, but I managed to cut out the body and waist bands. Now for the 'sewing' part. If all goes according to plan - I will have a new teal colored skirt for Shabbos.

I'm going to feel so stupid wearing it.

Oh well...

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Love Sounding Esoteric...

Woke up late this morning (8:00) due to the fact that I was up until 1:30 watching the end of 'The Return of the King' on my computer. (Where else?) I took another ice shower and quickly got back into pajamas. Then Shoshana made pancakes for a special Rosh Chodesh breakfast and I shmoozed with Menucha on the phone and on the computer at the same time. At about 14:15 I put up a pot of soup to heat up for Sammy. She arrived at 15:00. I fed her stewyish-soup and got dressed in 'outdoor' clothes. Then we headed out.

First stop - the little arts-n-crafts store near Zol L'mehadrin. We've never been in there before and decided to stop in and check it out. After a quick peruse of the merchandise we headed out to the bus stop. A 6 pulled up but was VERY full so we waited, another full 6, a 20 and finally we gave up. Nevertheless we dallied by the bus-stops and finally as a 6 and a 20 pulled up at the same time we decided to take the 20. We weren't going very far, just down Yafo a bit but we wanted to take the bus. Which we did, after a bit of a wait.

At our stop we hopped off and walked towards our favorite 'cloth' store. Thanks to last times escapade, we knew exactly how much of the stuff we needed - all that was left was to pick out our colors. I knew that I wanted the teal but decided that I wasn't really so into the 'pretty princess pink' so after much debate we settled on what we pronounced to be 'bubble-gum-pink' (I still think that it's 'Barbie's lipstick pink') but it is a nice color nonetheless. So, we asked the guy to measure and cut off 3 meters of each, paid and headed up the street to the 'yarn' store. It took us a while to make our selections due to the over-abundance of colors and choices. But, we emerged successful. Me with thread for both of my (I mean - 'our') new skirts and Sammy with dark purple, light purple and gray 'chut' for her next upcoming 'Kippa' making projects.

Then we walked up Yafo (stopping in all of the funky stores in search of a present for Shoshana.) Finally we found the perfect thing - I think it's officially called a 'poof-ball' it's like a squishy balloon with a gazillion little soft spiky things. As we neared Tachanah Merkazit we decided that we were not prepared for our 'fun-time' to be over, so we decided to walk to Kanfei Nesharim for iced coffee. The walk went very quickly and incidentally, so did the coffee. Our last stop was at the book-store where I made the decision to start reading in Hebrew. Thus, my purchase of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (yes, in Hebrew) can be explained and classified as a rational action. (Daddy, guess what? Not that you need them but it has 'nikud' in it, so when I'm done I think that you and Ezri should read it together. Ok?)

Finally we sauntered back towards my building. Sammy packed up her bag and left to catch the bus Home. I (naturally) stayed in my apartment, entertaining Shoshana, eating a package of rice cakes and just about polishing off an entire bottle of seltzer. (Aren't you proud of me Abba?)

I'm going to go now and be a 'yetzer hara' lets see if I will succeed... Mayhap, my intended victim will be weak and succumb to the pressure, then again maybe she will be strong and resist the pull of temptation.

We shall see...

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Looked Like a Farmer...

Woke up at 6:00 am and couldn't sleep any more, so after an hour I gave in, turned on my computer and stuck in a DVD - then I spent almost 2 hours watching the first half of the extended version of The Return of the King'. By the time the first disc ended it was only 9:00. Then I wandered aimlessly (literally - because Shosh had the computer to type up Dvar Torah) around the apartment and worked on my blanket (the one that I am still knitting...)

At 13:00 we decided that sitting around was ridiculous, so we got dressed and left the apartment to find an adventure. Of course, the getting ready to leave was an adventure in itself. I put on a button-down shirt and felt like a farmer - so I switched to Sammy's denim jacket (which I have officially abducted.) Then I realized that my hair was a wreck, so I took the straightener and *poof* within minutes my hair was straight and sleek. Then I even threw on a dash of lipstick (cause I was feeling girly) and out we went (finally.)

We walked down R'chov Yafo and decided to stop in at the shuk. We bought fresh shuk pita. There is no other food combination quite as heavenly as a fresh shuk pita with chumus. (Not even marshmellow goop with a cookie.) After our first stop we had nothing else to do, but didn't want to go back to the apartment - so, we walked (the looooong way) down and around and down to the Gan Ha'vradim. We didn't have a picnic (which is what we had planned to do) but we did sit on the grass in the sun and listen to some guy play his guitar and we shmoozed for a good hour and a half. (Yes, technically we could have done the same thing in the apartment but sometimes it is nice to get out. OK?!) After a while we decided to head back.

Back in the apartment we put up dinner (split pea soup...) and waited for it to cook. After eating, we headed out to Zol L'mehadrin for a few things and a quick shopping expedition. When we got back we knocked on our neighbor's door (you know, the av bayit - who freaks the heck out of me and gives me the 'heeebiileee-bajeebalees') and we asked him "When are we going to have hot water?" his response was "Oh, don't you know, it's broken. You'll have hot water when it is fixed..." ummmm, thanks?

What else? Oh yeah, I did laundry today. Only problem is, we still don't have a dryer - so all the clothes have to get hung... I hung stuff up at 8:00 this morning and 12 hours later it's still wet and ice cold. And incidentally, there is more in the washer that needs to be hung up but there's no room to put it...

And, I need a shower.

On second thought, I think I'll go finish my movie.