Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And So It Goes...


Woke up at 7 as usual, waited around till 8:15 to wake up Sassy, figured out how to put a cool new 'shmidjet' into my sidebar and waited for Shosh to wake up so that we could go out grocery shopping.

We walked all the way to Zol Po and at the door the guy was like "we don't open until 11:00." Dude, it's only 10:15 - shoot! What to do? So, we walked down to Zol L'mehadrin. The stuff is a little more expensive, but personally I would rather pay a little extra and have food to eat than be 'penny-pinching' and have empty fridge and cupboards.

Shosh is busy now with scrubbing out the shower-bathroom. She is sterilizing the bathtub and making it 'clean' - which I do appreciate, because that means that I can take a shower in a clean bathroom! Yay! Very exciting.

Because it is only 12:00, I have an hour and twenty minutes until I have to head out to work. Hopefully today will be easy, I know I'll be spending a good hour at least making new binders for files and labeling dividers. I will also be filing all of the papers that are sitting around the office in menacing mountains or 'paperwork.'

Spoke to Daddy last night and the thing is like this... I will be going on a trip. (Great and fantastic? Not really, but it will be interesting.) I am making a 4ish day trip to America. Leaving Israel on Dec. 15th and returning on Dec. 19th. It is going to be insane! We are basically flying in for a weekend and a wedding. Who is the we? Me, My Daddy and Freddie is coming too!

Now all that is left is to ask my boss if I can take off most of a week (hehehe, I haven't even been working for a month.)

And Life gets a little more crazy.

You'd think I was used to this already...


Flying Disaster said...

can now go get clean- maybe ur massage oil will come off now that the shower is clean. Don't worry worry i'll leave the toilettes for you.Have fun at work while sassy and i chill today. Maybe i'll see the 22 yr old chayal today- and then i'll have my yummy pics.

Sassy Madricha said...

Don't worry, you're boss will give you off. And who needs a chayal when I have a 3rd year med student for you? (See Mr. Polly, I'm looking out for Lori, really!)

debsy said...

Can u take of more time than u really need so u can spend more time with me (seeing as ur missing my birthday...)?;-)