Tuesday, November 15, 2005

And Then It Was Gone...

Work - well, I did follow up on the e-mails that I spent two hours sending on Sunday. I filed. I made new dividers and I stared at the ceiling.

Made it back to the apartment by 7:05, and Sassy and Shosh were chilling. So, we ate dinner! Yay! Three cheers for dinner! (Shosh convinced me to get some Deli this morning, and I stopped off at the bakery and got some rolls on the way home from work - and we even had potato chips!)

I had all-around productive day. We went food shopping, I was at the shuk (I feel like I am there every day. Oh yeah, I am.), I worked, I walked, I ate, I practiced my 'homework' for massage, I cleared all of the clothes off of the table in my room and put them back into the closet and I even gave Shosh all of my clothes to wash (which she did, which I appreciate!! - Though they are going to take 3 days to dry. Harumph!)

I just got great news that a friend of mine is coming to visit me soon!

Strange News for the night - a lady speeding down Ben-Tzion drove into the yield sign and somehow flung it down the street and then rammed head-on into a street-light. She was in the car alone, and seems to be fine aside from being shaken up. Police, Hatzala and an ambulance took a good 15 minutes to show up. I guess it's good that nobody was hurt.

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week - hope it's quiet. My boss is coming back on Thursday and things are going to get pretty hectic. I guess I am excited but still, it's nice to be getting paid for doing easy stuff - once you really have to work, it's a pain. Am I crazy or do you understand?

Never mind, I'm crazy...


Flying Disaster said...

anytime on the laundry- and that supper was a good one- yummy!!!!!!!!!! well off to see how the cars doing down on ground level. gnite

Hinda said...

I know who the friend is...it's not me...:(

Just remember that I still love you!