Thursday, November 17, 2005

Another Familial Disaster...

Well, I hate to say it. Honestly, I dread the thought but - I told you so.

Ok, so I didn't actually tell you anything yet - and therein lies the key word. That little yet. It absolutely makes or breaks the entire purpose of the post. You see, if I continue to ramble and explain the importance that one small word's meaning then I could run you in circles and still you would have no idea - what I was talking about.

And Yet, I have the strangest of desires to fill you in on the activities of my day and let you know exactly how I am feeling as I type this. However, due to the fact that action on my part such as I just described would be wholely inappropriate - I am forced to give you an extremely diluted version of "The Nightmare on Haneviim Street."

Truth be told, it was a pretty good day. Was up all night trying to cope with friends mental issues (that are not in my control, but that I felt bad about nonetheless.) Slept for four hours, Went to Anatomy class (where we finished muscles and moved on to the nervous system.) After class I ate lunch and played on the computer.

I also spent a few hours driving Shosh completely insane and insisting that we straighten up the entire apartment. I had good reason though - Saba and Savta were FINALLY going to see my apartment. They've been here since August and still they have never been in my apartment. So like I was saying, I drove Shosh up the wall and you know what happened? My family (as usual) was running late - so after getting Shosh into a bad mood by cleaning and re-cleaning everything and making her feel like she doesn't clean well enough for my standards (which is not true) Well, guess what happened? You betcha! They didn't even get out of the car. Not to be mean, selfish, judgemental, jealous or spiteful - but, had it been any one of my cousin's apartments I have no doubt that extra effort would have been made to go and see what their 'living conditions' are like. Well, I suppose that is the price I must pay for living in America where everything is easy and comfortable whilst my good cousins dwell in the uncivilized dung heap that is Israel.

It was already 18:30 when we headed over to the restaraunt, and our cousin's were not even there yet. (Let us not mention the fact that they knew that they would be running late but neglected to inform us.) So, we sat around and waited for them. The eatery had a nice ambiance and was basically an 'all you can eat-Brazilian style-cow/turkey-fest'. Aside from the fact that there was nothing for me to eat (they brought out cow in so many forms I didn't know where to begin. So I decided to start by pulling out my anatomy notes and doing a quick review of 'connective tissue' and 'striated muscle.' - When they brought out the spits of chicken wings I continued on to the 'bone structure' and 'joints') it was going pretty well. Until my uncle started acting like himself and suddenly there we were and it was 21:30 at night and they are still eating cow! Then we had to have the 'speeches' which had to be 'video-taped' for the express purpose of future blackmail of those of us who were taped.

At about 21:45 my father asked my uncle if we could 'speed things up' - though I must admit, he phrased it very nicely and politely. The response he received was "me and my boys are not done eating yet." as he called over a waitress and put in an order for yet another round of wings, roast beef and turkey.

Finally at 22:45 the boys decided that they were done eating so we bentched and headed to the car. Funny thing is - we got to the restaraunt at 18:30 and were eating by 19:15. How in G-d's Holy name did it take them until 22:45 (of constant eating) to become 'satiated'?!?!!

There was a 'view' - but they left early on. At least I enjoyed it while I could. After that I put my I-pod to good use and listened to a mix of 3 Doors Down, Linkin Park and Rob Thomas.

We pulled up to the house at midnight.
All I could think was - "bed, sleep, rejuvenation..."
But - first thing I did was "Blog."
It's like an obsession. What can I say? I just want to keep you guys updated. Hope I haven't bored you too much.

On the bright side, I did get some exciting news today - when we land in America, our itinerary goes something along the lines of 'go through customs, retrieve luggage, pick up rental car, drive to Dougies, EAT!, go to where-ever it is that we are staying and depending on the hour - either sleep or go out to Barnes and Noble.' I am SO excited! We are going to have a great time!

Random Number for the night 147. Ok Menucha? That's the official 'status report' for this week. Is it good? Yes and no. You know why. I shan't explain that here. Feel Good. I love you!

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