Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Average Human Brain is 70% Fat...

See? You learn something new every single day.

Anatomy - if you couldn't tell from the title.

Ran to catch the 13:20 bus, and I made it JUST in time!

At Home I worked on my skirt. It took hours, many interruptions and a lot of patience - but, I am now the proud owner of a bubble-gum-pink wrap skirt.

Tova came over to do some laundry, Sammy and Brenda picked up a felafel for me on the way Home and an hour and a half later we ordered Burgers Bar for dinner.

I am feeling stuffed and overstuffed and (like a neopet) - Bloated!!!! Well, I hope the 'swelling' goes down by tomorrow so that I can fit into Sammy's shirt that I want to wear with my new skirt.

Ok, I've got to go make some pretty earrings to match with my new outfit! Brenda is letting me use her cool bead kit thing.

I am sooo excited - IY"H - I'm gonna see Hinda and Chava in America when I land!!!!!! YAYYAYAYYYY!!!!! I am really looking forward to seeing them! Have I mentioned how excited I am?!?!?!!??!!!!


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man our brains should go on atkins.. :)