Thursday, November 17, 2005

Deep Thoughts Caused by Sleep Deprivation...

In my heart I am an Idealist.
In my mind I am a Perfectionist.

In my actions I am a Realist.

Maybe the key lies is knowing what is within acheivable boundaries.

Do not in any way limit yourself, you are capable of much more than you think.

However, you must understand that you are working within certain laws - certain parameters. There is only so much that you can do.

Like we learned -
"For Every Problem Under the Sun - There is a Solution or There is None
If There's One, Find It - If There's None, Never Mind It."

At some point - it is out of our hands.

May we have the Clarity to know when we are at that point, the Wisdom to know from whence everything comes and the Strength to let it go.


Sammy said...

I beg of thee, where has this come from?

Hinda said...

No way, Sammy...I was seriously about to post the same thing. I will anyway, but I'll change a few words...

Lorelai, I beg of papaya thee, where has this humperdink come from?

I am in a really weird mood...:)

debsy said...

Thanks for everything lori - thanks for last night (sorry if it caused 'deep thought - through sleep deprivation' though!).
'It'll all come out in the wash so to speak' - Quote from one of my math teachers in high school