Saturday, November 26, 2005

He Bit My Leg - Why? - Because He Thought it was Funny!

Ok, so here is the summary of one of the most traumatic Shabbatot that I have had in a looooong while. prepare, shul, eat, sleep, shul, eat, sleep, back to Jerusalem. That was for the purpose of not boring you and keeping things neat and succint as far as summarizing goes.

Please allow me to mention briefly some of the interesting facts that were reaffirmed to me by my doting Grandmother -
#1. I am NOT as sweet as Raquel.
#2. I am NOT short, cute, pretty, thin and petite like Raquel.
#3. I am NOT talented like Raquel.
#4. I am NOT brilliant or evenly remotely intelligent like Raquel.
#5. I am NOT sympathetic like Raquel.
#6. I am NOT organized like Raquel.
#7. I am NOT capable of controlling my siblings like Raquel.
#8. I am NOT popular like Raquel.
#9. I am NOT hard-working like Raquel.

Basically - I am not, never was and never will be Raquel.

Unbelievably enough, I am not petty enough to be bitter about this. So, now that I have gotten it down in writing, I will proceed to forget it and continue to live my life and make myself the best ME that I can be.

On Friday morning we went out to Lamed Hey to get chicken - they brought out my favoritest shnitzels (hot and freshly fried!!) - so I had a deeelicious breakfast for the second week in a row. Sammy and Raizi didn't go to Shabbat Chevron after all. Sammy stayed Home to help keep me sane and Raizi slept over. It was quiet. Very quiet. Sammy made the yummiest 'minestrone' (tomato) soup that I have ever eaten. She also made deli roll with my favoritest kind of deli - so I ate well this Shabbos.

After Shabbos we watched 'Robin Hood - Men in Tights' and then I put the Dibble into bed. I read him a book called 'Poems to Read to the Very Young' - Daddy used to read it to me, but Avi had never seen it before. (So, Ha! I did get my poetry reading after all - though I had to do all of the reading...)

Then I went out and caught a bus back to the city. And now, I'm back, 'In my flat - on the road - where the cars never stop going through the night...' (-Dido)

Tomorrow a new week begins. Three classes - four days of work and then I get to go Home again. On the bright side - iy"H - next time that I am Home, Mommy and Daddy will be there too!


Anonymous said...

As amazing a person as this Raquel sounds, there's only one you, and I think you're great the way you are.

Lorelai said...

Awwwwww, Shucks!

Well, it's nice to know that I have at least one friends out there, somewhere...

debsy said...

Hear hear!!! You're the best YOU i've ever met!! and a great friend to go with it! Missing u tons and can't wait to see you (even if you are deserting me for the first few days!!) ;-)

Chavs said...

I am glad you arent all those thiung like raquel, bec then you wouldnt be Lori! That would make me sad. You are the greatest Lori you can be and you should be that way! Keep being who YOU are and dont try to be anyone else, bec they arent you!

Sammy said...

Now, is your tounge numb?
Do you feel like a blowfish?
Your hideous comment will be struck from the records...