Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I Love Sounding Esoteric...

Woke up late this morning (8:00) due to the fact that I was up until 1:30 watching the end of 'The Return of the King' on my computer. (Where else?) I took another ice shower and quickly got back into pajamas. Then Shoshana made pancakes for a special Rosh Chodesh breakfast and I shmoozed with Menucha on the phone and on the computer at the same time. At about 14:15 I put up a pot of soup to heat up for Sammy. She arrived at 15:00. I fed her stewyish-soup and got dressed in 'outdoor' clothes. Then we headed out.

First stop - the little arts-n-crafts store near Zol L'mehadrin. We've never been in there before and decided to stop in and check it out. After a quick peruse of the merchandise we headed out to the bus stop. A 6 pulled up but was VERY full so we waited, another full 6, a 20 and finally we gave up. Nevertheless we dallied by the bus-stops and finally as a 6 and a 20 pulled up at the same time we decided to take the 20. We weren't going very far, just down Yafo a bit but we wanted to take the bus. Which we did, after a bit of a wait.

At our stop we hopped off and walked towards our favorite 'cloth' store. Thanks to last times escapade, we knew exactly how much of the stuff we needed - all that was left was to pick out our colors. I knew that I wanted the teal but decided that I wasn't really so into the 'pretty princess pink' so after much debate we settled on what we pronounced to be 'bubble-gum-pink' (I still think that it's 'Barbie's lipstick pink') but it is a nice color nonetheless. So, we asked the guy to measure and cut off 3 meters of each, paid and headed up the street to the 'yarn' store. It took us a while to make our selections due to the over-abundance of colors and choices. But, we emerged successful. Me with thread for both of my (I mean - 'our') new skirts and Sammy with dark purple, light purple and gray 'chut' for her next upcoming 'Kippa' making projects.

Then we walked up Yafo (stopping in all of the funky stores in search of a present for Shoshana.) Finally we found the perfect thing - I think it's officially called a 'poof-ball' it's like a squishy balloon with a gazillion little soft spiky things. As we neared Tachanah Merkazit we decided that we were not prepared for our 'fun-time' to be over, so we decided to walk to Kanfei Nesharim for iced coffee. The walk went very quickly and incidentally, so did the coffee. Our last stop was at the book-store where I made the decision to start reading in Hebrew. Thus, my purchase of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' (yes, in Hebrew) can be explained and classified as a rational action. (Daddy, guess what? Not that you need them but it has 'nikud' in it, so when I'm done I think that you and Ezri should read it together. Ok?)

Finally we sauntered back towards my building. Sammy packed up her bag and left to catch the bus Home. I (naturally) stayed in my apartment, entertaining Shoshana, eating a package of rice cakes and just about polishing off an entire bottle of seltzer. (Aren't you proud of me Abba?)

I'm going to go now and be a 'yetzer hara' lets see if I will succeed... Mayhap, my intended victim will be weak and succumb to the pressure, then again maybe she will be strong and resist the pull of temptation.

We shall see...

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