Thursday, November 03, 2005

It really was an accident...

Made breakfast (cause it was my turn...) Went to Class. Went Home. Got 'shot' (some may call it vaccinated, but I prefer to refer to things by their true names...) Speaking of 'being shot' - I took my little stuffed panda bear (named Ping-Pong) with me. When we walked into the office, the guy looked at me, glanced at the bear told me to take a seat and walked to the other side of the room to compose himself. I either gave him a good laugh or really managed to frighten him. Honestly though, I'm not sure which I'd rather.

Not much else to report. Aside from the big 'secret' about my 'accident of the week.' On Tuesday morning Shoshana was requested to 'come in for an interview' for a secretarial position. She jokingly asked whether they had another opening (for me) and they said 'sure, bring her along.' So, I went with her and we both got interviewed. Somehow, (though I'm not at all sure how) we both received responses from them via e-mail the next day. Her's said "sorry, can't do it." and mine read something along the lines of "can you come in starting on Sunday?"

Ummm, ok. This was NOT supposed to happen. I was under the assumption that eventually I would get so sick of sitting around in the apartment that I would crack and sign up for an Ulpan (in order to learn how to actually communicate in Hebrew) alas, now I have a 'part-time' job and seeing as that is going to occupy my afternoons and evenings (14:00-19:00) five days a week (at least they don't work on Fridays) I guess, I won't be taking an ulpan after all.

My parents are excited (or at least my Father is), I am not sure how to feel and I still have an irrational fear of telephones. What am I going to do? This is secretarial work, I need to answer phones - but I hate them!!!

I know, I know - everything comes from H-shem, He is orchestrating all of this. There's some reason that He is giving me this oppprtunity. I know I am going to enjoy this, I know that this will give me the chance to meet all sorts of new people and learn all sorts of new things. I am excited. I'm also a bit nervous. (Though, I suppose that is only natural.)

I hope I can find my own razor blade and glue stick solutions.

I can do this.

Now I need to get back to what I am REALLY supposed to be doing. It took about three hours, but I managed to cut out the body and waist bands. Now for the 'sewing' part. If all goes according to plan - I will have a new teal colored skirt for Shabbos.

I'm going to feel so stupid wearing it.

Oh well...


Flying Disaster said...

don't worry life's not that bad....i mean somehow u did get my job...but hey they said they would talk to me in 2 weeks, so we'll see. don't worry about the skirt it's gorgeous and will be done. and don't worry, no flying disaster zones right now and no dirty dishes to worry about.
the roomie

Anonymous said...

thats my lori polly!!! what am i going to do with you ???