Tuesday, November 22, 2005

It's only TUESDAY?!?!?!111

As I sit here and ingest copious amounts of potato chips with ketchup and listen to my 'rainy day' mix of music - allow me to fill you in on my activities of today...

Well, I woke up at 7:00. I didn't have anything to do so I read an excerpt of Guy Gavriel Kay's "A Song for Arbonne" (I am officially obsessed with Kay's writing! He has such a knack for being able to weave everything seamlessly together. I also love how in the middle of a story he will be able to veer totally off topic and tell the story of someone else beginning to end in under a page and yet, it still somehow ties into the 'big picture.')

I bummed around and didn't do anything interesting (aside from laundry) until about 13:20 when I headed out to work.

Have I mentioned the fact that when I left the apartment, I honestly believed that today was Wednesday?

At work, there wasn't much to do. I finished up the 'portfolio organization' project that I started last week and I attempted to create a 'form' (for the simple collection of data from clients.) I also filed the newspapers in the newspaper box, got out of going down to the post-office (which scares me) and played solitaire.

No, I still do not have an answer as to whether or not I can take off in less than a month to go to America. Well, I am going regardless. Maybe I'll find out tomorrow. (Wishful thinking?)

It wasn't raining today so I was able to walk to and from work. It's so refreshing and invigorating plus, I am in better shape than I have been for a looong while - at least in the last 4 years. I mean, the best exercise I was getting in high school was on 'swim team' and I haven't been swimming seriously since eleventh grade. (Let's not mention the fact that even though my muscles were serious I was also 'bigger' (shall we say?)) hehehe... let's not go there.

So, here I am. For dinner I ate my Mommy's deeeelicious Home-made, specially packaged, just for me, chicken soup(er)!! (Get it?) and now I'm snacking on (as I mentioned before) - potato chips and ketchup.

I think I am going to go and watch The Princess Diaries II. (I saw the first one last night. And while Michael is cute in a scruffy and needing a haircut way, I am basically mezmerized by the amazing blue eyes of the guy (I don't rememeber the actor's name or the character's either) in the second movie. Well, he just so happens to have stunningly blue eyes.

And though I am 'over' my 'blue-eyed' kick - I can still appreciate them.

I think now-a-days I'm more into the 'puppy dog browns' - the really dark and deep ones. So much mystery hehehe. ok, I'm starting to sound sappy. I'm gonna stop now.

To do:
Wash the dishes
Wash my feet
Watch a movie

See? I've got it all under control.



da'kender said...

Wow! I didn't know that you are off of your blue eyed kick?! And I'm glad you noticed that people who have other color eyes can be cool too, but I still kinda like the green ones myself... ;)

yo' meanma said...

I've been looking for the pancakes but as of yet have not seen them.
N E way I miss you!