Saturday, November 12, 2005


Dejectedly I sit
Sadly do I stare
Wondering and wondering
if anyone does care.
Waxing bits poetical
and waning all the rest
the trials of life
and loads of strife
Leave me thinking clear
Thinking clear? I think it should be 'clearly' - but the voice in my head insists that it sounds better this way. Actually, it would probably sound better not written.

I was inspired though, by my situation this evening. And, after a good cry and a lot of tissues -well, I think that I am better.

Mommy - I REALLY REALLY did want to take the soup with me. Only problem was that I already had 2 bags and didn't have any more hands. Compound that fact with the facts that I had to walk to the bus and then up to my apartment and the fact that the bus was soooo crowded that I got to sit on the floor and you may begin to understand the situation and why I couldn't physically carry three or more bags. And why didn't I wait for Daddy to drive me? Too expensive, too inconvenient, too annoying.
Regardless, It's too late now.


yo' meanma said...

I really do care even if you don't think that I do.

The soup is in the freezer waiting for you!

Wondering if I should turn this into a rhyme too?

forget it. I am a sculpter not a poet.

And, I promise not to eat any of your chicken soup.

da'kender said...

Sigh, I guess I wont eat it either... at least, not until I finish my own! ;) I'm sorry you are so sad! I heard that certain people tried to entertain you, if you tell me otherwise I'll beat them up for you 0:) (Its the angelic face!) If it makes you feel anybetter, the first thing I did when I got to my room there was make the bed, Sammy Style, and I was going to start throwing clothes around the room, to make it feel even more homelike, but I would have REALLY scared Raizi and I didnt want to lose anything! Thank You for my present! It was so yummy!!!!!! It made me feel better when I was getting depressed and cold! I love you!!! I hope you had a good day!

Sassy Madricha said...

My poor Lolly! You sound so sad, and all because of a stinky bowl of soup?? Don't worry, I have a present for you, IY"H if and when I come by tomorrow night I'll bring it to cheer you up! It's yummy, yummy! I miss you and love you so much, so please cheer up and have a great day!!