Thursday, November 10, 2005

Mr. Pompous Proves His Worth...

How? By providing me with an uproariously amusing story...

Sammy, Tzvi, Tamir and myself - were sitting around and shmoozing (like we had been doing basically all night.) Suddenly there was a knock on the door - it was Matan. He came in and started shmoozing with us, but seemed to be either getting tired or very interested in getting out of our house.

So he said to Tzvi, "Come on, if we don't go soon - I'll be too tired to drive Home..."
That of course was intended as a joke (because he lives right off of our street.)

So, Tzvi regaled us with a mostly amusing story (I say mostly because it really wasn't funny, and it was more the fact that we were all over-tired and trying to keep finding things to talk about.)

The story (or what I understood of it - through all of the laughter) went something like this...

One day he went to visit a friend who lived nearby. He drove there (because when you have your liscence and a car that is what you do.) However, after his visit - he walked Home, totally forgetting that he had driven there in the first-place.

(Now comes the funny part...)

His mother looked out the window and said "Oh no! Somebody stole our car!"

Let's just say - the end of the story...
She made him walk back to his friend's house to get the car.

ok ok, I know. It's not really ALL that funny, but it's better than nothing.
And anyway, what do you expect from a bunch of post-midnight rambling?

Oh yeah, and before I forget - I just want to say a big THANK YOU - to both of my helpers - who helped make the sugar cookies! You did a great job. No, really - you did just fine. And You're both invited to my house to eat them on Shabbos!


debsy said...

Can I come too even though i didn't get to help?

Thanks for the funny addition - ok so maybe it wasn't so funny and it's not quite midnight over here - buuut, u know what - it's a good bed time story anyway (well maybe...).
Have a great night Lorers!

Tamir said...

Gee, all we did was scoop out some dough, you actually made the cookies. Don't go giving us credit.

It was a lot of fun though. Thank you for an amusing night.

tevie said...

the title gets 10/10 :D
and the story was goood :)

now i get to sleep with a hufflepuff thingy.