Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My Apartment is Haunted.

So, I woke up this morning at 4:30 - there was a lot of banging and the wind was 'whooshing' in through the cracks in the window-frames and under all of the door-jambs. I was warm though - so i stayed in bed until a little after nine. Shosh went out for a 'job interview' (of sorts) and I decided to work on my Bubble-gum-pink skirt.

But first - a scary story...

The 'sukkah roof' on the big mirpeset disappeared. The bed-frame resting against the wall was being bounced all over the place and making a racket. As soon as I realized that the roof was missing I e-mailed Daddy and texted Sammy and Shosh. But - as soon as Shosh called back, I went over to check out the situation and lo and behold - the roof was back. So, I was forced to send out a 'false alarm' message to everyone. I'm telling you - that roof wasn't there and then suddenly it was back. (I think Jimmy is following me. It's a little freaky.)

Work - well, my boss it back. The office was insane. When I walked in two phones were ringing and three people called for me to come take 'dictation' from them. What did I do wrong today? hung up on somebody, called the wrong extension, sent out an e-mail to an editor and NOT the 'ad' contact and I think that I forgot to turn off the lights in the front room when I left. All I can say is, I hope I remembered to double lock the office. Oh yeah, I worked until 20:00 - hehehe, riiiight. And I still don't have an answer from my boss. (No comment.)

On the way Home, in front of the shuk a guy crossed the street and was walking down Yafo (just like me.) However, because I happen to have a long stride (especially after 6 hours of insane physical/mental labor) I was pretty much keeping pace with him. So, he kept glancing at me as if to say "why are you following me?" I knew I was freaking him out, so I hurried a little (more) to get ahead of him - of course then we both got stopped at the light. I was very tempted to say something along the lines of "I'm not following you" but stopped myself. Then passing TM he disappeared. And so it may be recorded - yet another scruffy puppy gets away.

Because it was so late, I met Shosh while waiting for the lights to change on the main street at the K'nisat Ha'Ir. We stopped at the makolet to pick up Shokos and Ice-pops. Bow-wreck-ahs for dinner and a chocolate birthday cupcake for dessert.

And still I am noshy.
I think I'll eat some Doritos.

On a random note - I don't think I lost ANY weight this week. All I did was eat junk food. I haven't done that since we lived in America. Hmmmmm, I guess I'll have to go on a diet next week - or I might not fit into Sammy's shirt that I want to wear for the wedding.

and a BIG sigh of relief - it is finally Wednesday. No work tomorrow, Anatomy with Dr. Dror and I get to go HOME!! YAY!!!

This evening's words of Caution: Never rip your Sartorius.

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