Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Next to Pot...

Ok, so I'll admit it. I am uncivilized and uncouth. Truth be told, I see nothing wrong with drinking my soup straight out of the pot. It is a one quart pot and there is only one bowl worth of soup - I figure, why dirty a bowl?

Sassy did sleep over last night, but by the time she arrived I was already asleep. I neglected to inform her that I had changed my password - so I think she actually slept. :)

This morning I started 'cleaning up' my computer. I defrag-ed, I compressed, I deleted Temp. files and I tried to figure out which processes were running without any real cause or need.

Work was crazy. I amused my co-workers by labeling a folder in my folder 'sort me' (I was subsequently informed by my boss, that I am never, under ANY circumstances, allowed to put things in there.), I took short-hand dictation from two people at once, I typed - retyped and retyped a proposal (about 5 times.) AND I managed to amuse and entertain the UPS guy. (I think that when he comes to our office, it really is the highlight of his day. I mean between Feige flipping out and me well, just being my hyper-active self - let's just say he gets a few good laughs out of us. On the other hand, we really are VERY lucky that he is such a nice, helpful and patient guy.)

Amazingly enough, I left the office by 19:10 and it was so nice out that I decided to walk (like I usually do...) Somehow by 19:33 I was at the last light on the main road. How did it take me 23 minutes to walk from Davidka to Kiryat Moshe? Does anybody have any idea? I wasn't even out of breath. I mean, truthfully - I'm not sure if 23 minutes is quick or slow... but still it's the principle of the thing.

If you are wondering about the title of this post, well you see, I drank my second 'chicken soup' from the freezer. Yes, I drank it straight out of the pot - though, I did use a spoon. And now, guess where I am sitting... (for all you dense, thick, slow-witted people out there - please see the title of the post.) Honestly though, it was delicious! I really appreciate the fact that Mommy made it for me. It's so yummy and filling - and perfect after a 'stressful' day at the office.

So, like I've been saying the last few days -

They want me to work Thursdays and are working out the details now. But, I don't know when they want me to start. And have i mentioned, I DON'T WANT TO WORK ON THURSDAYS?!?!?!!

Oh yeah, and for the 'grand finale' can you guess what I still don't know...?

Can I take off to go to America?

Still 'undecided'...

More information to follow.

Na'h L'hamtin...


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Chavs said...

Lori, you always make me smile :)