Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Polly's Poopery and Scoopery?

Ok Mom. That was gross.

Well, because it was my first ever Tuesday on my 'new-schedule' I was able to wake up, lie in bed and stare at the ceiling, talk to my teddies (and lion) and just 'bum around' until I decided to get up and get my computer. Then I got back into bed and sent e-mails out to Aunt Sab and Daddy.

At about 12:30 I decided that I should probably get out of bed and get ready to head out to the office. So, I did (very quietly, so as not to wake up our sleeping guest.)

I lef the apartment at 13:30 and started walking. In front of TM, I sneezed and pulled a muscle - it hurt soooo much that I was tempted to stop and wait for a bus. But, no busses were to be seen so I figured I would walk to the next stop. It wasn't until I was in front of the shuk that a bus that I needed pulled up. At that point I decided that it wasn't worth the 'punch' so I walked the rest of the way.

In the office, I was greeted with smiles, given work to do and made to feel comfortable. Then we shmoozed, laughed, got yelled at, ran around like crazy and finally - the day was over.

I know that I have mentioned this before - but it really freaks me out that I am going to be the last one in the office, on my own for half an hour or more and then I need to lock up.

Deborah - you shold be proud of me. I made an a** of myself on the phone today countless times and didn't think a thing of it. The UPS guy even thought I knew what I was doing (little did he know...)

Feige showed me how to put away the papers in their drawers and I even faxed a whole pile of thing-a-ma-jigs (successfully.)

After work I went back to the apartment, changed into PJs, made a BIG greek salad (thank you again to Sammy, who left me lettuce and 'Hungarian' cheese.) Then Sassy stopped by to make sure that I was still alive after work and so that I could fix her scarf. I managed to call Mommy (the second time) and finally convinced the guy who was knocking on the door that my husband was not at Home and that he wouldn't be Home later tonight either. On second thought I explained - he doesn't actually live here, seeing as I'm not married. (or not that I know of.) Then I helped him out by explaining to him that the Av Bayit lives next door and not in my apartment.




'Yo Abba said...

Like father like daughter - I was also always the last one out of the office... the next generation takes over!

Debsy said...

I'm so proud of you Lorers!!! Keep up the good work on the phone (you never know maybe one day i'll get the hang of it too!!)