Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Randomness - Moshe Called...

Woke up early and put up a pot of potato soup for dinner. I figured that if I made it in the morning then when I got home from work that I could heat it up and *poof* insta-dinner! Best part, with the extra potatos I made breakfast! 2 meals in one. Brilliant, no?

Real Continental Breakfast - Scrambled Eggs (Super) and Hash-browns.

Then I got a random out of the blue 'thank you' phone call. It was strange but good, and now I can say that I've spoken to Moshe this month.

At work I was supremely bored - though I tried to enjoy, because I know that this will NOT be happening again any time in the near future. The Bosses will be back next time I am there and things will be HECTIC up the wad-zoo.

I you want to know exactly what I did today then read the next paragraph otherwise skip it and continue...
I spent my time at work re-organizing newspaper supplements and turning black from newsprint, staring at the accountant's kippa (swirls of all sorts of pretty colors - blue, pink, purple, gray...) And I filed stuff and proof-read a 16 pages list of addresses.
I left the office early and walked home. I put up dinner, dranksome coffee and waited for Shosh. We ate together and then the FUN started.
I managed to e-mail Sammy, talk to Deborah, tick off Sassy, figure out what to wear (with Tzvi's help), IM with Brenda, Amuse Shosh and make my butt go numb from sitting in front of the computer for so darned long!
All I can say is - I multi-task well. Very well. But, there is a limit for everybody.
I know, I have patience to sit and roll snail cookies - People have told me that I have the patience of an 'angel' but come on - sometimes...
I need some major pain killer dosage - my temples are throbbing and I'm light-headed.
Watch out Advil, here I come...


Sammy said...

I was mentioned! yay! and i'm the first comment! yay!

Hinda said...

I wasn't mentioned! Yay! And I am the second comment! Yay!