Monday, November 07, 2005

Second Day of Work...

Massage was unorganized and ridiculous. We started 'on time' and somehow due to the French-club there were not an even number of people in the class, so I neither worked on nor received a massage. I was upset, because I happen to be very stressed at the moment - I'm trying to get into a routine and every time I move forward at all something else comes up and I seem to go backwards. Nevertheless, all that I wanted was to learn some new moves, practice them, have my trapezios relaxed, go to my apt. and shower then leave for work. What did I get? learned new moves, left for work. Not exactly what i had been hoping for.

On the bright side - we are supposed to end class at 12:30 generally, so there will be plenty of time to wash the oil out of my hair and get to work. b"H!

About work - so I got there early, had nothing to do, got a ton of things to work on, met the accountant and filled out my forms (so now I am officially working legally and 'on the books'), messed up e-mails, answered phones and managed not to hang up on anybody overly important, sent faxes, typed letters and somehow wound up staying 40 minutes late.


Shosh made dinner for us. So, when I walked into the apartment, it smelled sooooo yummy! She made chicken with rice, in the crock-pot. (Hey, we have to be inventive. We have no Fleishig pots and pans, serving/cooking utensils or a fleishig oven.) Of course I was rude and inconsiderate and unappreciative - and I didn't actually eat the chicken. (I dunno, I am ok when Daddy or Sammy cuts it for me - but something about literally sucking the marrow out of the bones 'irks' me. I can't put my finger on it, it just does.)

Don't worry, I ate. Sort of. Does a peanut-butter sandwich and four of Mommy's pumpkin cookies, count as eating? Personally, I don't think that it does but at the moment I think that is all my stomach can handle. Maybe I'll nosh later...

It is Sassy's night off, so she is going to come and sleep over at our place. She is in R' Orlowek's class until 22:00 though, so she won't be here unti about 22:30ish - depending on when she catches a bus.

I'm gonna go take out my contacts and rest my tired eyes. We got hot water last night and as of this afternoon, the radiators are working - so we have heat. It is nice to come back to a 'warm' place at the end of the day.

Speaking about 'warm places' - I was thinking about Shabbos, and realized that it is going to be very sad. Sammy won't be Home and I'm going to be all alone.

Have I ever mentioned that I hate being alone? I'm not scared to meet me. I know me. Like R' Orlowek suggested and taught, I plan 'alone-time' with myself - time for deep and introspective thought. However, Friday nights are not when I like to have these meetings.

Why is it that timing never seems to work out?

Murphy's law?

I just don't know...

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Hinda said...

Oh, Lorelai. Sounds like you're having way too much fun to handle. If it helps you any, I am having WAY more fun than you! (nananabooboo?)