Saturday, November 05, 2005

Shabbat Parshat Noach...

Well, remember I was frantically trying to finish that skirt on Thursday night? Guess what? I actually managed to complete the project. It took me until 2:30 a.m. but, what the heck? I now have a teal skirt to hang in my closet.

Friday was mostly a bummer. We cooked and cleaned as usual and finally it was time to light candles. We headed out to shul where we got our first intimation that Shabbat was NOT going to be 'ALL' that we had expected. No 'happy kippa,' Freaky boys who didn't want to play, nowhere to walk to, no tall ones to talk to (or have 'deep and insightful' - confusing - conversations with) and all around, nobody to hang out with.

Friday night meal was supposed to be fun. The Amitai family came over. There are 5 kids in the family. Only 4 came. Only 3 are of consequence - the littlest one being a very sweet little girl. The three oldest are boys aged 19, 17 and 15. Sadly though, they seem to have no interest in being sociable. We invited them to stay and play after the meal but when all of the parents disappeared up to the roof-top mirpeset to check out the garden - the boys made their get-away. So, I was in bed on a Friday night before 22:30. That hasn't happened since, well, I can't actually remember.

Thanks to the early bed-time I was up for shul with plenty of time to spare. Davening was uninspiring, difficult to concentrate on and mostly interupted. After shul we headed Home, gave the Grotskys a tour of the house and then ate lunch. After the meal Sammy and I went to... can you guess? Sleep. (well, there wasn't really anything else to do...)

At 16:30 Mommy came upstairs to let us know that Ora had come over with her mother. I was very excited so I jumped out of bed and went downstairs. We shmoozed, played Password with Ezri and finally gave in to demands and agreed to play '2 apples to apples' with the Dibble. We were deeply engrossed in the game when Daddy came Home from shul. Havdala was said then Sammy and I walked Ora back to her house. (Have I mentioned that it is REALLY REALLY nice to have someone my age to talk to? Friends. They are good to have.)

I convinced Sammy to come to my apartment to keep me company. She agreed and that is where we are now. We are supposed to be watching a movie but I decided to update my blog, so she is reading Catch 22 and I am doing this.

I think I'll go watch that movie.

But first a deep and profound thought relating to Parshat Noach -

History is doomed to repeat itself to those who are unwilling to learn from past mistakes.

Think about it.

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