Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Didn't sleep well. As soon as Shoshana starts to complain about her mosquito bites - I start to get bitten. So, at 1:50 when I heard the sound of 'bzzzzz'ing in my ear I got out of bed and moved to the couch, where I spent the remainder of the night.

I was up early and we went out to Zol Po to do some 'stock'-shopping. We bought a case of seltzer (12 bottles) and figured that it would last us a while. However, we already managed to finish one bottle today. I'm not sure how.

Work was crazy. I sent out the wrong proposal last night (whoops), I hung up on somebody (whoops), I did filing of papers and of newspapers, I got dication from all 3 bosses and sent something UPS all by myself (almost.) On the bright side, I CAN go to America without fear of getting fired, I will start working Thursdays from 14:00 until 17:30 at some week in the near future, I saved things in the right places and I think I am getting the hang of all this 'work'ing stuff.

I made dinner (which is something new) and I did laundry (which is still wet) Mommy and Daddy are back in the country (which is good) and Sammy is too busy studying to watch a movie with me (which is sad)

I am going Home tomorrow! I am very excited! I get all of my presents from A-merry-cah!

Maybe I will watch Dr. Strangelove tonight. I feel like it would be good for 'mind-numbing-relaxation' plus it reminds me of Daddy and the 'good ole' days'

Yep I think that's the ticket -

A cup of coffee, some medicine (so I don't pass out from the pain incurred by drinking coffee), my teddy bears (and lion), and some wafers (or chocolate tea-biscuits - depending on what I can find...)

Sounds good, no?

There's always room for one more, come on over...

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