Sunday, November 20, 2005

There's a New Sign in the Elevator. I Hope it's Nothing Important...

Woke up at 7:30 and realized that if I wanted to say g'bye to Mom and Dad that I needed to get up fast. So I did.

In class it was officially decided - my teacher likes me. I was the 'dummy' today - meaning, I got a free foot massage (I'm certainly not complaining...) I also found out that on Sundays class is supposed to end at 13:30 and not at 12:30 like I had thought. In reality that doesn't mean anything except that I will probably need to go straight from class to work on Sundays.

Speaking of going to work - I missed three busses and wound up walking and only got there 5 minutes late anyway. My boss isn't back yet BUT the 'head boss' is back so I went to speak to him about my needing to take off a few days for the wedding in December. I didn't get a real yes or no and was told to come back tomorrow. I think he got the impression that if he wanted to fire me then he could fire me and that I would be cool with that. (Not that I want to be fired. It's just that - it's not in my control anymore. This is one of those things that I put in G-d's hands. See? I'm learning to relax and trust in Him. He knows what He is doing and so, I am not afraid to let Him drive.)

Work was quiet, aside from successfully filing a stack of papers, being yelled at by someone and learning the where's, who's and how's of the post-office I did nothing. Granted, there were sporatic periods of chaos and screaming but that is the usual office stuff. At least I didn't hang up on anyone today. (And yes, the phones still scare me.)

On the way home I stopped at the shuk (first visit of the week) and at home Shosh had dinner waiting for me. After eating we went out to do some quick shopping (wafers and grape syrup...)

This week is going to be one of those 'never-ending story' things. I can tell. Mommy and Daddy are not in the country, Saba and Savta are watching the kids, My boss doesn't want to let me take time off to go to America and to top it all off - Sammy won't be Home for Shabbos. Again.

Even worse - nobody will be around for Shabbos. I mean, there will be people around but not people that I can just stam sit around and chill with in my PJs. You know - 'chilled chilling.'

It's going to be so sad.

But the absolute worst is knowing that there is someone in this country who could make it bearable - could make it enjoyable and realizing that they just don't give a darn and that they don't realize that you are alive.

Heartwarming, huh?

Pray there is a pancake for me in A Merry Ca.

In the meantime - I shall be busy scrubbing the Jeru-slime off of my feet...


Chavs said...

I'm impressed! YYYAAA Lori!

Hinda said...

Wow, the end of that post was not depressing at all...*insert squished up and confused face here*

Sassy said...

Lolly, why so pessimistic?
Dude, thats it! You are officially coming with me to class on Wednesday and you will go sit down beside the cute guy and get his phone number yourself! Sound like a plan to you??