Wednesday, November 09, 2005

We Love Squirrels.

Well, the panguines on the telly are terrorizing the unicorns with dirty feet. At the same time I am trying to figure out why I gave up piano and how come it is so hard to implement self-discipline.

Woke up early, met Mommy and went to have the 'blinker' light on the side of the van fixed. The guy who fixed the light was scary and the other guy spoke english. Sheesh. It only took 15 minutes so we drove into Geulah... We walked up and down the whole street and found no outfit for Mommy to wear to the wedding - though Mommy did buy me a new skirt (it's courderoy and it's the color teal!) Mommy also bought me a Black and White cookie at the bakery (it is good - but I really miss the real Gelbstein's cookies! bk&white/pink&white/blue&white...) Then we got back in the car and tried to find a place near town, but after driving around for an hour we decided to go and park in front of my building and to go out for brunch. So, we did. We parked and walked over to Holy Bagel (I miss American Bagels too!)

Breakfast in hand we started down Yafo. Had a picnic on the benches in front of the building where I work, then walked down to our favorite fabric store (I feel like I am in there at least once a week. Oh yeah, I am.) We chose out really nice black fabric for a ball-gown skirt and then, Mommy walked me back to the office.

Inside chaos reigned (and rained). Papers flying, faxes not going through, Things not being received, wrong things here, e-mail not coming and not going, phones ringing - stam. The usual. Our VOIP line is still not working and aside from that all was good. I sent e-mails, typed letter and spoke in Hebrew to lots and lots of people. :) (Hey you, yeah - you. Be proud of me.)

After work I walked back to apt. and once inside I regaled Shosh with stories of my day (which you have read), ate dinner (I remembered today.) and then took my computer away from Shosh - from then until now, I've been shmoozing with Freddie and trying to apologize for calling people names.

All's good. b"H! I'm happy, I'm busy, I'm good!

I just want to make a few quick shout-outs before I sign off for the night -

Chava - You're doing Great!!! You're going to do Great!!! Don't worry! oh yeah, and good-luck on all of those yuckifying test things!!!
Hinda - It's all going to work out!! I'm sure of it! 'He' is on your side and NO they are not out to get you... :) (p.s. - every time I am in Sheinfeld, I think of you!)
Sassy - Mwah!!! You're doing great! Just, don't send any *ahem* e-mails! ok?
Shosh - How do you put up with me? Don't worry you'll find a job! It'll all be good!
RJ - I miss you when you're on the other side of the world!! Come Home! (are you dizzy from being upside-down?)
Freddie - My Miguel - we think? Are you sure that is safe - in general?
Mr. Pompous (who is no longer thought badly of or even called this...) - you are one strange younger sibling. and NO I will not practice my homework on you so would you please stop asking? ;)
The efelants and co. - It seems really bad. I know, but you're doing great!
Nuch - you're a wacko! and Nachum Segal is still a quack (a cool quack though.) Glad that you are happy and that 'things' are working out!
Mommy & Daddy - Thank you for putting up with me! "I fell off of a ladder in the orchard, but I am better now..."
Saba & Savta - Thanks for being my Home away from Home. It's good to have somewhere to go where there are people that you like, it's even better to have somewhere to go where there are people that you love!

To all of you - my friends, my family, my gang - Hang in there! Smile! And even if you have no idea what I mean - believe me when I say that "All Shall Find the Light at Last - Silver on the Tree."

sounds peaceful - dontcha think?


The efelants and co. said...

We'll take your word for it that we're doing great, but thanks for the encouragement. (And everything else as well!)

the panguines and co. said...

We don't like you cause you don't know how to spell our name!!! ;-)
(you might be mad but i'm glad so it's not bad!)

Sassy Madricha said...

Dude, what's with TEAL??

Now we'll never find you a shidduch! Even any of the guys Shoshana tried to pick up in town for you will most probably be scared off by a teal courderoy skirt! Lolly, what were you thinking? Well, if you already got it, just make sure not to wear it with your red or orange tops- only black or white, ok? Now all you need is a black suit for dating...

Love ya!!

Chava said...