Sunday, November 13, 2005

What? He's 22, in the army and not a med. student?

Ok, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want some pancakes. Are you getting my drift? This Pancake-less existence is beginning to depress me. Maybe it's because I spend so much time talking to Menucha or seeing certain people together. Dunno exactly what it is, but it sure is annoying.

Class this morning was fun. I learned new stuff (like where the spleen is) and worked with somebody new. In addition, I realized that I amuse my teacher. I think that she likes me. It's good.

After class I headed to work (about an hour early.) On the way I stopped at the shuk to pick up some fruits/veggies and of course some pitot. After wandering around for twenty minutes I decided to go to work. I got there early anyway, but I told them that I was 'unofficially, not there yet.' I also 'ofiicially' re-took my keys (I even added them to the colleciton on my phone to prevent 'loss.') All of the bosses are away, so I spent the day sending out a personalized e-mail to a list of over 100 people and filing. Gotta love filing. At least it was quiet and not too many people called.

Turns out that my boss left a message saying that because there is no one around and nothing going on, that I am free to leave whenever the other secretary leaves. So, I was grateful at 18:30 when she said, "ready to go?"

Back at the ranch - we ate, Shosh practiced massage and then we headed out to pick up Shosh's package from the 'fancy shmancy' building in Sha'arei Chessed. Shosh got to see people she hadn't seen in a long time and I got to meet new people. (It's always good to know people... Right?) The walk didn't take long at all and soon we were back in the apartment. (I am proud to announce that I only ALMOST got run over 4 times. I think that is a new 'low' record for a 45 minute walk.)

Ok, After close to four hours of walking around in Jerusalem in a long skirt - I think the time has come to bid you all a good-day/afternoon/night... And to go wash my feet.

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