Thursday, November 10, 2005

What I Want...

I cannot have.

Sad, really.

Anatomy - Good thing Sammy gave me those rubber-band bracelets, cause Dr. Dror had real trouble trying to explain to the (abnormally dense) girls in the class how exactly muscles work. When they are relaxed they are long and thin and when contracted they are short and fat. Somehow movement and energy figure into this and voila' we can wave, walk and nod our heads.

After class I headed Home. I made the 416 (somehow) and was Home by 14:00. As I walked into the house Mommy said, "Lets go, we need to go to the Ramah." So, I put down my bag and headed back out. After Zol L'mehadrin I asked Mommy to stop for lunch and she agreed. So, I had my second bagel of the week (more Americanish...) and, because I was on a sadistic kick, I decided to get an iced coffee too. I'm going to suffer, I call it self-affliction.

At Home the delivery guys delivered our new couch for the basement and I made six batches of cookie dough. Sugar cookie dough in the colors; blue, pink, purple and green. and Chinese almond cookies in bright yellow, so that we can make them into 'smileys.'

Now we are baking the cookies. Tamir and Tzvi came over and we have them scooping out the sugar-cookies. I finally fixed the second small ice-cream scooper, so now two people can work at the same time.

Both ovens are pareve and so, we are baking simultaneously too.

Speaking of which, there goes the timer...

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