Monday, November 28, 2005

Woe Whoa Wow...

As I sit here and contemplate many things, please allow me the pleasure of filling you in on 'what I did today.'

Shalom, Pirsum B'tikshoret - Nah L'hamtin...

Ok. So this phrase runs through my mind every time that I hear a phone ring. It is starting to get annoying. On the bright side, making an arse of myself on the phone is strating to get easier. Today I had to call about four random people and 'get them on the line' for my boss - of course whilst I was getting ahold of them, my boss started making other phone calls... Yeah, let's just not go there.

In class we learned three and a half new moves. She classified them as four but I only saw three and a half. We are still working on the back. Now we know the full efflorage, 'warming circles', full fanning, working the deltoid under the shoulderblades, 'petrosage', 'rubbing' and 'squeezing' (those are as close to 'translations' that I can think of. Even if I tried I don't think I could come up with any better names for the moves.) I practiced with someone new today. She is sweet and lives in RBS, so she suggested that maybe sometime we should get together to practice. I might just take her up on the offer, she has the cutest little baby boy.

And out of curiousity - is it conceivable that we learned something in three classes and that there was one person who was present in all three classes and 'didn't understand' it in all three classes and asked questions and wasted time in all three classes? Is this person slow, stupid or dense? Does she really not understand or is she trying to seem intelligent by asking so many questions? I really wish that I knew.

After leaving the office (twenty minutes late) I met up with Menucha (who had been chilling with her sister Sarah.) We caught a bus back to TM where we met up with Sammy. We proceeded to Holy Bagel for some dinner and I wound up shmoozing with Sammy until 20:40ish. Then she went to catch her bus, and I went back to the apartment.

So back at the ranch, I had two surprise visitors waiting for me. Idena Finklestein and Debbie Biren were sitting in my apartment when I walked in. It was amazingly great to see them! I mean, I haven't seen or spoken to Idena in forever and Debbie is getting MARRIED soon!!!!

After a second reminder from Sammy, I finally gave in and called Saba and Savta to wish them Happy Anniversary. It seems Eli is 'sick' and so he is Home from school now. They had Chinese for dinner and Brenda is making the 'wrong' kind of sugar cookies.

Sassy is comming over after class. I think that she is sleeping over. But, I'm really not sure.

All in all today was great. I saw friends, I socialized, I felt good in my own skin. It's nice when people remember that you exist and take it a step further and call you on get in touch with you, or make an effort at least. I dunno, it makes me feel good anyway.

Tomorrow is Tuesday. That means, if I make it through tomorrow and Wednesday, then a 'quick' class on Thursday - that I get to go Home again! AND see MOMMY and DADDY!!!

I wonder when my boss thinks I'm going to start working on Thursdays.

Not this week, I hope.

Speaking of which - I still don't know whether or not I can go to America...


MEEE said...

miss you man

Chavs said...

I want to come to the party!!! Why do I feel like everyone has been in Israel, but me. I'm going to come though! I'm gonna sleep on your couch! ;)