Wednesday, December 28, 2005

4th night: Eat S-Mack-A-Bee(s)

Deborah left this morning. Thank you for coming and we miss you already!!!

Work was loooooong. Today I organized the 4 stacks of papers that I was given to organize. 530 pages worth of information are now sitting neatly organized and stapled on my boss's (I never remember how apostrophes work on words that end in 's') chair.

I met THE TnuvaUSA guy. Or one of them anyway. He is in Israel and came in to the office to meet with my boss.

I left work an hour early and still managed to miss the bus. Oh well. I'm sure there was SOME reason or another. I shall have to confer with The Big Guy Upstairs - Right Boss? Right.

Made it Home without too much trouble. (it took over an hour.)

Ate, Saw Saba and Savta and Grandpa is visiting too - so I got to see him (VERY exciting. It has been QUITE a while since I saw him last - so it was really nice to shmooze - even if it was quick. We still have Shabbos.)

For now I need to go and make my skirt for tomorrow night.

The material is pink and shimmery. It is light-weight and should fall very nicely.

Wish me luck.

(I guess the appropriate phrase would be something like:)

"Break a Needle..."


Hinda said...

Break a needle...hehe...good one!

I am still amused by the small world incident. Haha!

Okay, I think I have hehe-ed and haha-ed enough for one comment!


debsy said...

Thanks for having me! I feel like i barely saw you or got to talk to you even though we ended up shmoozing till late most nights!
I'm still catching up on my blog reading! Hence i only just read this blog entry.
Can't wait to see you again soon! 13 weeks and 3 days!!
Miss you tons!